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Do You Tip Shipt Shoppers In 2023? How Much?

Do you tip Shipt shoppers? Discover the answer and gain a full understanding of how to calculate the tips you leave for Shipt delivery drivers.

Do You Tip Shipt Shoppers?

Yes, you should tip Shipt shoppers as their earnings often significantly depend on tips, similar to service industry workers like waiters or valets. Tips can substantially increase their hourly rate and help offset vehicle and gas expenses.

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How Much Should You Tip a Shipt Shopper?

You should typically tip a Shipt shopper around 10-20% of the total bill, similar to the service industry standard.

For exceptional service, a 15-20% tip is recommended, and for extraordinary generosity, up to 25%. If the service was poor and it was the shopper’s fault, a tip is not necessary, but consider external factors that may not be the shopper’s fault before deciding to withhold a tip.

Remember, these tips contribute significantly to the shopper’s earnings and help compensate for their expenses and effort.

How to Tip on the Shipt App

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to tip your Shipt shopper using the app:

  1. Open the Shipt app and log in.
  2. Navigate to the “Orders” section.
  3. Select the order you wish to tip on.
  4. Scroll to the “Rate Your Delivery” area and click the “Leave a Tip” button.
  5. Choose a preset percentage or select “Other Amount” for a custom tip.
  6. Confirm your tip amount and tap “Done.”

Remember, if you prefer to tip in advance, you can do so at the checkout stage. Your Shipt shopper will see the tip post-delivery, so there’s no need for immediate thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shipt Shoppers See Who Tips?

Yes, Shipt shoppers can see who tips and the amount of each tip after the order is completed. The Shipt app displays the total earnings from each delivery, including base pay and tips, but there is a delay before this information is shown to the shopper.

How Long Do You Have to Tip a Shipt Shopper After a Delivery?

You can tip a Shipt shopper during checkout or after delivery, but the tip details will only be visible to the shopper two hours after delivery.

You are able to adjust the tip post-delivery within the app, ensuring the shopper receives the full amount with no impact on future service pairing.

5 thoughts on “Do You Tip Shipt Shoppers In 2023? How Much?”

  1. In much of the information I have been reading regarding, tipping the Shipt Delivery Driver, the information all states the percentage for good or poor service ,of the total of your receipt. I had an order delivered, approx. 20 items, the total receipt was around $105., although after the stores coupons were applied my bill was just over $23. I think that when advising, that a reminder of the total bill before discounts, coupons or various other savings. That would be a large difference in the tip the driver received (if going by satisfaction-not so much because You choose) but if going by the paid receipt. Just a note, for future advice.

  2. Shipt Shoppers get paid $6 bucks-$16 a shop. Depending on the total order in the town i live in. With the price of gas if the customer does not tip, the shopper is technically not making money. Shoppers track their customers and accept orders based on the estimated final pay after tipping. Most customers who receive bad service is mostly contributed by the tipping behaviors. Experienced shoppers will not accept orders from customers who they know will tip less than 10% or nothing. As a result the orders will sit unclaimed until Shipt base pay goes up and the oder is in open metro for any one to grab. As a customer if you do not receive the same shoppers, your order is always late there is a reason, either you are not tipping 10% and more or if the customer is annoying. Experienced shoppers will not accept orders from customers who rate below 5 star. Shoppers talk and share information about bad orders within the same zone. If the order is small the pay is lower, shoppers tend to avoid as most customers with small orders don’t tip. As a customer consider to tip even more with small orders. I hope this helps. Ask your fellow customers who tip well, they do not have issues with their orders.

  3. I’m suprised this is up for debate. DoorDash drivers usually receive a tip and they only pick up and drop off. With shipt the shopper has to track down each item, then go to customer service and wait in line to checkout. Then they bag all the items and load and unload their car. They also communicate unavailable items and available substitutes. It takes so much longer than doordash. Shipt shoppers actually have an online interview to show they are able to communicate well. Doordash takes anyone with a lixense. Im suprised customers have people come to their home they wouldnt tip.

  4. The article starts off with really awful information from the get go:

    “The quick answer: Shipt shoppers will make between $15 and $22 per hour.
    This average includes the base pay.”

    Averages are the absolute WORST example you can offer people when it comes to pay, temperatures… just about everything. They are not ‘scientific’ and they offer the reader a false sense of knowledge that simply is not true in *most* cases. A great example of why I think this way before I move on. I moved to a midwestern state back in 2010. I was told the “average” temperature during the winter was 25 degrees. So I’m thinking “Oh… that’s manageable… most days will be 25 degrees.” WRONG! The coldest it was that year was MINUS 35 (-35 degrees Fahrenheit) and most of the days were around -10 to 15 degrees that year. What brought that average up was a few days over 50 degrees that were anomalies.

    That being said, when it comes to helping people understand we make very little money and do not get paid hourly, please refrain from saying things like “Oh yeah, the ode Shipt and InstaCart drivers make at least minimum wage up to about $20-$25 an hour on average.”

    I live in an area of about 50,000 people and if I’m lucky I make $80-$100/day. IF I am lucky. Today I made $36 TOTAL including tips for 6+ hours of sitting there staring at my phone and having to pass on the insulting batches (100+ items with $7 batch pay and a $2 tip and a 14+ mile UNPAID trip to the store AND 5 miles to deliver at .60/mile – sorry, I refuse to pay out of my own pocket to deliver people’s groceries any longer ESPECIALLY when I can’t EVEN afford to buy 95% of what I am picking up for other people).

    So the real answers you provided were great but over half way through the article.


    We don’t work for minimum wage like many of you think. We aren’t even paid minimum wage. We pay our own taxes because we are “hired” on as “private contractors” so these large companies can escape having to pay our employer taxes (Social Security, Medicare, any and all insurance benefits, fuel costs, income taxes… you name it.) We have to pay for all of that out of pocket out of the the “batch pay” we receive and your tips. Most batches pay us $4-$15 but almost always they are under $10 closer to $4 or $5. Most customers actually don’t include tips at all, even after all of our hard work and they sure as hell rarely tip us more than $10 in my area, which includes Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

    We also do have to pass background checks and have good driving records, not to mention pass prescription delivery certification and alcohol delivery certification.

    Please start your articles with more accurate facts regarding this type of work. When you say garbage like we make ON AVERAGE $15-$25 an hour it makes people think all of us make that, which leads to people tipping less and less because they think we’re making bank off this. I am barely able to feed myself and put enough fuel in my tank to make the damned deliveries that people basically expect us to deliver for free. Shame on you for not formatting this article correctly and leading people to think we’re all running to the bank with our $25/hour Cush delivery jobs because it simply is not the case for most of us.

  5. Hello,

    shiot shopper of 3 years. perfect 5 star last shop and 4.97 all time.

    I will absolutely not take an order that does not tip. I’ve been in the restaurant industry 13 years and I feel I earn a tip doing shipt ten folds more than bartending/serving. we use our time, cars, gas, resources. more oil changes.

    There is absolutely no excuse to tip less than 20% and if you’re not tipping that or at all its the same as going out to eat; you cannot afford it.

    Please go to the store yourself. Some of us are barely making ends meat as it is, I don’t want to go grocery shopping for your 30 gallons of milk for $6 or your 100 items for $12.

    it’s honestly a really abusive, non lucrative job.


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