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Can You Drive for Uber With a DUI? Requirements & Appealing

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber disqualifies applicants with DUI convictions from driving for the platform.
  • Applicants must wait 7-10 years for DUI expungement before driving for Uber.
  • Uber’s background checks are thorough, including DUI dismissals or dropped charges.
  • Disputing inaccuracies in Uber’s background check involves contacting Checkr.

Can You Drive for Uber With a DUI?

No, you cannot drive for Uber with a DUI on your record. Uber requires drivers to have a clean driving history, and a DUI conviction typically disqualifies applicants.

To drive for Uber after a DUI conviction, you must wait until the DUI is expunged from your record, which generally takes seven years (ten years in California).

Even if the DUI is dismissed, there’s no guarantee Uber will accept your application. Uber conducts thorough background checks and disqualifies applications with DUIs.

In some cases, if the DUI wasn’t convicted or the case was dropped, you might request Uber to review your application. If charged with DUI while driving for Uber, you’ll likely be released from the platform.

How Long After DUI Conviction Can You Drive for Uber?

You have to wait until you get your DUI expunged from your record. In most states, this happens after seven years (in California, it’s ten years). If the DUI is still there after that time, you should get a lawyer specializing in DUI cases to expunge this conviction from your record.

In case you have valid reasons to doubt your DUI conviction, you can try to dismiss it from your record without waiting for seven years. You can hire an attorney to prove that the DUI breath test or Field Sobriety Test was unreliable or that the false high blood alcohol content came from a medical condition.

There’s no guarantee that Uber will accept your application even if your DUI was dismissed. But you can try to dispute its checks and prove you’ve got this charge for no valid reason.

What Happens if You Get a DUI Charge While Driving for Uber?

Uber drivers who drive safely and obey all traffic laws build a stellar reputation and rating and can apply for reward programs like Uber Pro and enjoy many benefits.

The company can tolerate minor traffic violations, like speeding tickets and parking citations, but it has zero tolerance for DUI convictions.

If you’re charged for reckless driving due to alcohol or drug abuse while driving for Uber, you’ll get immediate release from this platform. That will also happen if a passenger reports you for driving under the influence.

You can try to appeal this decision, but in most cases, the company won’t reconsider its final decision.

Uber Requirements for Drivers

Incoming drivers need to be aware of how Uber works and how the company hires them. It has a transparent hiring process and a set of eligibility criteria for the background checks of its drivers.

You have to meet the Uber age limit, have at least a year of driving experience, and have a clean record to work as a rideshare driver for Uber. This company also has a set of requirements for your vehicle, which should be fully operable and have four doors.

If you’re eligible to become an Uber driver, the company performs personal and criminal background screenings and gets insight into your driving records. Here are the criteria you must meet:

  1. Within the past three years, you should have no more than three minor traffic violations.
  2. There should be no major traffic violations, such as speeding violations of 20 or more miles, over the past three years.
  3. You shouldn’t be convicted of reckless driving, driving-related felonies, violence, sexual offenses, or drug abuse within the past seven years.

How Uber Conducts a Background Check

Before making money with Uber, each applicant has to pass a thorough background check. After the initial check and upon hiring, the company conducts occasional driver screening to ensure you make no felonies, violent crimes, or traffic violations.

Here are the records Uber checks:

  • County Courthouse Records
  • Federal Records
  • Criminal Records in all states
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Social Security Trace

Are There Any Exceptions for Hiring Uber Drivers With a DUI?

Uber will disqualify your application if there’s a note of drunk driving on your record. But there might be exceptions as to when this company could hire you even if you got a DUI within the last seven years.

In case a DUI conviction is on your record but you weren’t convicted, or the state dropped your case within the past seven years, you can ask Uber to review your application. Maybe its representatives overlooked this detail.

You can also dispute your background check if you suspect an error in your report. Sometimes, a simple typo or intertwining two people with similar names can be one of its causes.

Can You Dispute the Results of Your Uber Background Check?

You can dispute inaccuracies in your Uber background check by contacting Checkr, the company that conducts these checks, and informing Uber of your challenge.

Mistakes can happen, especially for individuals with common names, leading to incorrect criminal or driving records appearing on your report.

Checkr can investigate and correct such errors, but be prepared for the process to take some time. Patience is key as you wait for the resolution.

How To Dispute Your Background Check

To dispute your Uber background check, start by contacting Checkr and Uber. Here’s a simplified guide:

  1. Visit Checkr’s Candidate Portal: Access their website and locate the dispute form.
  2. Complete the Form: Provide your email, social security number, phone number, and date of birth.
  3. Submit and Follow Instructions: After submitting the form, follow the on-screen instructions for filing a dispute.
  4. Alternative Contact Methods:
    • Email: Use Checkr’s customer support page for email correspondence.
    • Phone: Call Checkr at 844-824-3257 to speak with a representative.
    • Mail: Send your dispute with all supporting documents to Checkr, Inc., 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 2400, San Francisco, CA 94104.
  5. Supporting Documents: Attach any documents that prove the inaccuracy of the background check.
  6. Contact Uber: If Checkr’s reinvestigation upholds the original background check, reach out to Uber. Provide a detailed explanation and stay calm during communications.
  7. Evidence of Rehabilitation: If applicable, show proof of any rehabilitation process to Uber.

Remember to stay patient and provide as much context and evidence as possible to both Checkr and Uber.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Dispute the Information in Uber Background Check?

Uber uses third-party vendors accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association to check drivers before hiring and during employment. In case you suspect inaccuracies in your report, you should contact these vendors to start a dispute process, amend your report, and forward the corrected copy to Uber.

How Often Does Uber Conduct Background Checks?

Uber performs annual checks on all drivers without a pre-set date. If any criminal or DUI convictions appear in your record since the previous check, Uber will likely end your employment.

What if My DUI Conviction Comes From a Different State?

Out-of-state DUI convictions have the same weight as interstate charges. As Uber runs checks using your Social Security Number, it can discover criminal convictions that disqualify you from becoming a rideshare driver, even if these happened in another state.

Final Thoughts

A DUI in your driving record can be a stumbling block when you want to work as an Uber driver. You can try to expunge or dismiss this conviction and even dispute Uber’s background check if you think there’s a mistake. But in most cases, you have to wait seven years to get it off your record and become fully eligible for any driving-related job.

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