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Best Mileage Tracker Apps Of 2021

Last updated: September 23, 2021
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Mileage tracker apps can simplify your life if you use a vehicle for business use.

By documenting your true mileage, you can get the most benefit for your tax deductions at the end of your fiscal year.

What is a Mileage Tracker App?

A mileage tracker app is a digital program that you use on your mobile device to help record and store the data anytime you drive a vehicle for work purposes.

These programs help keep all of your business expenses organized and easy to generate a monthly, quarterly, or annual report for budgeting or tax purposes.

How Do Mileage Tracking Apps Work?

Automatic mileage tracking apps will use your built-in GPS to discover how far you drive and store the information for later use.

Some apps will require you to start and stop the counter, while others will always run in the background and do not need any input from the user.

For example, a DoorDash tracker will automatically track mileage for a DoorDash driver, as will a rideshare tracker for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Importance of Using a Mileage Tracking App

Tracking your mileage for business is critical to ensure you apply the correct amount of distance to your tax deductions or for reimbursement purposes.

In addition, many government guidelines allow you to submit mileage for medical purposes or moving expenses and even some charity work, depending on where you reside.

Even though it is simple to do this task manually with a pen and paper, it is quite easy to forget.

Digital mileage trackers help automate this process so you do not miss any trips that could add up to a significant tax deduction or reimbursement for your business.

Which Miles Count for Deductions?

Any time real estate agents or independent contractors drive a vehicle for business purposes, those miles can count towards deductions.

Whether you are meeting clients, purchasing office supplies, making bank deposits, or doing other essential business activities, these times in the vehicle are all relevant and applicable.

Features to Look for in a Mileage Tracking App

When choosing your mileage tracking app, you should consider some of these features to help make your trip data easier to handle:

  • Automatic and Manual Entry Options for Mileage Tracking
  • Personal and Business Mileage Classifications
  • IRS Tax-Compliant Data Reports
  • User or Vehicle Limits

Luckily, the best mileage tracking apps automate most of the items listed above, meaning they’re easy to use for you.

The Best Mileage Tracking Apps

Take a look at the seven best mileage tracking apps for contractors, small businesses, and large fleets of vehicles.

vector graphic showing three of the best mileage tracker apps - generic look and feel

1. Hurdlr

Hurdlr is a user-friendly comprehensive mileage tracker app for anyone.

It can help you identify any potential deductions and sync them to your financial institution for budgeting and expense purposes.


  • It includes automatic movement detection when you start and stop trips
  • It can sync to your financial institution for better expense tracking
  • It has three pricing plans available
  • It provides tax compliance reporting
  • It includes mileage classification


  • There is no telephone support for the program, and all inquiries are through online chat or email
  • The added features between the free version and the Premium are minimal


  • Free Plan: Includes unlimited mileage tracking, tax calculations summary, income and expense features, and reporting
  • Premium Version (billed monthly or annually): Includes automatic features of mileage tracking, income, and expenses, real-time tax calculations, and speed tagging
  • Enterprise: Allows multiple users all the Premium features for one cost, along with personalized training

Because of the extensive features with each tier, Hurdlr can be ideal for the small business owner, contractor, entrepreneur, or even a rideshare member.

You can download your Hurdlr app at Google Play and AppStore for iOS.

2. Stride

The Stride app is a free mileage tracker app that helps make your life easier when it comes to deductions.

With automatic mileage tracking and expense features, all tax reports become more manageable when you need them.


  • It automatically tracks all the mileage you incur for business
  • You can take photos of your receipts to help track expenses easier
  • This app is entirely free
  • It provides you an IRS-ready report for your upcoming tax season
  • It integrates with the H&R Block tax software for easy tax filing


  • The automatic tracking may confuse categories, so that some manual examination may be necessary after input
  • The tracking feature does not include start and stop times which can be beneficial for some purposes


Stride is free to download and use for anyone

Stride includes the basic options that many individuals need for business or rideshare purposes as a free mileage app.

Download the Stride app through Google Play or the AppStore.

3. Everlance

Everlance is a terrific option for both business owners, the self-employed, and contractors.

With options for automatic and manual entries, this mileage app can also easily track expenses and revenue.


  • Use automatic driving detection or enter trips in manually
  • Includes a deduction finder feature
  • Download a PDF or Excel report any time you need
  • Syncs easily to a financial institution or credit card for expense tracking
  • Runs in the background for ease of use


  • Data exporting features can be confusing to learn at first
  • Is cumbersome to make adjustments to change trip classifications afterward


  • Free: Allows only a limit of 30 automatic trips per year, has expense tracking features and report generation, with email support
  • Business: For $120 per year, it has an unlimited automatic mileage tracker, trip classifications, customizable reports, admin accounts, and expense tracking with financial syncing, and VIP customer support and training
  • Enterprise: Includes many of the same business features, along with ERP integrations, bulk management of locations and expense categories, live training, and a dedicated support manager
  • Self-Employed: There are three separate pricing plans, including Free, Premium $5/month, and Premium Plus $10/month.

The Everlance app is a terrific option for small and large businesses with its many available features.

You can download it through Google Play or at the AppStore.

4. Triplog

Triplog does more than just track your mileage.

This comprehensive mileage tracker app also tracks expenses, timesheets, and scheduling.

It has automatic and manual entry options and integrates with several 3rd party programs for tax season.


  • Integrates data with popular programs like ADP, QuickBooks, Xero, and others
  • Offers an IRS-compliant data log for streamlined reporting
  • Allows complete customization for multiple vehicles
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Has add-ons that can free up your mobile device


  • Only provides online support
  • Not best suited for Enterprise solutions


  • Lite: Free app version that includes manual mileage tracking up to 40 entries of mileage or expenses, along with tolls and parking logging
  • Premium: Good for up to 10 users at $4.99/month for each user, which includes basic features plus auto-tracking, expenses, and a web dashboard feature
  • Premium + Time: For up to 10 users at $8.33/month for each user, this option includes all Premium features and the addition of timesheet tracking and approvals
  • Enterprise: This plan is customizable for unlimited users, includes 3rd party tax software integration, and tax compliance reports

If you are self-employed, a contractor, or a small business owner, Triplog can help you keep your mileage and expense records straight.

Download the Triplog mileage tracking app through Google Play or the AppStore.

5. MileIQ

For accurate and automatic mileage tracking, MileIQ has what you need in a mileage tracker app.

With the customizable features available, this digital app can make your business and personal mileage tracking hassle-free.


  • Set work hours to classify trips personal outside of those times automatically
  • Monthly reports automatically delivered to you
  • Secure data storage through the Cloud
  • Suitable for multiple vehicles
  • Add and name frequent locations and stops


  • Companies with high turnover rates may have issues with transferring licenses for employees
  • Does not include an admin account to make adjustments


  • MS Office 365 subscribers: Get free access for personal or business depending on the 365 subscription
  • Free Trial: Enter in up to 40 trips per month
  • Unlimited: Users pay $5.99/month, or $59.99 annually for automatic mileage tracking and Excel integration, with IRS reporting features
  • For Teams: discount pricing for a high volume of users, uses single billing, and provides expert support help

MileIQ is an excellent mileage tracker app for many individuals and businesses that do not require tax software integration.

You can download MileIQ from Google Play or the AppStore.

6. SherpaShare

If you belong to a rideshare program like Lyft or Uber, SherpaShare can be the ideal program to help you maximize your time and deductions with real-time mileage tracking.

It allows users to locate hot spots, maximize profits, and make trips more efficient.


  • Online dashboard for analyzing historical data
  • Includes exclusive driver savings
  • Offers Smart Driver tools to maximize profits and efficiencyAllows integrated chat with other users
  • Unlimited automatic GPS mileage tracking


  • No free or trial version available
  • Not the best app for other small business activities


  • Basic: $5.99/month or $59.99 annually will provide unlimited mileage tracking, user savings, and profit charting features
  • Super Premium: For $10/month or $120 annually, users will receive all Basic features along with additional member-exclusive discounts and premium support

SherpaShare is a useful app for anyone working as a delivery service or with a rideshare program.

Find the SherpaShare download at Google Play or through the AppStore.

7. QuickBooks Self Employed

If you are familiar with QuickBooks or TurboTax, the QuickBooks Self Employed mileage app can make your business tracking needs even more straightforward.

The easy to-use interface integrates seamlessly with your tax software and helps organize all your deductions ahead of time.


  • Seamless integration with TurboTax software
  • Exceptional automatic mileage and expense tracking app
  • Is suitable for freelancers, contractors, and small business owners
  • Tax estimates for tax season
  • Integration with financial institutions for expense tracking


  • Does not help calculate or handle local state sales taxes
  • Limited invoicing features


  • Freelancer: At only $7.50/month, a user can track mileage, revenue, and expenses, generate basic reports, and estimate upcoming taxes
  • Simple Start: For $12.50/month, users can track mileage, sales taxes, revenue, and expenses, as well as invoicing and reporting options
  • Essentials: $25/month gives users all the Simple Start benefits as well as time tracking, the ability to include up to three users, and bill management and payments
  • Plus: With this $40/month plan, five users have all the benefits from an Essentials plan, and additional inventory tracking and project profitability features
  • Advanced: This $90/month plan is suitable for up to 25 users and includes all benefits from the Plus plan, as well as business analytics, a dedicated support team, and other exclusive premium plan options

QuickBooks Self Employed is a great choice for a mileage tracker for any small business or contractor who may also need tax support.

Find QuickBooks Self Employed on Google Play or through the AppStore.

Our Favorites (Overall Recommendations)

  • The Best Free Mileage Tracker: Stride
  • The Best Paid Mileage Tracker: Everlance
  • The Best Mileage AND Expense Tracker (Both in One): Hurdlr

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people often ask about mileage trackers.

vector graphic showing map background with a smartphone running a doordash mileage tracker app in the foreground

Does Google have a mileage tracker?

Google Maps is now integrated with Concur Breeze to submit any mileage into your expense reports quickly.

Can my iPhone track my mileage natively? Or do I need a third-party app to do so?

Your iPhone can track mileage through the included Health app, but it is more for personal health reasons.

A third-party app is your best choice to track vehicle distances.

Can I use a mileage tracker to track employee mileage?

Yes, you can use many digital apps for automatic and manual entries of employee mileage to keep your records up to date.

Is there a mileage tracker app with an API that seamlessly integrates with web apps?

Everlance and Triplog both use web browser platforms that integrate all the app information seamlessly for reporting and analytical purposes.

Wrapping Up

Using a mileage tracking app can save you time and headache when it comes time to determine your tax deductions or reimbursements from vehicle trips.

Choose a mileage tracker app that suits your business needs, and you will be glad you did.

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