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Can You Get Food Delivered To A Hotel?

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Who doesn’t love a good hotel stay?

It’s the perfect getaway from your hectic life, and with all of the new hotels popping up in major cities around the world, there are more options than ever.

What happens when you’re hungry, don’t feel like going out, and want to order some food, however?

Can you get food delivered to a hotel?

Of course, you can.

Although some hotels may place restrictions, you shouldn’t run into many problems when ordering from one of the available food delivery apps.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get food delivered to a hotel.

Can You Get Food Delivered to a Hotel?

Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.”

You can get food delivered to you when staying at a hotel.

However, not every hotel will allow it.

If you want to double-check how your hotel views the situation, you can talk to the front desk to ask if they place any restrictions in this area.

You’ll discover that most hotels don’t have an issue with it.

A high-end hotel with multiple restaurants might discourage it when the on-site restaurants are open.

For the most part, though, you can easily accept a food delivery order at a hotel.

Should You Get Food Delivered to a Hotel?

If you’re in a hotel without transportation with a hungry spouse and kids in tow, then you better get that food delivered pronto.

There are times when you might rather walk out of the hotel to eat at a restaurant located conveniently close to where you’re staying.

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World hotel, for example, you and your family might enjoy walking out of the hotel instead.

You can typically find one of the exciting restaurants within a minute or two-minute walk from your Disney resort.

You might find this same situation when staying at a hotel in San Francisco, New York, a large United Kingdom city, or on the Las Vegas strip.

In these situations, you may discover that you can sit down at the local restaurant faster than waiting for a food delivery driver to arrive at your room number.

On the other hand, what happens if you arrive at a Holiday Inn Express, Wyndham Hotel, or Hampton Inn late at night when all the available restaurants won’t open until the morning?

The room service option isn’t going to work in this case.

It’s time to open up one of the food delivery apps on your phone to place a food delivery order.

Do Delivery Services Deliver to Hotels?

Luckily, most of the food delivery services will deliver food to your hotel room.

Each delivery service uses slightly different policies when doing so, but you won’t have any problems fixing your hunger problems while hanging out in your room.

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Does DoorDash Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Yes, DoorDash will deliver food to your hotel room.

You can get almost anything you’re in the mood for delivered as you avoid hunting for where to walk or drive to.

Open up your DoorDash app and choose from the available restaurant options the same way you would at any other time.

DoorDash allows you to order late at night, too.

You’ll typically find Dashers available to help you for as long as the restaurants remain open.

Fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s or Taco Bell may stay open until past 3 AM, while a pizza restaurant might close as early as 10 PM.

DoorDash even delivers to a hotel on holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

DoorDash allows its Dashers to deliver food straight to your hotel room door.

Make sure to communicate with your driver to let them know if you want them to come to your door.

Or, you can arrange to meet them at the hotel’s front door or desk.

If you find out that your hotel won’t allow food delivery for any reason, simply meet your DoorDash delivery driver outside at the curb.

Does Grubhub Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Yes, you can use Grubhub to deliver food to your hotel room.

It works similarly to what you do with DoorDash.

Open up your Grubhub app and look for available restaurants.

The app lets you choose from over 300,000 bars and restaurants so you shouldn’t have any problems finding food to satisfy your hunger.

Grubhub pioneered delivering food to hotels.

It was one of the first apps to start doing so back in 2016 when it worked with Hyatt Centric to give hotel guests more food and dining options.

Seamless is also offered as a Grubhub entity.

Grubhub bought Seamless in 2013, but still runs Seamless on a separate app.

It’s mainly offered in New York City.

If you’re staying in the Big Apple, you can give the Seamless app a try as you order food for delivery to your hotel room.

If you want to save on Grubhub delivery fees, you might want to consider signing up for Grubhub+.

It’s a membership program that eliminates the delivery fees on any orders of $12 or more.

Periodically, Grubhub sends its members various discounts and other perks to help with additional monthly savings.

Grubhub+ membership also helps you if you want to donate to charity.

You can donate your change on every order placed through the app.

Grubhub matches every penny you donate.

Does Postmates Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Postmates was one of the largest food delivery services.

It delivered food from over 500,000 restaurants, retailers, and grocery stores.

It also reported serving over 70% of all households at one time.

Uber Eats acquired Postmates in 2020.

The merger became final during the summer of 2021.

Some customers in certain cities immediately saw a message inside the Postmates app telling them to download the Uber Eats app instead.

If you happen to stay in a hotel where the Postmates app still works, you can use it to get food delivered to your room.

Tell your driver that you’re staying at a hotel.

Let them know your room number so they know where to go once they’re inside the hotel.

Make sure you also download the Uber Eats app in case your Postmates app isn’t working in your area.

It’s better to remain prepared in this manner so you’re not trying to download and use a new app while your stomach is pinging you with hunger pains.

The Uber Eats app is just as simple to use as the Postmates app.

However, it’s faster if you already have the account set up with your debit card or credit card information inside the Uber Eats app ahead of time.

Does Uber Eats Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Yes, you can get your food delivered to a hotel when using the Uber Eats app.

Simply open up the app, look for your favorite restaurant, and place your order.

Uber Eats is one of the easiest apps to use when ordering food.

You’ll see recommendations for each restaurant based on items that many other Uber Eats customers order.

Select one of those if something pops up that looks good to you.

If you have something different in mind, the top navigation bar slides easily from left to right as you make your selection between salads, main dishes, drinks, and desserts.

As you’re placing your order, the Uber Eats app gives you easy “plus” and “minus” signs to increase or decrease the number of items to add or subtract from the order.

It’s a great feature when ordering for a group of friends or your entire family.

As with any food delivery service app, the key to successfully receiving your food is using great communication with your driver.

Make sure you enter the room number into the app.

It’s a good idea to also add-in that you’re staying at a hotel.

Give your driver the name of the hotel to avoid any possibility of confusion about your location.

Tipping When You Order Food Delivery at Hotels

Don’t forget about the tipping option inside the food delivery app you choose to use.

Why You Should Tip

The reason why you should always tip when ordering food from Uber Eats, DoorDash, or any other app is that your driver depends heavily on tips to make their side gig worth their time, energy, and vehicle costs.

Of course, you should weigh how well they perform their job for you as you consider how much to tip.

Think of it this way, however.

Would you sit down at a restaurant without tipping your waiter or waitress?

Would you fail to tip your valet when picking up your car from the parking lot?

If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t.

Simply put, food delivery drivers are performing a service and should receive a tip.

How Much to Tip for Hotel Food Delivery

Tipping your Grubhub or Uber Eats driver 10% to 25% is a quality way to show your appreciation.

Wrapping Up

Can you get food delivered to a hotel?

Now that you know the answer, it’s time to open up that food delivery app, place an order, and enjoy your next meal in the comfort of your hotel room.

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