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Amazon Whole Foods Shopper Requirements [& How To Apply]

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Key Takeaways

  • Apply via Amazon’s job portal for Whole Foods Shopper positions; no car needed for this behind-the-scenes role.
  • Must be 18+, have a high school diploma or equivalent, pass a drug test, and meet location requirements.
  • Shoppers work part-time or full-time, picking items for Amazon Prime Now orders in Whole Foods without delivering.
  • Earn at least $15 per hour as an Amazon employee with potential benefits, receiving weekly paychecks.

About the Amazon Whole Foods Shopper Role

So what happens when you’re actually on the field? During your shift, you’ll use an Amazon-provided smart device that will provide all the information you need to do your job well.

Not only will it tell you what you need to pack in each grocery order, but it will also help you select the products of the best quality.

Using your device as your guide, you’ll simply walk around your assigned Whole Foods store to pick up requested items.

Since you’re working in a Whole Foods store that’s owned by Amazon, you won’t even have to deal with long checkout lines once you’re done shopping — just package your order and you’re all set.

Once an item is packaged, an Amazon driver will take care of the actual delivery.

You can stay comfortable in your familiar store setting, while still being an essential part of Amazon’s amazing same-day delivery services.

This makes it a flexible alternative to the many driving-heavy roles you see in the gig economy these days, like ridesharing or food delivery.

Amazon Whole Foods Shopper Requirements

The majority of people will qualify for the Amazon Whole Foods Shopper role. It has bare-minimum requirements that are easy to meet. 

To qualify, you simply must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent diploma
  • Be able to read and speak English
  • Pass a drug test

You also need to be located in an area that offers Prime Now, such as Austin, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Seattle.

You can find out if you live in a serviced market by heading to primenow.amazon.com and entering your ZIP code.

Prime Now is available throughout the U.S. and in a handful of international cities.

Amazon recommends for shopper team members to be familiar with mobile tech to take on this role, but you don’t actually need to own your own smartphone to land the job.

In-store shopper gigs are available as part-time and full-time positions in most markets.

Only shoppers in full-time roles are required to select a set schedule — though shifts are available early mornings, evenings, and weekends in addition to standard work hours — while part-time workers get the perk of super flexible hours.

The part-time role allows you to work up to 20 hours per week, and you only need to work at least one four- or five-hour shift per month.

No previous work experience is required, so if you meet these basic qualifications, are able and willing to stay on your feet throughout the day, and have spare time to commit to the role, this may be a good fit for you.

How To Apply To Be an Amazon Whole Foods Shopper

Amazon almost always has open positions for Amazon Prime Now Shopper roles.

If the easy job description already appeals to you, you can head straight to the Amazon job portal to find opportunities near you.

When you find a position you’re interested in, just tap on the listing and scroll down to select “Apply Now.”

From there, you’ll just have to follow the prompts to complete a short assessment, provide basic documents to confirm you qualify, and schedule an in-person appointment to become a team member.

You could start in as little as seven days.

Not totally gung-ho about the position quite yet?

Keep reading to learn about what it takes and what the role entails, so you know why so many job seekers are flocking to this opportunity.

Getting Paid as an Amazon Whole Foods Shopper

Amazon boasts competitive wages for all its shoppers.

While offers can vary by market, Amazon Prime Now Shoppers can depend on making at least $15 per hour — which is the company’s own minimum wage — though you can make over $22 per hour in some markets.

Shoppers get paychecks weekly via direct deposit for completed shifts.

What makes these earnings even better is the fact that you’ll be an actual employee of Amazon, rather than an independent contractor (as you’d be with Instacart or Shipt).

This means you won’t have to pay self-employment taxes and you could qualify for benefits.

Most employees qualify for employee discounts and 401(k) savings plans, while full-time employees can access great healthcare benefits.

Being an employee also means that you may get opportunities for promotion, so becoming an Amazon Whole Foods Shopper could actually be a great path toward a better, higher-paying job in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Fresh offer in-store shopping gigs?

Amazon Fresh — the retailer’s other grocery delivery service — does not offer in-store shopping jobs because it doesn’t exclusively offer Whole Foods products.

However, in markets where the service is available, you can apply to be an Amazon Fresh warehouse team member, which similarly requires you to compile and package requested items for customer orders.

Does Amazon Prime Now offer any shopper jobs outside of Whole Foods Markets?

Amazon Prime Now offers shopper jobs beyond Whole Foods in areas where Amazon partners with other grocery stores.

While Whole Foods gigs are most common, some regions may also have warehouse roles for packing grocery orders. These positions generally share the same job requirements and pay rates as in-store shopping roles.

Can I get an Amazon Prime Now delivery gig instead of a shopping gig?

Yes, you can opt for an Amazon Prime Now delivery gig through the Amazon Flex program, using your own vehicle to deliver customer orders directly to their homes.

This flexible option allows you to select shifts that fit your schedule, from early morning until 10 p.m., with typical Prime Now shifts lasting two or four hours.

Additionally, you can choose from various delivery types, including Amazon.com packages and Amazon Fresh, offering different shift lengths.

Become an Essential Grocery Delivery Worker

The Amazon Prime Now service is helping thousands of Prime members around the world access groceries, as well as electronics and other critical supplies.

As an Amazon Whole Foods Shopper, you have the opportunity to make money while being a key part of a one- or two-hour delivery process that’s high in demand today.

The role is a perfect fit for anyone who loves grocery shopping for just about anything and knows their way around a mobile device.

If you want to consider delivering for Amazon (and working on your own schedule) before you apply to shop, read our guide on how to apply to Amazon Flex, so you get all the information you need to compare your choices.

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