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Does Postmates Hire Felons?

Postmates hires people of all demographics to be delivery drivers. But does Postmates hire felons? Read on to find out more about their policies.

Postmates and other delivery services have helped create a wealth of jobs for people with access to a vehicle.

The jobs are flexible and pay moderately well, making them attractive for people with a criminal history.

But does Postmates hire felons?

Many companies have opened their arms to the large community of people, more than 70 million Americans, with some sort of criminal record.

Hiring felons can help reintroduce them back into society and improve their chances of returning to a life of crime.

Quick Answer: Does Postmates Hire Felons?

Currently, the delivery service Postmates doesn’t hire convicted felons.

Their policy simply states that drivers and employees must pass criminal background checks to work with the company.

Their current policy leaves no wiggle room when it comes to hiring felons.

However, there may be company changes on the horizon that could change this.

Postmates Policy on Hiring Felons

The Postmates policy on hiring a felon as a Postmates driver is a strict no, stating that anyone with a criminal background is not eligible to drive and deliver for Postmates.

The policy includes any incidents that occur while you are employed by Postmates.

If you pass the background check and a new incident occurs, or an old incident comes to light, they will likely release you from your position.

Have Postmates Hired Felons in the Past?

No, there is no evidence that Postmates ever hired felons or convicted criminals.

Their policy has been consistent ever since their operations began in May 2011.

The company has been using the same Postmates requirements, background check, and onboarding process since they opened their doors, so there is little to no chance that a felon held employment at Postmates as a driver.

Does Postmates Hire Drivers With Misdemeanors?

No, Postmates criminal background checks search for any past offenses, including misdemeanors.

The main misdemeanors that result in dismissal from the Postmates position include the following:

  • DUIs
  • Hit and run
  • Property damage resulting from operating a motor vehicle
  • Excessive moving violations
  • Other crimes involving a motor vehicle

While many companies and delivery services overlook misdemeanors, Postmates has a strict policy regarding the history of its drivers.

Any of the above criminal charges will almost certainly result in dismissal from the job.

Does Postmates Have a Second Chance Policy Like Uber Does?

No, Postmates does not promote a Second Chance Policy similar to Uber.

Their policy on hiring felons currently is a strict no.

If you aren’t familiar, Uber’s second chance policy allows people with criminal backgrounds to find redemption in employment.

They mostly hire people who served time for nonviolent offenses or people who have been rehabilitated.

Uber wants to help support communities and individuals with checkered pasts so everyone can have a second chance.

However, in 2020 Uber took over Postmates, merging the two companies.

The purchase could mean that Postmates will inherit the Second Chance Policy, changing their restrictions on drivers with criminal records.

While Uber now owns Postmates, the two companies still operate with separate identities.

It is unclear if Uber will phase out the Postmates fleet and its felon hiring policies along with it.

What Are the Odds Somebody With a Felony Record Will Get Hired at Postmates?

The odds of Postmates hiring a convicted felon are very low.

When asked, their answer is a firm no.

The company maintains that it will not hire anyone with a violent background or any criminal activity.

If you want a solid statistic, we don’t have one, and the likely reason is that Postmates does not hire felons and never has.

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Does Postmates Run Background Checks on Drivers?

Yes, Postmates, like most food delivery services, runs a thorough background check on their drivers.

When they accept your application, they will run the background check as part of your onboarding process.

They will require some identifying materials from you to run the background check.

vector graphic showing a clipboard with a magnifying glass next to it to illustrate an instacart background check

What You Need:

  • ​​Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license (if applying to make deliveries using a vehicle)

Using this information, Postmates uses a third-party company to run a criminal background check that consults national and county-level databases and law enforcement agencies.

In addition, if a Postmates employee wants to make deliveries using a motorized vehicle, they must pass a driving record check conducted through local and DMV authorities.

How Far Back Does the Background Check Go?

Most of the background checks conducted go back between five and ten years.

But this doesn’t mean they can’t pull information from long ago.

For example, something as serious as murder or violent assault charges, these records will appear in most searches even after decades have passed.

Felony Convictions that Might Prevent You From Getting Hired with Postmates

  • ​​Violent crime
  • Felonies
  • Sexual offenses
  • Registered sex offender
  • Drug-related offenses

Does Postmates Drug Test Drivers?

No, a Postmates driver does not need to pass a drug test.

The lack of drug tests is likely mainly due to how difficult it would be to test all the drivers since it’s a mobile job.

Even though they don’t actively drug test, they take past drug offenses and crimes very seriously.

Tips for Applying to Postmates With a Felony Record

If you decide to apply to Postmates after reading this, these are some tips to prepare and accept their decision either way!

Applying to a job with a felony charge on your record requires extra preparation for a successful interview.

vector graphic showing a person sitting at a computer applying for postmates and wondering does postmates hire felons

1. Check Yourself

Before applying anywhere, it’s wise to run a background check on yourself.

Sometimes charges get forgotten over the years, or you aren’t sure of everything on your record.

It’s best to run a background check on yourself using a criminal check company, so you know exactly what to expect when you apply to Postmates.

Going into the onboarding process prepared with the history they will ask you about is a great first step in raising the likelihood of hiring you.

This will help you understand how far back and how deep down a background check can go.

Many people don’t realize that these checks can pull things from decades and decades ago.

And they can even see any criminal charges against you as a minor.

2. Always Apply: It Never Hurts to Try

Rejection is no fun, but you’ll never know unless you try.

Even though most companies want to discourage convicted felons from applying and working at their company, there is always a chance they’ll make an exception.

While Postmates runs serious background checks, you never know what may slip through the cracks or some bureaucrat somewhere neglects to tick the correct box.

These things rarely happen, but there is no penalty or consequence for applying and getting rejected.

In the end, the worst thing they can do is say no.

So prepare for the worst but hope for the best!

If you don’t try and apply, then you’ll never know.

3. Be Prepared to Explain Your Charges

When you apply for a job with a record, you must be ready to explain the circumstances surrounding your charges.

It’s important not to lie, but everyone has a story that often helps them explain the crime they committed.

Don’t wait until you are asked to figure out what to say.

Try to prepare an answer for every question they may have about your past charges.

And try not to act overly shameful or apologetic, instead be upfront and genuine about what happened.

If it helps you, it’s acceptable to write down a brief explanation for yourself so you know what you want to say.

With anything, framing your past in the correct light can change everything.

The worst thing you can do is expect them not to find anything and then be caught off guard when they request an explanation.

4. If They Don’t Hire You, Be Nice, and Look Elsewhere

Don’t be bitter or angry if they don’t hire you.

It’s essential to maintain professionalism in case there is ever a future opportunity for you at the company.

It’s also just best practice to always be cordial when being rejected from a job.

Thank them for their time, and move on to the next job opportunity.

It’s inconvenient, but one rejection doesn’t mean no one will hire you.

There are many companies eager to offer people with spotted pasts a second chance to be a part of society.  

Final Thoughts

Although Postmates has a strict policy when it comes to the criminal history of their drivers, and they currently do not hire felons, there is a possibility this may change soon because of changes within the company’s ownership.

But for now, the company is stern on the hiring policies.

Being a Postmates courier can be pretty lucrative, but Postmates takes the vetting process very seriously for their drivers in an attempt to protect their customers from unsafe situations.

For now, you cannot deliver for Postmates with any kind of criminal record.

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