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The 4 Best DoorDash Mileage Trackers In 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash doesn’t automatically track mileage, so drivers need third-party apps for accurate records and IRS compliance.
  • Mileage tracking aids in claiming tax deductions and managing expenses like gas and maintenance.
  • Various apps like Gridwise, Hurdlr, TripLog, and Everlance offer features ranging from automatic tracking to expense reporting.
  • Consider factors like tracking ability, user interface, budget, and battery usage to find the best fit for DoorDash work.

Recommendations: Based on my research, Everlance appears to be the most widely-used mileage tracking app. However, many gig workers pretty evenly use the other recommendations in this list. You can’t go wrong with any of them that you choose.

The Best DoorDash Mileage Trackers Of 2024

The good news is that you can find several app options to choose from to coordinate with your DoorDash account. Here are some of them below.

1. Gridwise
Best for key insights

1. Gridwise

Gridwise is an exceptional choice for those with multiple gigs other than DoorDash. Not only can you track your mileage, but the free app allows you to keep records of your earnings as well.

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Pricing and Subscription Options

Gridwise has a free and paid version. Some of the features included in the free version include three monthly event reminders and consolidated tax reports in PDF form.

In terms of its paid plan, Gridwise gives you a free trial for seven days. Afterward, a subscription will cost a monthly $9.99 or yearly $95.99.

Top Features

Some of Gridwise’s top features include its income-optimizing insights. If you're picking a region to work in, it gives you multiple route options, and you can choose which is the best to increase your earnings.

Another time-saving benefit gig workers can reap is Gridwise’s hot spot tracking. It gives you insights into the most in-demand regions around you.

Best Use Case Scenario

Overall, Gridwise is best used for its key insights. The information you collect will boost your income potential.


The mileage tracker app has lots to benefit from, including:

  • Locates in-demand regions for meal delivery
  • Offers route optimization insights
  • Notifies you for major events
  • Export tax report option available


Before hitting that “install” button for Gridwise, consider this:

  • Lack of editing for past trips
  • No tracking available for vehicle expenses

2. Hurdlr
Best for those who aren't tech-savvy

2. Hurdlr

Hurdlr is perfect if you’re not on the tech-savvy side. The mileage tracker app offers a user-friendly interface. It also features battery-saving features and automatic mileage tracking.

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Pricing and Subscription Options

Hurdlr has three payment schemes. You have the free version which includes manual income and mileage tracking, a summary of tax calculations, and a financial report export option.

Then, there are the Premium and Pro plans. The Premium costs $10 monthly or $100 annually, while the Pro goes for an annual $200.

Hurdlr’s Premium plan offers multiple features, like automatic mileage tracking, tag speed, and custom rule creation. The Pro gives you all that, plus invoicing capabilities, annual tax filing, financial reporting, and accounting features.

Top Features

You can enjoy several features using Hurdlr. Some of which include tax tracking and estimating. Using the IRS standard mileage rate, the app estimates your tax obligations. You can also divide your expenses and income based on a Personal or Business status.

Best Use Case Scenario

Hurdlr’s best use is for its financial and accounting benefits. While the app doesn’t replace an accountant or tax advisor, it does make your taxes easier to record and file. Plus, it’s perfect for automatic mileage, income, and expense tracking.


Here’s why you should consider Hurdlr:

  • Easy on the battery
  • Has other account integrations
  • Choose between auto and manual mileage tracking
  • Provides links with your bank account and payment systems to track expenses and income


The app isn’t without its flaws. Those include:

  • Access to expense tracking and tax estimates is limited to the premium version
  • Needs more detailed reporting features

3. TripLog
Top-rated option among gig workers

3. TripLog

TripLog is one of the many top-rated mileage-tracking apps in the market. Its unique selling point is that you can track multiple vehicles. The app also has several automatic mileage tracking options, such as MagicTrip.

In this feature, you can start tracking about one to two minutes after you move and stop recording if five minutes pass with no motion detected.

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Pricing and Subscription Options

TripLog has an extensive subscription plan. You can first decide whether you want the single or multiple users option. Then, from the single-user plan, you have the free Lite version or the monthly $5.99 Premium plan.

The Lite provides users with basic expense tracking and manual mileage tracking. Premium extends its service by estimating tax deductions and giving you unlimited automatic mileage tracking.

As for the multiple users plan, there are Teams and Enterprise. In this case, you’ll likely choose the Teams option since Enterprise is more large scale. With Teams, you can invite fellow dashers and track your expenses collectively. It’s offered for $10 per month per user.

Top Features

When it comes to TripLog’s income and expense tracking benefits, you get features like receipt tracking. You can have a visual record of your fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses.

The app’s financial report tracking has several useful tools integrated, such as ADP, Salesforce, and QuickBooks.

Best Use Case Scenario

TripLog is best used for gaining accurate mileage reports and reliable expense tracking. It’s also ideal if you want to work in a group with other dashers and track your mileage together.


Here’s why you can consider TripLog:

  • Varied automatic tracking options
  • Comprehensive insights given
  • Bank and payment system integrations available
  • Option to view web-based platform for premium


Don’t tap “install” before going through this cons list.

  • The interface appears to be outdated
  • The free version only includes 40 monthly trips

4. Everlance
Great for any budget

4. Everlance

Unlike other mileage trackers on this list, Everlance has a formal partnership with DoorDash. You can take advantage of this connection with a discount as a dasher.

Besides that, Everlance is easy to navigate, has automatic mileage tracking, and can also record your tax deductions.

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Pricing and Subscription Options

You get to choose from three plans, free, Premium, and Premium Plus. With the free version, you get expense management and manual mileage tracking. Premium plans provide automatic mileage tracking and smart trip classifications. They cost $5 per month.

Lastly, Premium Plus plans include a better support system from the app. A yearly prepaid package would cost $10 per month. If you’re paying monthly, it’s $12.

Top Features

Everlance features a sync option you can use to connect your bank account to the app. It would better track your expenses.

After keying in your payments, the mileage tracker app can create a full report and export it as a PDF, CSV, or Excel sheet.

Best Use Case Scenario

Everlance provides a decent deal compared to other apps on this list, especially since it has a discounted offer from the DoorDash app. We suggest installing it if you’re exclusively using the food delivery app.


Here are some pros to expect while using the app.

  • Categorizing routes as personal or business
  • Discounted price with DoorDash promo code
  • Provides tax deduction estimates
  • Formulates expense reports


While it has a DoorDash connection, it doesn't mean it should be your first choice. Here’s why.

  • After 30 trips, you have to enter information manually
  • Difficult to edit previous trips

Comparison of Features

After looking at most tracker mileage apps, you may notice that they all provide similar features.

These include automatic or manual mileage tracking, expense reporting, and tax deduction estimation.

Most of the apps also share similar pricing, averaging at a monthly $5 for premium plans.

Similarities aside, most of the differences between the apps revolve around the user interface. For instance, Hurdlr’s interface may appear bulkier than Everlance’s tracking page.

You can also compare each of the apps’ integrations. Choices like Everlance will likely be better in this instance, thanks to its partnership with DoorDash.

You can also benefit from TripLog’s third-party financial tracking integrations as well.

Besides that, some apps offer detailed features like an option to scan and keep visual records of your receipts.

Other options can categorize your trips based on whether they’re Personal or Business-related.

How to Choose the Right Mileage Tracker for You

When picking the right mileage tracker, you’ll have to consider a few factors.

  • Tracking Ability: You could prefer manual or automatic tracking ability. You can also find options with more varied tracking options like TripLog.
  • User Interface: You’re going to be cruising through busy roads. The last hassle you need is to navigate through a bulky interface.
  • Budget: Fortunately, you can find several free versions available. Paid versions are still relatively affordable, ranging between $5 and $10.
  • Insights Offered: You’ll want to find an app that offers comprehensive data, such as a vehicle repair expense report that you can export to a readable PDF or Excel format.
  • Power Consumption: Some apps may drain your battery life from their mileage tracking more than others.

Does DoorDash Track Miles for Drivers?

No, DoorDash does not automatically track miles for drivers. They may provide an estimate of total miles driven at the end of the year, but this estimate is not considered sufficient for IRS documentation requirements.

Since DoorDash drivers are independent contractors, tracking mileage is important for tax purposes, particularly for claiming the standard mileage allowance as a write-off.

Drivers are advised to track their own miles to ensure accuracy and compliance with IRS requirements.

Why Mileage Tracking is Crucial for DoorDash Drivers

As you may be aware, DoorDash doesn’t track miles, at least not consistently. For this reason, dashers need a third-party mileage tracking app to keep tabs on how long they’ve been driving.

These apps are lifesavers for various reasons, such as benefiting from tax deductions and maximizing earnings.

Tax Deduction

As a dasher, you need to keep track of your mileage. Since you’re an independent contractor, you can benefit from deductions for business-related expenses.

The IRS offers those tax deductions to reduce your bills and increase your overall earnings.

You must provide accurate mileage when claiming the discounted tax. These deductions consider multiple aspects, including your gas costs, insurance, and gas expenses.

Overall, the IRS allows you to subtract the standard mileage rate from the business miles driven. It won’t accept estimations gathered from the DoorDash app.

Expense Tracking

Despite being part of a company, your expenses, and earnings tracking fall under your responsibility. You provide the delivery service but must account for its expenses, including gas and vehicle maintenance.

Subsequently, using a mileage tracking app gives you an accurate reading of your vehicle’s performance.

For instance, you can schedule a vehicle repair based on the number of miles you’ve driven.

It’ll keep your car in excellent shape and prevent future repair issues, even if it has the best gas mileage. You’ll be saving time and money using the mileage tracker.

Income Optimization

With tax deductions and expense tracking, you’re saving a significant amount of your income.

On top of that, DoorDash offers gas reimbursement benefits. For example, if you’ve dashed 100 miles each week, you get an extra $5 payout.

Tracking your mileage will help you get an exact estimate to win these earnings. Income maximization aside, the tracker apps will also help with efficient planning.

You can plan your routes and minimize your mileage according to your tracking to save on fuel.

Integrating Mileage Trackers with DoorDash Work

Integrating mileage trackers with your DoorDash work will save you lots of time and effort.

Before every trip, be sure that the manual or automatic mileage tracker is activated to get the most accurate reading.

By the end of each trip, specify whether it was a work or personal one. Throughout the day, keep tabs on any expense, like gas.

In terms of reports and expenses, you can designate two to three days every week to estimate your expenses and calculate your revenue.

Once tax filing rolls around, prepare your mileage report to reap the benefits of IRS tax deductions.

Tips for Accurate Mileage Tracking

If you want to get the most accurate mileage tracking, particularly for tax deductions, you should consider these tips:

  • Use an odometer to keep track of the distance you traveled.
  • Keep track of your mileage after each trip.
  • Don’t lose your receipts, invoices, and other documentation.
  • Review your mileage log regularly.
  • Keep a physical mileage log if you prefer a more hands-on approach to tracking.

Wrapping Up

You’ll want to make the right choice when picking a mileage app because you’ll be using it consistently throughout your job. Find an app that’ll mesh well with your needs and routines.

If you’re looking for more insights about peak hours and in-demand areas, then Gridwise could be your top pick.

In case you prioritize expense and financial reporting, in which case, Hurdlr is the better choice.

Either way, all these DoorDash mileage tracker apps are meant to make your life easier and optimize your earnings.

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