Amazon Flex Support: How to Contact Amazon Customer Service, Fast

Being an Amazon Flex driver means running into your fair share of problems. This post covers how to contact Amazon Flex support when you have an issue.

If you’ve ever had to contact Amazon Flex support, you know it can be less than consistent. Some problems are easily fixed with a quick email or phone call. But resolving more complex issues often result in frustration for both the support agent and the Flexer.

This article expands on our Complete Guide to Amazon Flex, and will go through the fastest ways to contact support and get your issues resolved fast.

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Now, let’s jump right in.

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Email Support

[email protected]

If you need to contact Flex app customer support outside of route issues, your first stop is email. Sending an email will result in a canned response and no real help from Amazon.

Your second, third, fourth, and fifth time emailing support will likely result in the same frustration. If you find yourself in this situation, you have to stick to your guns and keep emailing until you’re lucky enough to find a support agent who actually reads your email and is willing to help.

Appealing Issues

Canned responses are among the most frustrating part of dealing with Amazon Flex support — especially in regard to complaint emails.

Every Flexer dreads seeing one of the infamous “package not received” emails. We know we delivered the package. We took the picture. What more can we do? Without further information such as which package wasn’t received, there’s no way to appeal a “Package not received” complaint. Porch bandits may be at fault. During the holiday shopping season, this issue only gets worse.

As a Flex driver, you have the option of returning a package if you feel that it is not safe to leave at the physical address. However, if this is done too often, you’ll receive another obnoxious email from the help center about conducting too many returns.

A Flex driver’s best defense against complaints is to keep records. If you have an especially troublesome route, keep notes and if a complaint arises, appeal it with a detailed account of what happened. Make sure to provide dates, times, and a detailed description of the issue. These will all help in removing a bad mark against your account.

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service, Fast

Appealing Deactivation

Unfortunately, there are many reasons you may be removed from the Amazon Flex program.

First, take every precaution to prevent deactivation in the first place. Here are a few things we recommend :

  • Don’t transfer packages
  • Don’t perform questionable deliveries
  • Don’t deliver after 9:00 p.m.
  • Don’t miss a delivery block
  • Always make sure to give up outside the 45-minute delivery window

Deactivations run a few weeks behind the termination-related incident. The email you receive is vague and may leave you wondering what you’ve done. Here’s what to do if your Amazon Flex account is deactivated.

Your best course of action is to reply asking for information related to the grounds they used to terminate your contract as a delivery partner. It is important that you remain professional and level-headed when dealing with deactivation.

The next step is to fill out an appeal.

Appealing deactivation can be a lengthy and sometimes unsuccessful process; other times it’s managed quickly. Good record keeping is always your best defense. A strong case against deactivation is made up of dates and accurate information regarding all issues that take place while making deliveries.

Unfortunately, sometimes you appeal deactivation and the decision will remain unchanged. If this is the case, you may be unable to re-join the Amazon Flex network.

Telephone Support

Calling From the App

When making deliveries, telephone support is necessary but not always helpful.

When you call support, the support agent can see your location in real-time and knows the delivery you’re on. The agent’s ability to see your location can be helpful at times, but they’re not perfect. They may try to give you directions to the address but all you see is an open field. Other agents may listen for a minute and tell you to mark the package undeliverable and return it to the DC.

Agent support representatives are most helpful when dealing with issues regarding packages and app problems. If you’re on the road and discover you have an extra package that won’t scan into the app, a quick call to support easily solves this problem.

Amazon Flex agents can mark a package as delivered if your app glitched and returned you to a delivery you’ve already made. This is a quick process, so call the Flex support phone number if you run into this issue.

If you’re in a gated neighborhood or secured facility, Amazon Flex support can supply you with an access code provided from previous deliveries to the location. But if the codes don’t work, you may have to mark the package as undeliverable.

You may be able to fix many delivery issues yourself. For example, Amazon Flex drivers can text customers right from their phone — something support cannot do. On most delivery labels, the customer’s phone number is below the first barcode and above the QR codes.

Calling Direct

There are two Amazon Flex support phone numbers: (877) 212-6150 and (888) 281-6901. Make sure to save these numbers in your contacts — you’ll need them if your Amazon Flex app breaks while on a delivery.

Last year Amazon sent emails to all Amazon Flex drivers stating that phone contact is only for delivery-related issues. Amazon seems to have backed off on this matter though — Flexers can call support for any reason related to the Flex program.

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Amazon Flex Support: How to Contact Amazon Customer Service, Fast

We’ve been talking so far about Amazon Flex, but some of you reading may also be wondering about how to contact Amazon as a customer. Amazon prides themselves on their customer service. They’re always striving to improve customer experience and help you resolve issues quickly, with customer service representatives in the U.S., India, and the Philippines all at the ready to ask, “What can we help you with?”

Below, you’ll find contact information for various Amazon support topics:

Amazon Prime Support

Prime members receive free two-day shipping on most Amazon items, as well as access to services like Prime Music and Prime Video. You can stream more TV shows than you’d ever have time to watch, listen to thousands of songs, and get fast shipping on everything from bath essentials to home improvement products to Android phones. Just take a look at the Amazon home page to see the vast array of products available.

If you have questions about your Amazon Prime account, including inquiries related to your gift card balance, credit card information, order information, or you need to cancel items, you can reach Amazon Prime support here.

You’ll be able to speak to a representative on the phone or receive online help via live chat, as well as access various help topics. Don’t worry — wait times are generally quite short due to the number of support representatives that Amazon employs.

Amazon Device Support

If you read Kindle books or have an Amazon Echo in your home, then you’re using an Amazon device. While these devices generally work without any problems, you may occasionally find yourself needing support.

To get help with using your Amazon device, visit this page and click on “Devices.”

Amazon Seller Support

Being a third-party seller on Amazon can be an excellent business. You get to leverage Amazon’s large marketplace while having the freedom to work for yourself. Sometimes, however, you may run into issues with your account and need some assistance. You can visit this page to contact Amazon Seller support.

Amazon Web Services Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made cloud computing cheaper and more readily available than ever before. While you’re presumably comfortable with tech if you’re using AWS, you may still need support from time to time. To get help with AWS, visit this page. Note that you’ll need to sign in to your AWS account to access this page.

Zappos Support

You may not have known, but Amazon actually owns Zappos. It’s fitting, since, Inc., has always prided themselves on their customer service and Zappos is also a very customer-centric company. To contact Zappos support, visit this page or call 1-800-927-7671.

Get the Amazon Flex Support You Need

One of the best things about Amazon is that they use their extensive resources to provide support for both their customers and their contractors. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to contact Amazon Flex when you need help.

What’s the fastest way to contact Amazon Flex customer service? How do you get support when you have an issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hi my name is Maria Montano and I worked for Amazon Flex for one day and my SSI worker need a print out of my Net pay PLEASES OR RHEY WILL STOP MY SSI.

I can’t log in to Amazon account
I want to inform you that no one was trying to get to my account
That was me trying to log into the system please allow me to be able to login to the app thank you

I can’t log in to Amazon account
I want to inform you that no one was trying to get to my account
That was me trying to log into the system please allow me to be able to login to the app thank you

Hi my name is Mike Mcgee and im trying to sign and up for the amazon flex app on the app with my amazon acckunt but its not letring me it says my account has been disable and to contact DSP Manager or the Dispatcher for some reason. What do i need to do

Hi my name is Mike Mcgee and im trying to sign and up for the amazon flex app on the app with my amazon acckunt but its not letring me it says my account has been disable and to contact DSP Manager or the Dispatcher for some reason. What do i need to do