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How To Deliver With Caviar In 2024 [Step-By-Step]

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What is Caviar and How Does it Work?

Caviar has been connecting both local and high-end restaurants with their users since 2012.

What makes Caviar stand out from its competition is how specialized it is in its niche. It doesn’t offer a list of nearby restaurants alone; it suggests popular dishes, fancy-eat options, staff picks, and even a ‘Try Something New’ selection.

Because of this wide reach, Caviar caters to hundreds of drivers around the states. They deliver meals to homes and offices state-wide and enjoy lucrative wages. Becoming a Caviar courier is a simple process as well.

No wonder DoorDash acquired Caviar! Upon acquisition, DoorDash’s market position enhanced significantly, reaching a high-end market segment it hadn’t previously attracted.

The food delivery company boosted DoorDash’s presence in the competitive market till it could stand its own against market giants, such as Postmates and UberEats.  

Caviar Driver Requirements

Caviar driver requirements don’t differ much from those needed to sign up for similar food delivery services. So, if you’re familiar with this line of work, the process will be even easier for you.

vector graphic showing caviar driver requirements on a clipboard piece of paper and a car getting evaluated for those in the background

For newcomers and those looking to switch to Caviar, you need to be at least 18 years old, have a working vehicle, and own a valid driver’s license.

If you don’t hold a driver’s license, any other form of ID would work, too. This case only applies if you’ll be making bike deliveries, however.

A smartphone that’s compatible with the app is also required. It helps you follow up on deliveries and use GPS if you’re unfamiliar with your destination. Make sure that whatever vehicle you’re using—whether a bike, bicycle, car, or scooter—has some type of valid insurance as well.

Caviar will also ask for a social security number (SSN) to perform a background check and determine if you’ll be an eligible driver.

Potential Earnings as a Caviar Driver

Caviar couriers work with higher-end restaurants. They stand to make extra cash on the side because the delivery requests come from select cities and areas near exclusive restaurants.

Hourly, a Caviar delivery driver makes an average of $16—and that’s excluding tips and other bonuses. The base pay is $18, with a total pay of $19.

Looking at the numbers, you can conclude that you’ll be making $36,157 in annual income with Caviar. That’s only the average, too. With tips and bonuses, that could reach $44,500 a year.

How to Sign Up As a Caviar Driver

To join the Caviar food delivery service, you need to sign up to be a Dasher—the nickname cleverly given to DoorDash couriers.

After the latter acquired Caviar, it took them a minute to merge the delivery service. You’ll even notice that both apps look eerily similar.

For you, that means that the signup process is highly intuitive and straightforward. DoorDash is known for having a user-friendly interface that will be simple to navigate.

1. Open Up the DoorDash Sign-Up Site

You’ll be greeted by this window first. Upon scrolling you’ll find a simplified menu mentioning why you should consider being a DoorDash driver and what requirements you need to meet.

Go through them if you like—there’s a nifty set of FAQs at the end, too.

Once you’re done navigating the site, enter your postal/zip code (as seen in the screenshot below), then click ‘Next’.

After entering it, the site will then ask for an email. Type one that you still have access to.

Finally, the site will ask for a valid phone number. You’ll also note a checkbox in the screenshot below. You will have to agree to the terms seen to proceed to the next tip.

Hint: You can always cancel this SMS service by replying STOP to the number that sends you promotions, deals, and information.

2. Fill in the Application Form

The window below should open up next. It shows a standard application form that shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to fill.

3. Select Vehicle Type

The next window will take a minute to load after you hit ‘Continue’. You’ll then have the choice between ‘car’ and ‘e-bike’. Pick the vehicle type you’ll be using for deliveries.

4. Upload a Valid Driver’s License

You’ll see a pop-up window asking you to upload a valid driver’s license before proceeding to the following steps. It’ll look like this:

After you hit ‘continue’, DoorDash will offer you two ways you can upload photos of your driver’s license.

You can choose to upload them directly by taking pictures of the document with your phone’s camera by clicking the ‘Take a photo’ option.

Alternatively, you can choose the ‘Continue on another device.’

The second option gives you three more choices: Send SMS, Send Email, Scan QR Code.

This is DoorDash’s way of offering you security when uploading sensitive documents like your license.

If you decide on ‘Send Email’, for instance, you’ll receive an automated link that expires in an hour. Through it, you can privately and securely upload photos of your license.

5. Provide Vehicle Details and Proof of Insurance

Enter your vehicle details (this typically applies to cars). Provide the make and model, then upload proof of vehicle insurance. This step requires providing your SSN, too.

What makes working for the food delivery service better than rideshare services is that they don’t ask for specific vehicle requirements. 

No matter how old or dingy, if you feel safe enough to drive it for deliveries – do you! DoorDash only needs to know for transparency purposes.

After completing this step, you have to wait until the team performs a background check and reviews your application. The process should take at least a week.

6. Add Bank Account Details

Now, you can safely finish setting up your Dasher account and become a Caviar delivery courier. That includes linking your profile to a bank account of your choosing—the one you wish to receive your payments on.

7. Don’t Forget to Download the App

You are now a valid driver for both DoorDash and Caviar. Download the Caviar app next. It’s available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

Why Drive for Caviar?

How to Become Caviar Courier: Complete Application Process

Out of all the food delivery services out there, why should you work for Caviar? Like all food delivery apps, you have a flexible schedule, the ability to earn tips and the chance to work independently.

But how does working at Caviar stack up compared to other food delivery apps? Based on reported experiences of real Caviar drivers, delivering for Caviar seems to have the following advantages:

1. No Need to Use a Payment Card

Unlike some services like DoorDash, Caviar drivers don’t use a company card. This eliminates delays at busy restaurants and avoids potential conflicts over tipping. With Caviar, payment is pre-handled; couriers simply collect the pre-paid food.

2. Higher-End Restaurants

Drivers note a better work environment due to Caviar’s association with upscale restaurants. A New York courier mentioned on Glassdoor the high quality and friendliness of these establishments. Caviar offers a refreshing change from typical fast-food deliveries.

3. Potential for High Hourly Pay During Busy Times

Like Uber’s SURGE pricing, Caviar offers higher rates during busy periods, with some drivers earning $18-$22/hour. However, earnings can dip below minimum wage during off-peak times. While Caviar advertises up to $25/hour, this isn’t always consistent. Efficient deliveries during peak times can boost wages.

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Tips for Maximizing Income with Caviar

If you’ve worked in the delivery service before, you understand the importance of tips.

To increase your earnings, familiarize yourself with peak times in your cities and plan your routes ahead of time. The faster you can get there during busy hours, the more impressed your client will be – and the bigger the tip!

Excellent customer service is vital, too. Smile at your customers, greet them politely, and throw in a friendly ‘Enjoy your meal!’ while at it. Look presentable and make sure to handle their food well.

By utilizing these tips, you not only stand to boost your income; but you can also use the increased visibility to leverage your platform on the Caviar app. This translates to more delivery opportunities and extra income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Still Deliver With Caviar?

This question arose after DoorDash merged its delivery service with Caviar. The same drivers work for both – so, yes, you can still deliver with Caviar. It’s just not possible to sign up through their website or app; but instead, through DoorDash’s.

Is Caviar Good For Drivers?

Absolutely! What makes Caviar stand out from working with other food delivery apps is the potential to earn more while essentially doing the same job.

Wrapping Up

Sign up through DoorDash and become a Caviar driver today! You’ll see how simple it is to make a quick buck through the courier app. You also get to make customers happy by delivering their favorite meals right to their doorstep.

For all the advantages it has, Caviar is just one food delivery app of many out there. To get a sense of what it’s like to work for other food delivery apps, check out our comparison of delivering for Postmates vs. DoorDash or Postmates vs. Uber Eats.

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