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When & How To Report An Uber Driver [Step-By-Step]

Learn when and how to report an Uber driver, step-by-step. We'll explain the situations that Uber needs to know about, and the ones you can let go.

Key Takeaways

  • Report unsafe or impaired driving immediately via the app or customer support.
  • Use app to leave detailed feedback on ride issues, including driver conduct.
  • Contact Uber Critical Safety Response Line for serious safety incidents.
  • Reviews and reports are anonymous, ensuring safety concerns are addressed discreetly.

When Should You Report an Uber Driver?

You can report an Uber driver for several reasons, with the company prioritizing reports of unsafe and impaired driving. Concerns can also be raised if a driver is rude.

Key reasons include:

  • Breaking Driving Laws: Drivers must follow road rules, including not running red lights or stop signs, and avoiding reckless driving behaviors like speeding.
  • Drowsy Driving: Reporting is necessary if a driver appears so tired that they cannot focus on driving safely, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Impaired Driving: Includes distractions like using phones or changing the radio station, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Uber has a zero-tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use by drivers.

If you suspect impairment, it’s crucial to have the driver stop the vehicle, safely exit, and then report the incident to both law enforcement and Uber.

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Will a Driver Be Affected by False Rider Reports?

Uber takes measures to protect drivers against false rider reports by employing a team dedicated to inspecting all reports and identifying fraudulent claims.

If a report against a driver appears to be fake, it won’t negatively impact their safety history or rating. Uber takes a strong stance against those who make false reports by suspending their accounts.

For reports that do not immediately seem fraudulent, Uber will conduct a thorough investigation.

During this time, the driver’s access to the Driver app may be restricted to prevent them from picking up passengers. Once Uber’s investigation is concluded, the driver will be reinstated if the claim is found to be unsubstantiated.

However, if the claim is proven, the driver will permanently lose access to the Uber Driver app.

How to Report Uber Drivers [Step-By-Step Tutorial]

Here are a few ways you can report Uber drivers, starting with minor issues all the way to serious ones.

1. Leave Your Driver a Review

If you encounter issues like rudeness, a dirty vehicle, or mechanical problems during your Uber ride, the driver review section is the right place to address these concerns.

Sometimes drivers might not be aware of these issues, so your feedback not only informs them but also alerts Uber to any areas needing improvement.

When rating your Uber driver, you have the option to award anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. Providing a rating of less than 5 stars prompts Uber to ask for an explanation of your rating.

It’s important to utilize this opportunity to offer detailed feedback, as it enables both Uber and the driver to take steps towards enhancing the service.

However, it’s worth noting that in certain situations, leaving a negative review may not be sufficient. In such cases, other methods are available to report concerns about Uber drivers.

2. Email Uber Customer Support

When reporting a more serious issue with an Uber driver, directly reaching out to Uber’s customer support via live chat is a recommended step.

Determining the threshold between merely noting concerns in your review and opting to contact customer support might seem challenging. However, for significant safety concerns, immediate phone contact with Uber is advised (refer to the following section for details).

We suggest reporting incidents where a driver’s behavior is concerning but not immediately threatening your safety.

Examples of such behaviors include smoking during the ride or making inappropriate, albeit non-threatening, comments.

While these issues should also be noted in your review, directly communicating with Uber allows you to convey the details of your experience, ensuring that Uber can provide more tailored assistance in response.

3. Call the Uber Critical Safety Response Line

If you encounter a serious safety incident with an Uber driver, it’s crucial to know that Uber offers a dedicated Critical Safety Response Line available 24/7 for such emergencies. This line is strictly for severe safety concerns.

Should you ever feel harmed or threatened by a driver’s actions, making a call to this line is imperative.

On the other hand, if your complaints are minor, such as dissatisfaction with the driver’s attitude or a drop-off location that wasn’t exactly as specified, address these issues in your driver review instead.

It’s important not to overload this emergency line with issues that do not pose an immediate safety risk.

I suggest you call the Critical Safety Response Line under any of the following circumstances:

  • You were assaulted by your driver, whether physically, verbally, or sexually.
  • Your driver engaged in illegal activities.
  • Your driver was involved in a traffic accident.
  • Your driver made threats towards you.
  • Your driver exhibited reckless driving behavior.

Ensure your immediate safety first; if you’re in an emergency situation, dial 911. Once safe, then reach out to Uber’s critical response team for support.

Remember, the Uber app provides the license plate number for all your rides, a detail that could be crucial if you need to file a police report.

How Do You Know If You Have an Uber Driver Report?

Uber will inform you if there is a report filed against you as a driver, including issues related to your background check.

Before restricting access to the Driver app, Uber typically notifies drivers, except in severe situations such as accidents or driving under the influence, where immediate action is taken to ensure passenger safety.

The investigation process for reports can take several days. If there are actions you can undertake to reactivate your account, Uber will communicate these steps to you.

Ultimately, you will receive a decision from Uber regarding the status of your driver account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Uber driver report anonymous?

Yes, Uber maintains anonymity on its platform. Drivers won’t know your personal details like phone number or email, nor your exact address, just pickup and dropoff locations. Star ratings and reports are kept anonymous to protect user privacy.

Should you report an Uber driver who was texting while driving?

Yes, reporting an Uber driver who texts while driving is important. Texting is a dangerous form of distracted driving that compromises safety. Uber should be informed to address this issue.

What are the risks of reporting an Uber driver?

Reporting an Uber driver for legitimate concerns carries no risk, as Uber will investigate and act accordingly. However, submitting fraudulent claims to reverse charges or out of anger can lead to being banned from the platform.

2 thoughts on “When & How To Report An Uber Driver [Step-By-Step]”

  1. Uber and Lyft and all thrse other Rideshare and delivery jobs are putting peoples lives at risk by not drug testing the drivers frequently. Any other type of driving job requires the drivers to be drug tested regularly. This should be mandatory and people need to start demanding that these Rideshare companies do the right thing. It’s a shame we live in a world where we are allowing this to happen.


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