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Amazon Flex Payment: How & When Amazon Pays Drivers

Need to know when you get an Amazon Flex payment fast and easy? Check out this guide to learn when Amazon pays out and how.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Flex pays drivers twice weekly; options for daily or chosen weekdays.
  • Direct deposit to bank or credit union is the standard payment method.
  • Payments typically processed by 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Common issues include payment delays and not receiving expected amounts.

When Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Amazon Flex now allows drivers to choose their payment schedule. They can opt to get paid every weekday, select a specific day of the week, or choose an intermediate option.

Earnings for blocks completed Sunday through Thursday are available the next day, while earnings for Friday and Saturday blocks are available on Monday.

Additionally, drivers can opt for payments to their bank account or the Amazon Flex Debit Card, with debit card payments being slightly faster. Drivers can update their payment preferences anytime in the Amazon Flex app.

Types of Payments Available to Amazon Flex Drivers

Amazon Flex drivers can choose direct deposit to a bank or credit union account as their form of payment. This is the standard and currently the only option available.

Amazon Flex does not support instant payouts to debit cards or services that cannot handle ACH wire transfers. Payments are made every Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit.

How Long Does it Take Amazon Flex to Pay You?

Typically, Amazon Flex pays its drivers at 5 p.m. local time on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, the initial payment might take longer due to the setup process of direct deposit with the driver’s bank.

Some banks may have a holding period for new deposits, which can delay access to funds. Administrative issues or holidays can also cause delays.

After a driver has been with Amazon Flex for some time and their bank recognizes the income source, deposits should process on the same day they are received for most banks. If delays occur, drivers are advised to contact Amazon Flex’s driver support.

Common Amazon Flex Pay Issues To Look Out For

vector graphic of a man thinking about the various types of amazon flex support options floating above his head

While Amazon tends to do a good job with its payouts, errors can happen. Here are some of the common Flex payout errors that I have seen drivers discussing:

Amazon Flex Payment Delay

Payment delays in Amazon Flex can occur due to issues with bank account processing or Amazon Flex’s processing of tips from deliveries. Tips, which are separate from scheduled block payments, require Amazon to process customer transactions before distribution.

In case of a delay, contacting the relevant party (your bank or Amazon Flex) is recommended.

Amazon Flex Payment Not Received

If an Amazon Flex payment hasn’t been received as expected, the first step is to contact Amazon Flex support through call or email. A driver support representative can assist in resolving the issue.

Additionally, I suggest checking with your bank to see if they have received the deposit but are yet to process the transaction.

Getting Help with Problems: Amazon Flex Payment Support

vector graphic of a man holding a package with the various types of amazon flex support listed next to him

Whether you prefer email or phone, you’ll want to have both of these points of contact with Amazon Flex:

  • Email: amazonflex-support@amazon.com
  • Phone: 888.281.6906 (Available every day from 8 a.m.–9 p.m. PST)

Urgent issues should be done over the phone, if possible.

That way, you can resolve the problem faster than email, which tends to run slower.

From there, the next steps will depend on your specific problem.

The driver service representative will have to review your problem and see what they have to do to fix the issue or get you pointed towards who can resolve the trouble.

Most payment errors can be handled with a phone call, so that’s the route we recommend to resolving those issues.

Notable Issue with Amazon Flex Payment

Amazon Flex generally does well with delivery payouts, but there have been issues with tip-enabled deliveries. Notably, the FTC took action against Amazon for withholding tips from drivers between 2016 and 2019.

The investigation revealed that Amazon did not pay drivers $61.7 million in tips during this period. Consequently, Amazon was ordered to pay this amount to drivers, facing fines of nearly $44,000 per violation for non-compliance.

Long-time Amazon Flex drivers may have been affected by this issue, with expected payouts during 2021. The FTC website offers an email subscription for updates, which could be useful for drivers seeking to recover lost earnings from that period.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

It’s crucial for gig workers to be vigilant. Despite the flexibility and independence this type of work offers, issues like withheld payments can arise. To safeguard your interests, always confirm transactions and closely monitor payouts from your employers.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Flex is an interesting way to make some money as a side gig. Since you don’t have to get anything new in terms of a vehicle or phone, you can work for the service as long as it operates in your area.

The service pays drivers twice per week and even includes the chance for you to earn some tips in the process. Still, there are downsides to working as an independent contractor, including money processing woes.

As long as you stay on top of your payments and reach out when you have troubles, you should be able to avoid the troubles that plagued Flex drivers in the past.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Flex Payment: How & When Amazon Pays Drivers”

  1. While rather new at Amazon Flex, I find it very easy. While a shift may be scheduled for three hours, you are done when your packages are delivered. The actual deliveries have taken me between 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours. Getting to the delivery area from the warehouse can take anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour. Drive safely. Even Uber tracks driving patterns, quick stops and quick starts, as well as speed. Amazon likely does as well.

    Two shifts weekly should equal $500 monthly added to your income.

  2. I’m really interested and excited can’t wait to use my own vehicle.I work for amazon dur3 so I’m familiar with this type of work.


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