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Amazon Late Delivery Refund: Get Money Back Today

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It isn’t common knowledge that you can receive compensation for late delivery when ordering through Amazon.

While third-party companies used to be able to file for this issue on your behalf, this is no longer permitted by the Amazon corporation.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly do it on your own.

This article addresses the exact steps to take to receive your Amazon late delivery refund.

Does Amazon Have a Late Delivery Refund?

Yes, although there are certain criteria that have to be adhered to and specific guidelines that the company follows, Amazon does have a late delivery refund option.

This refund will look different for customers who are Prime members versus those who aren’t.

What Are Amazon Delivery Guarantees?

The delivery guarantee that Amazon abides by states that if they do not uphold their end in terms of specified shipping guidelines, then the company will refund those fees.

This guarantee applies to products sold with specific timelines set at the time of purchase.

How Does an Order Qualify for an Amazon Late Delivery Refund?

Several things need to take place for your item to qualify for the Amazon late delivery refund.

Shipped to an Eligible Address

For your delivery to qualify, you must have provided an eligible and accurate address for Amazon to ship your item to from their warehouse.

Therefore, if you mistakenly typed the wrong street number, your item wouldn’t qualify.

Shipping Option Same as Advertised

When you purchase an item on Amazon, they often guarantee arrival by a particular day when you select a specific shipping method.

If you happen to choose one other than what the company specifies on the product page, you are not eligible for a refund.

Order Placed Before “Order Within” Time

When you are ready to order your items, you will often see a countdown on the Amazon product page.

This ticker will inform you how much time is left to order if you’d like to receive it by the designated date.

If you order after the timer has run out, you are not eligible for a refund.

Payment Method Successful Charged Before Time is Up

If any issues with your payment method caused the package to ship out late, Amazon is not held liable for late delivery.

At Least 24 Hours Late

For you to receive a refund through Amazon’s delivery guarantee program, your package must be late by at least 24 hours.

If you receive it before that period, it isn’t considered late by the company’s guidelines.

Unavoidable Issues

If issues come up that are out of Amazon’s control and which cause your package to be delivered late, you do not qualify for the delivery guarantee program.

These instances include severe weather, natural disasters, or strikes.

How to Get an Amazon Refund for a Late Delivery

There are a few different ways to get a refund from Amazon for the late delivery of your product.

Chat With Amazon

One of the quickest ways to get the issue settled is to live chat with the Amazon company directly.

Unfortunately, many large companies have distanced themselves from call centers, so it’s challenging to utilize that option for problem resolution.

When chatting with Amazon through their Customer Service page, you will provide information such as:

  • Order number
  • Name on the account
  • Details about the delivery issue

If for whatever reason they can’t solve the problem through chat, they will schedule a phone call with you and a customer service representative.

File a Claim

Another option for receiving your shipping refund is to go into your orders and process it as a problem.

  • Click on order
  • Select “Problem With an Order”
  • Click “Shipping or Delivery Issues”
  • Choose “Shipping is Late”

From there, Amazon will look into the problem and respond to you through email.

This process will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

If you don’t hear back from the company, go into the online chat feature and request a response from a customer service representative.

What Compensation Can You Expect for a Late Amazon Delivery?

The compensation will differ depending on your status as a Prime member.

For those who do not pay for an Amazon Prime membership, their compensation will come in the form of returned shipping fees to the original form of payment.

The compensation will vary for those enrolled in the Prime program. Previously the company would extend your membership by a month for no additional cost.

However, they have stopped offering that and are now giving monetary compensation of varying amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dealing with the refunds and returns processes for different companies can get confusing.

Below are some of the top questions about the Amazon Late Delivery Refund.

Do you have to return the items after they arrive?

No, you don’t have to return the items.

You will receive a refund for shipping charges, not for the total purchase price of the item.

Do you have to be a Prime member?

No, you do not have to be part of the Prime program to utilize the Delivery Guarantee.

All who purchase from the company can participate in this refund option.

How often can you get a late delivery refund?

While there is no limit specified, if you are routinely claiming that your packages are delivered late, it is a possibility that Amazon will investigate the issue more thoroughly.

This process may lead to a delay in getting your refund.

Wrapping Up

Receiving your packages late can be an annoyance.

While there is often nothing you can do, some companies provide compensation for the error, Amazon included.

As part of the Amazon Late Delivery Refund, you can have your shipping charges refunded if your situation meets specific criteria.

If this happens to you, reaching out to the company through their online chat or your orders page can get the process started.

Have you used the Delivery Guarantee through Amazon?

How was your experience?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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