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Do You Tip Shipt Shoppers In 2024? How Much?

You’re wondering: Do you tip Shipt shoppers? Tipping etiquette applies to various industries, and the delivery one is no different. Learn more below.

Key Takeaways

  • Tipping Shipt shoppers is customary, not required, but appreciated.
  • Tips vary; 10-15% recommended, higher for exceptional service.
  • Delivery fees don’t go to shoppers; tipping directly benefits them.
  • Tip through the app or in cash; both are accepted methods.

Do You Tip Shipt Shoppers?

While tips are not a requirement, your Shipt shopper will appreciate it. According to the Shipt shopper website, you can tip any amount. 100% of the tip will go to the shopper.

These delivery service workers are dedicated to their gig role. They save your time and effort from having to complete a tiring grocery shopping task.

For this reason, they deserve extra compensation from your end.

Even if you provide a dollar, it can add up to the Shipt shopper’s savings in the long run.

You’ll also want to consider that these gig workers often rely on this role as their prime source of income since a large portion of their income comes from tips—as opposed to full-time workers with stable salaries.

The Importance of Tipping Shipt Shoppers

Tipping is customary in the country, particularly in restaurants. Interestingly, Americans aren’t too happy about that, with over 66% in a survey viewing tipping negatively.

Respondents stipulated that businesses should pay a fairer amount to employees rather than having them rely on customer tips.

Whether you happen to agree, the industry still emphasizes using tips to compensate for the workers’ low wages. The same can apply to the delivery service market.

Shipt shoppers usually earn between $15 to $25 per hour. That’s a similar wage to waiters. Subsequently, the delivery gig workers place a lot of importance on tipping etiquette for grocery delivery to make a decent earning.

At the end of the day, isn’t using grocery pickup as an alternative to shopping yourself exceptionally convenient? The Shipt delivery process requires significant effort from your delivery worker.

The personalized service involves going to the selected grocery store, gathering all items from the customer’s purchase list, and delivering them.

How Much to Tip Shipt Shoppers

Tipping amounts tend to vary based on each order and experience. As a general rule, you don’t want to go below 10% to 15%.

The percentage is applied to the total order amount. You can leave the tip via cash or through the Shipt app.

If your delivery driver has given you exceptional service and went the extra mile, a 15% to 20% tip only seems fair.

For instance, they could’ve called you and updated you about some unavailable items in your order and communicated with you about some alternatives.

Your Shipt driver could have also delivered your order at a much faster time than expected with no order mess-ups. That deserves a higher-than-average tip percentage.

Overall, here are some factors to consider that’ll impact your tip amount:

  • Order Size: The more your Shipt shopper will need to carry, the more you should consider tipping them.
  • Weather Conditions: If your delivery worker has to endure rain, hail, or other extreme weather changes, tip them accordingly.
  • Delivery Distance: The farther the distance the shop location is from your dropoff location, the higher the tip you’ll want to consider giving to your Shipt shopper.
  • Shopper Service Quality: Your shopper could have gone above and beyond to provide you with the best service, whether it’s updates on their location or any order changes. In this case, a higher tip would sum up your gratitude.

Are Delivery Fees Given to Shipt Shoppers?

A common question many wonder is: “I already pay a delivery fee, so why do I have to tip?”

Well, that fee only covers the cost of using Shipt, meaning, it’s not directly given to the delivery workers.

As per the popular delivery grocery service’s help center, the fee is particularly used for picking, packaging, and processing your order.

When to Tip Different Amounts

Gauging your tip amount is straightforward. Put yourself in the independent contractor’s shoes.

If you were to deliver a grocery order in pouring rain at a ten-mile distance, you’d expect some extra compensation.

In another scenario, the Shipt shopper could have delivered your order ten minutes earlier than expected or followed your exact delivery instructions.

You could have asked your driver to do extra work. For instance, your dropoff location could be somewhere farther than what the app placed. Plus, you requested an additional item not included in your delivery list.

These cases warrant the generous 15% to 20% tip. Meanwhile, other delivery orders don’t require as much return.

For instance, if it’s a grocery order with few items, a short distance, and no extra instructions, you won’t need to provide an above-average tip.

Even if you receive average service, we highly recommend giving a tip. After all, any tip is better than no tip.

Another factor worth mentioning is the order’s cost. Let’s assume your order tallied to $250. A 20% tip would cost you a hefty $62.5. Consequently, you’ll want to back it down to a more reasonable 10% and tip $25 instead.

Tutorial: How to Tip Shipt Shoppers

You can tip your Shipt shopper using more than one method. They include:

Cash Tip Payment

A cash tip is usually given during the order. This is an ideal option if you don’t have your credit card or other online form of payment keyed in the app.

Some Shipt shoppers don’t accept cash tips, so you can communicate with them beforehand and let them know that you’re giving a cash tip.

If they cannot accept it, you can offer payment through prepaid cards.

App Tip Payment

Through the app, you can tip before, during, or after the order. Here’s how each option works.

Before the Order

When checking out your order, you’ll find a tipping option where you can enter a certain amount in a designated field.

You’ll also be prompted to tip before checkout. It’ll help you avoid forgetting to tip after receiving the order.

During the Order

Shipt hasn’t disclosed whether you can add a tip while the order is in transit. You can adjust it as long as you’re still within the two-hour window after receiving your order.

Do so by:

  1. Go to the notifications.
  2. Tap on rating.
  3. Select the Shopper Tip line.
  4. Adjust the amount.

After the Order

If you want to wait until you receive your order to fully review the Shipt shopper’s quality service, you can tip the delivery drivers after getting your order within two hours.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the order’s receipt on the Shipt app.
  2. Choose the option to include a tip
  3. It’ll prompt you to choose percentages ranging between 10% and 25%. You can customize the amount.
  4. Key in the tip amount.
  5. Tap on “complete.”

The added payment will be included in your total cost through your selected online payment method.

Common Questions About Tipping Shipt Shoppers

As a Shipt tipper, you likely still have a few questions on your mind, such as:

How Much Do Shipt Shoppers Make Before Tips?

Shipt shopper salaries are divided into three sources. They have a base pay, commission pay, and tips.

The base pay is a standard $5. Meanwhile, the commission is 7.5% of a customer’s order. For instance, if a customer’s total cost reaches $80, Shipt shoppers will receive $5 plus $6. Overall, they’ll get $11 before tip.

Where Does the Delivery Fee Go?

The delivery fees aren’t part of a Shipt shopper’s income. They’re usually an integrated amount used by delivery companies to increase profit margins.

If you’re using Shipt while on a free trial, you likely noticed the free delivery with orders higher than $35. Why would the company take away part of its profit?

Since the order holds a higher profit margin than average, it can absorb the company’s associated costs.

Does Shipt Cover Costs for Delivery Workers?

Shipt doesn’t cover basic costs for grocery delivery service workers, such as car insurance and gas. Shoppers also don’t get reimbursements for car wear and tear and mileage.

The company does offer reward programs though, with companies like Upside and GasBuddy, to ease the gas costs.

One program for instance, Shipt Summer Seeker, offers a dollar cash back for every gallon for two fill-ups in 60 days. The reward is given to those who reach a Summit Star tier – which can be challenging to achieve.

Does Tipping Impact Your Future Service Quality?

If you don’t tip, Shipt shoppers have the option to put you under their Do Not Deliver (DND) list. With that in mind, you could have fewer chances of getting high-quality delivery workers.

Note also that pre-tipping likely won’t affect the delivery service since the delivery workers won’t know you gave them a tip until two hours after the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Shipt Shoppers Get Paid Outside of Tips?

Shipt shoppers happen to get paid outside of tips. They get a base pay along with a commission for every order. The commission is calculated based on their effort on each order.

How Much Do Shipt Shoppers Make Per Order?

Orders can range between $17.50 and $22.50. The amount varies based on distance traveled, order amount, and total cost. Plus, you also have to consider tip payments, which often rely on each Shipt shopper’s quality customer service.

Do Shipt Drivers See Tips Before Delivery?

No. Shipt shoppers can’t see if they’ve received a tip before delivery. They’ll know about it two hours after completing the delivery.

How Long Do Customers Have to Tip on Shipt?

You can tip your Shipt shopper any time after you receive the order. It can be hours, days, and even months after delivery.

Final Thoughts: Mastering the Art of Tipping on Shipt

Do you tip Shipt shoppers? In short, tipping is customary etiquette, whether in Shipt or other service industries. After all, a tip makes up a significant portion of the independent contractor’s income source.

A lot of delivery workers rely on that additional amount to cover their living and working costs, such as insurance and gas.

So, when it comes to the tip amount, aim between 10% to 25%. Lower percentages go for short-distance, easy orders, while high-value, long-distance orders often call for better tips.

We recommend using our guide if you’re stuck deciding how much to tip. A decent golden rule is if you feel your Shipt shopper exerted extra effort in communicating and tailoring the order to your liking, reward them accordingly.

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