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Working as a DoorDash delivery driver is great in this gig economy because you make your own hours and have a lot of control over your work life.

But many people wonder how a DoorDash Dasher gets paid, especially if you need extra cash immediately.

The best way to cash out on DoorDash is Fast Pay.

This feature puts money in your bank account much quicker than traditional methods of getting paid.

However, it’s not available to everyone doing food delivery.

Read on to learn the best way to use DoorDash Fast Pay and how you can activate this option on your account.

The Basics of Cashing Out on DoorDash

DoorDash gives you a lot of flexibility regarding your work hours and orders you accept, but their payment policy is pretty strict.

Does DoorDash Pay Daily?

No, DoorDash doesn’t typically pay daily. You earn money with each delivery, but the app pays out once a week.

You’ll get paid for all of your deliveries completed between Monday and Sunday.

The company uses a weekly direct deposit to transfer the money to your bank account.

This process takes a couple of days, so even though DoorDash pays out on Mondays, you probably won’t get the base pay until Wednesday.

Can DoorDash Drivers Cash Out Instantly?

With Fast Pay, DoorDash drivers can cash out instantly.

You won’t get paid for the delivery you’re currently on, so make sure you request the money after closing out the app.

You can only use this feature once a day, so it’s best to wait until you’ve finished every delivery.
If you don’t cash out instantly, the balance stays in your account.

When DoorDash does its weekly payouts, the money transfers to your bank account without you needing to take action.

How Long Does It Take for DoorDash to Pay You for the First Time?

DoorDash doesn’t hold a driver’s first paycheck.

Once hired, you’ll get paid the next Monday after completing a week of deliveries.

The payout goes right to your bank account as a direct deposit.

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Methods for Cashing Out on DoorDash

There are different ways to get paid from DoorDash.

Fast Pay is available to experienced drivers, so direct deposit via Cash App is the most popular option.

vector graphic showing two smartphones with screens that indicate ways to cash out on doordash

Direct Deposit Using Cash App

DoorDash pays Dashers through direct deposit.

If you use Cash App, you can enable direct deposits from employers.

The Cash Card gives you account and routing numbers just like a traditional bank account.

DoorDash will ask for your bank information once they hire you.

You get this by clicking on the Banking tab in Cash App.

On that same menu, click to get your direct deposit form.

Input all of DoorDash’s employer information.

In the DoorDash app, add your Cash App account and routing number.

Submit these details, and you’re all set to start earning money.

DoorDash’s Fast Pay

DoorDash pays weekly, which is better than some salaried jobs that pay every two weeks or every month.

But sometimes, you need money without waiting for a payout.

Fast Pay gives you that chance.

Once Uber and Lyft had their own quick payout options, DoorDash decided to follow suit.

They introduced Fast Pay to Dashers in 2018 but have some stipulations on who can use it.

How to Set up Fast Pay

Fast Pay lets you cash out your DoorDash deliveries once a day, so you always have money when you need it.

This privilege costs $1.99 per transaction, and that fee comes right out of your earnings.

DoorDash Fast Pay Requirements

DoorDash makes Fast Pay available to dedicated Dashers.

To meet their requirements, you must:

  • complete 25 deliveries
  • worked as a Dasher for 14 days since getting hired
  • have your debit card on file

You have to wait seven days when you add your debit card to your DoorDash account.

This period gives the company time to process your banking information.

If it hasn’t been seven days, you can’t cash out with Fast Pay yet.

If you change your debit card information, the seven-day waiting period starts again.

This delay happens even if you re-enter the same information.

So when you’re adding your debit card, pay attention and make sure you do it right so you only have to wait seven days.

How to Unlock Fast Pay

To unlock Fast Pay, you have to meet the criteria above regarding how long you’ve been delivering and how many orders you’ve completed.

You also must use a bank-issued debit card, not a prepaid card.

You also must have at least $1.99 in your account.

That’s the fee DoorDash takes to give you instant access to your money, including peak pay.

How to Set up Fast Pay

Fast Pay is available for all Dashers in the United States.

To set it up, you need to have your debit card information ready to input on the DoorDash app.

Go to the Earnings tab and click on the banking information.

You’ll see the payout methods, which should include your direct deposit.

Click on the option for Fast Pay and add your debit card number.

You can change your debit card information in the same way.

Keep in mind that updating your card information or even re-entering it will restart the seven-day waiting period.

This precaution allows DoorDash to verify that the card belongs to you and isn’t someone trying to commit fraud.

Questions About Fast Pay

Setting up Fast Pay is pretty straightforward, but you might still have some questions about the process.

vector graphic showing a doordash driver using fast pay to cash out earnings he made from driving

How Long Does Fast Pay Take?

To use Fast Pay for the first time, you have to wait seven days for DoorDash to process your debit card information.

It’s frustrating to wait, but this ensures that the money will go to your card immediately.

If you accidentally input the wrong numbers, that error will come up during the processing time, so you can fix it without losing money.

After the seven-day waiting period, you can cash out with Fast Pay once a day.

The money goes to your bank account and is typically available within minutes of the transfer.

Do I Have to Wait 7 Days for Fast Pay?

Yes, the seven-day period applies to everyone.

This waiting period isn’t to keep you from getting your money.

It’s just a layer of security for DoorDash to ensure the app and payment options stay secure.

If someone hacks into your account and tries to link their debit card to drain your earnings, DoorDash can catch them during this verification period.

Can I Bypass the 7 Day Wait on DoorDash?

No, the seven-day wait is mandatory.

Even if you’ve been with DoorDash for a long time and have a stellar rating, the company can’t waive the processing time. It’s not an issue of you as a Dasher, but rather a security measure.

This time allows DoorDash to ensure the debit card is yours, and no funds will get lost during transfer.

How to Cash Out on DoorDash

Whether you’re using Cash App or Fast Pay, you should know how to access your DoorDash earnings.

vector graphic showing two smartphones with screens that indicate ways to cash out on doordash

Cash Out Using Cash App

Dashers who don’t have a debit card linked to a bank account can only cash out weekly

You can use the Cash App for this payout, and DoorDash adds the funds to your card through direct deposit.

You don’t have to do anything to cash out via Cash App direct deposit.

DoorDash automatically instigates the transfer every Monday for the previous week’s deliveries.

The funds are available within a day or two.

Cash Out Using Fast Pay

As long as you have more than $1.99 in your DoorDash account, you can cash out using Fast Pay.

You’re limited to one transfer a day, so it’s best to cash out after you complete a shift.

That way, your orders are complete, you have your customer tips, and you can access all the DoorDash earnings.

The company won’t pay you for any order that’s still in progress because they’re looking out for the DoorDash customer.

If you’re driving to deliver another order or two, you should wait until you’ve finished those to cash out so you can get your full day’s earnings.

Open the DoorDash platform and click on the Earnings menu, then “Deposits and Transfers.”

The total amount you’ve earned since your last payout shows up. Click on “Transfer,” and you’re done!

The funds are immediately sent to the debit card you linked to your Dasher account.

Troubleshooting: Fast Pay Not Working

As with any technology, there are always potential problems.

Since you’re working through an app, you might think it’s just a glitch.

But if you close the app, reopen it, and still have issues, try these troubleshooting solutions.

vector graphic of a man holding a cell phone talking to a DoorDash customer support rep after calling the DoorDash phone number

DoorDash Fast Pay Grayed Out

A grayed-out Fast Pay option means you might not be eligible to use it.

Make sure you’ve completed 25 deliveries and have been an active Dasher for more than 14 days.

Fast Pay is only available to people in the United States, too, so if you’re in another country, you won’t have the option.

Another issue might be the funds in your account.

You need more than $1.99 available because DoorDash takes the Fast Pay fee from your money before transferring the balance to your debit card.

You can’t use Fast Pay with Cash App or prepaid cards.

Some people have previously used Fast Pay but later find that the option grayed out.

If you’ve set up or changed your debit card information in the past seven days, you’ll have to wait for the option to use Fast Pay.

DoorDash needs that processing period to ensure the card belongs to you.

Delivery drivers using DasherDirect won’t have the option for Fast Pay since they’re conflicting payment options.

You have to switch your payout back to direct deposit before you’ll have the option to use Fast Pay again.

Why Can’t I Cash Out with Fast Pay?

There are a few possible reasons you can’t cash out with Fast Pay.

It’s only available once a day, so if you cash out early, you have to wait another 24 hours.

If you recently input or updated your debit card information, you have to wait seven days until you can use Fast Pay again.

If none of these are relevant, you can contact DoorDash customer service directly for help.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash is a great company to work for because they give you many ways to cash out.

Using a bank account is simple.

But, if you want money more often than every week, set up Fast Pay.

You can get instant money after every delivery shift by linking your debit card.

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