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Amazon Flex Debit Card 2023: How It Works, Features and Fees

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If you’re a delivery partner with Amazon and don’t have a Flex debit card, you are missing out on rewards that could save you money and put cash back into your pocket on certain purchases.

The Amazon Flex debit card is a tool at your disposal, but you have to know how it works and its limits to take full advantage of the benefits of the amazon flex reward program.

What is the Amazon Flex Debit Card?

The Amazon Flex debit card is only available to Amazon’s delivery associates with an Amazon Flex account.

Offered through a partnership with Green Dot Corporation, the card has certain benefits, including 6% cash back on fuel purchases, 2% back on Amazon purchases, and 1% back on any other purchases.

Users can set the card up through the Amazon Flex App.

It’s available in the Google Playstore for Amazon DSP and Amazon Flex delivery partners.

All you have to do is download the access settings menu and update your personal information to link the card to your account.

Using your routing and account numbers, you can set up direct deposits to the Amazon Flex Debit Card account and make it your preferred payment method.

How Does the Amazon Flex Debit Card Work? Who is Eligible for an Amazon Flex Debit Card?

The Amazon Flex debit card works just like other debit cards.

You deposit money in the Flex account and use it to make purchases.

There are reward benefits that make using this card advantageous.

For instance, you can receive a percentage of the cost of your purchases as a cashback payment to the account.

All purchases are eligible, up to $500 total per month.

But the card is only available to Amazon Flex account holders working as delivery associates.

Amazon Flex Drivers

Amazon Flex drivers utilize their own vehicles to deliver packages for Amazon.

They use the Flex App to reserve a delivery block instead of reporting for shifts and punching in and out.

This setup grants them the ability to create their own work schedule, so it is an appealing way to earn money as a side-hustle or for students and parents trying to make a few extra dollars.

It’s pretty easy to sign up, but Amazon isn’t always recruiting Amazon Flex partners in every location.

They maintain a list of the cities they’re actively recruiting in but seeing your hometown only means limited spots are available.

There is a fair amount of competition and turnover.

So don’t wait to apply, or someone else might land the job in your location before you do.

What are the Benefits of an Amazon Flex Debit Card?

The benefits available to an Amazon Flex debit card user are numerous and can be quite a bonus, but the cashback reward feature on specific spending is probably the most appealing.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of all the card benefits and the rewards program.

  • The card works with over 19,000 ATMs
  • You can transfer funds from other banks
  • Easily lock your card if it’s lost or stolen using the Flex app
  • Earn cash back and track it
  • Cash back on amazon prime purchases, amazon restaurants, whole foods market purchases, and more
  • Card issued through visa usa, member fdic
  • Easily categorize expenses
  • Check out with Mobile Pay
  • There is no monthly maintenance fee
  • Easily set up direct deposit²
  • App available through google pay or the app store

Cash Back

Cash back is simple.

When you make purchases, you earn cash that dumps back into the account.

But, the return varies according to your rewards level.

The best cash back rates only apply once you’ve established the highest rewards level.

Once you’re at the top tier, you’ll earn up to $500 per month cash back on all your purchases, as determined by the terms of the deal.

Cash back earnings break down like this:

  • 6% cash back on fuel purchase
  • 2% cash back on any purchase at Whole Foods Market and
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • Maximum earning of $500 cash back per month

It may take up to 30 days for cash back earnings to appear in your account.

If you want to look deeper into how the debit card and cash back work on eligible expenses, check out the Amazon Flex Debit Card deposit account agreement terms before you sign up.

Not all contracted delivery drivers are eligible so be sure to read the fine print.

Note that your deal isn’t with Amazon.

It’s through Green Dot Bank.

They are an FDIC member, and the card you get is actually a Visa debit card.

Green Dot Bank also operates under a few other registered names, like Go2Bank and Bonneville Bank.

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What Are the Amazon Flex Debit Card Fees?

There are no monthly maintenance fees for an Amazon Flex debit card.

But there are fees associated with using your card at an ATM.

Your first three in-network ATM transactions in a given month are free.

After that, you’ll pay $3 per transaction.

All withdrawals at out-of-network ATMs carry a fee of $3, but you can check your balance for free.

Just bear in mind you’ll also be subject to any additional charges applied by the operator or owner of the ATM.

Foreign transactions have a blanket fee of 3% on the total transaction.  

Can You Cash Out Instantly With an Amazon Flex Debit Card?

Amazon Flex drivers aren’t eligible for instant cash-outs.

But, they can have their payments directly deposited into the account, and they can take out up to $500 per month in cash.

They can also take advantage of the card’s rewards and benefits.

Anytime Pay

Anytime Pay is a program that allows Amazon employees to withdraw up to 70% of their eligible earned pay in advance of their paycheck whenever they choose to do so.

Right now, Amazon Flex drivers aren’t eligible for the Anytime Pay program.

How to Sign Up for an Amazon Flex Debit Card

Signing up for the Amazon Flex debit card is pretty straightforward.

Here’s how step by step.

First, you have to be an Amazon Flex driver.

Then you can use your Flex account to set up your debit card account.

vector graphic showing an amazon flex debit card in somebody's hand and putting that card into a card reader to pay for someting

Step by Step Guide for Signing Up with Amazon Flex

  1. Check your eligibility for becoming an amazon flex delivery partner at Let’s Drive.
  2. Sign up for the Amazon Flex program by linking an existing Amazon account or creating a new one.
  3. Review Amazon’s best practices for being a delivery partner.
  4. List your delivery preferences to set pickup and delivery locations.
  5. Provide your personal payment and tax information
  6. Select the service area where you will work

Then you can sign up for the Amazon Flex debit card.

All you have to do is access Your Dashboard on the Flex app.

Then, go to the Reward Details page, and look for the ‘Amazon Flex Debit Card’ application button.

It’s easy to see near the top of the screen.

Finally, fill out the application and submit it.

How to Contact Amazon Flex Debit Card

If you have questions or concerns about an Amazon Flex Debit Card or account, they have office hours from five in the morning until eight at night, Pacific Standard Time.

Reach them seven days a week at 1-855-676-0168.

Alternatively, you can message them through the Amazon Flex Card app.

vector graphic showing man holding box and wondering about how to apply for amazon flex

Green Dot Bank Contact Info

If you have a question for Green Dot Bank, you can send them correspondence at their mailing address:

Green Dot Corporation

PO BOX 5100 Pasadena, California 91117

Or, you can call their customer support team at (866) 795-7957, seven days a week.

For more information, check out their detailed contact information.

They also have an online chat feature you can use to contact them.

The program is part of the visa international service association.

Amazon Flex Debit Card FAQs

Let’s quickly answer some common Amazon Flex debit card questions.

How Can I Add Money to My Amazon Flex Debit Card?

You can add money to your account by logging into your account and providing the account and routing number for an existing bank account.

Then, transfer some money into the debit card account.

Alternatively, you can also set up a direct deposit to the account for your Amazon Flex earnings.

Is There an App for the Amazon Flex Debit Card?

There is, and it’s easy to download from the Google Play Store or on an Apple device.  

Amazon Flex Debit Card: Summed Up

The Flex debit card from Amazon offers their delivery partners in the Flex program an easy path to getting cash rewards on eligible purchases.

If you’re in the Amazon Flex program, now you understand the perks of membership, and you can see if the Amazon Flex debit card works for you.

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