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Does DoorDash Track Miles? Discover Why Mileage Matters

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Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash doesn’t automatically track mileage for tax purposes.
  • Dashers can use third-party apps or manual methods for accurate tracking.
  • Tracking mileage is essential for IRS deductions and monitoring earnings.
  • Various pilot programs have been tested but none provide perfect solutions.

Does DoorDash Track Miles?

Unfortunately, DoorDash doesn’t automatically track mileage for Dashers. However, it will keep a record of all your deliveries. It tracks factors such as deliveries completed, earnings, and DoorDash acceptance rate

The DoorDash app can also give you a rough estimate of the miles you cover. While this figure will help you plan your expenses, it won’t be much use when filing a claim with the IRS.

The federal tax organization does not accept the estimate as proper documentation. That’s because the number is a rough approximation, not the actual mileage.

Fortunately, Dashers don’t need to rely on DoorDash for mileage tracking. There are several other ways to record the miles you covered in a specific period such as using a manual logbook or mileage tracking apps.

Keeping an accurate log will help you claim tax deductions and calculate how much money you’ll earn since DoorDash pays drivers per mile.

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The Pilot Programs for Mileage Tracking

DoorDash has tested out several pilot programs to help Dashers track their mileage.

1. DoorDash Log Pilot Program

When it first launched, DoorDash used to publish a comprehensive log detailing estimated miles that Dashers could download.

This record was IRS-compliant because it gave drivers a daily total. However, the log was highly inaccurate. DoorDash used a straight-line measurement between the restaurant and the client’s home.

It didn’t take realistic driving roots into account, which would include many swerves and turns. Because of that, the program was short-lived.

2. DoorDash Drivewell Pilot Program

In late 2022, DoorDash released its Drivewell Pilot. This program signed Dashers up for an app that monitors their driving.

The software would give drivers a rough estimate of the average miles driven per year and provide safety suggestions. Even though this was a helpful service it still had many drawbacks such as the app not recording your exact mileage.

Some Dashers were given an estimate 10% lower than their actual mileage. That made calculating taxes and profits a chore. As a result, the program came to a quick end.

3. DoorDash Mileage Pilot Program

Another plan that DoorDash tested for a short period was the Mileage Pilot Program. With this service, the company provided Dashers with a weekly summary of the miles they traveled for every dash, including the miles they weren’t actively on a delivery.

Despite this being an appropriate log for tax purposes, the service wasn’t reliable. Since the DoorDash app itself is prone to glitching, it’s no surprise that the mileage tracker skipped a few delivery days when calculating its estimates.

This led to many Dashers receiving a much lower mileage approximation than expected.

4. Everlance Partnership

As of late, DoorDash has signed on with a partner—Everlance—to help keep track of driver mileage. This service can also assist Dashers with keeping an eye on their expenses and potential income.

Why Mileage Tracking Matters for Dashers?

The main reason Dashers should keep track of their miles is for tax deduction purposes. To clarify this, let’s take a look at the IRS standard mileage allowance.

The federal tax organization has established a business mileage rate of 65.5 cents/mile for employees when operating a vehicle for business-related activities.

Dashers are eligible for tax deductions if they can prove they used their cars for work. Although, the IRS will ask you to provide evidence in the form of documentation.

Even if drivers are planning on claiming the actual expense method to record DoorDash car costs, they must have a log. This applies whether you drive a motorized vehicle or even deliver on a bike.

Since they’re independent contractors, Dashers are responsible for their own taxes. You’re in charge of keeping track of your mileage and earnings to accurately report them in tax filings.  

DoorDash also pays drivers per mile, which means the average mileage estimate impacts how much drivers get paid.

On another note, keeping track of your mileage can come in handy when you want to analyze your driving patterns. This will help Dashers calculate the efficiency of each delivery including the best routes to take and possible shortcuts.

That’ll boost profitability and it’ll help you plan trips to the repair shop for routine maintenance. This is especially important while driving a rental car.

Creative Ways to Track Miles Using DoorDash Data

Here’s an in-depth look at how Dashers can track miles using existing DoorDash data:

1. Order Distance Method

When a Dasher receives a delivery order, they’ll get details like the client’s name, address, and approximate distance from their current location. You can use this data to keep a log of all your transactions throughout the month.

However, the order distance estimate only shows you the minimum distance required to complete the delivery. It doesn’t take into account scenarios like a client giving the Dasher the wrong address or road closures.

2. Delivery Route Method

For a more accurate approach, Dashers can rely on their order history.

If you launch the DoorDash app and head to your previous deliveries, you’ll find a full list of the routes you took during the month.

Then using Google Maps, you can calculate the exact distance you traveled to complete your DoorDash deliveries.

While you can wait until tax season to implement this method, we recommend that you record your delivery routes every week.

The DoorDash app will only keep a record of your previous orders for a few months. If you miss this window, you have to use the Drive Portal or contact your account manager and the DoorDash support team.

3. Manual Method

If you prefer not to use the DoorDash app for mileage tracking, you can opt for the manual route.

The company offers a logbook where drivers can record the distance they traveled during a certain period. To get accurate measurements, they can use basic smartphone features like GPS tracking or popular mileage trackers among Dashers.

This is one of the most accurate ways to keep track of your mileage.

DoorDash divides the logbook into a few sections, including delivery date, current odometer reading, and total covered mileage. Drivers may also add messages in the notes segment to provide extra information on their deliveries.

You can use this section to include details like having to deliver the order further than expected.

The manual method is effective and saves you the hassle of having to look through your delivery history.

As a side note, if you use this method, make sure to file gas receipts when claiming tax deductions. These will serve as further proof that your records are accurate.  

Using Mileage Trackers

While manually recording your mileage using your smartphone’s GPS is effective, the process is tedious. Keeping your logbook updated is time-consuming, and it opens the door to human error.

The good news is there are several other third-party mileage tracker apps that can do the job for you. These systems can accurately log miles driven for DoorDash deliveries without the need for manual input.

How To Create a Log If You Forget To Record Miles

If you forget to record your mileage, you should follow these steps when creating a log.

Get Evidence That Shows When You Used Your Car

You must have evidence demonstrating the days you used your car for deliveries.

The best evidence for this is checking your Dasher application’s history.

This application depicts all the payments made for the deliveries, meaning those were the days you used your car.

Get Evidence That Shows How Much You Drove Your Car

You should also refer to your Dasher application to get this information.

You can easily determine how much you drove per trip based on the amount you received.

Ultimately, you will have an accurate figure of how many miles you covered per day.

Find Documentation To Prove Mileage

The best documentation to prove mileage is your gas receipts.

They will indicate the mileage covered and the corresponding dates.

Such information will validate your claims regarding the covered miles.

How To Claim Your Mileage on Taxes

When claiming your mileage on taxes, you must have an accurate record.

The IRS requires the drivers to have a documented record that provides precise information about the miles covered.

The record should have the following elements:

  • Date of your trips.
  • The miles covered.
  • The purpose of the trips.
  • The areas you covered.

Thus, you can easily claim your mileage on taxes using a tracking method that provides these four requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Miles Do You Drive for DoorDash?

On average, a Dasher will cover around 2.25 miles a day in about 8 hours. This can change based on traffic conditions, locations of restaurants, and the number of orders they complete.

Can DoorDash Track Drivers?

Yes, DoorDash can track its drivers while they’re completing deliveries. That being said, the company doesn’t keep accurate records of mileage.

Does DoorDash Monitor Your Speed?

No, DoorDash doesn’t monitor your speed, but the business requires all drivers to adhere to standard traffic laws and speed limits.

Wrapping Up: Navigating Mileage Tracking as a Dasher

So, does DoorDash track miles? The company doesn’t give workers an accurate log of the distance they cover and leaves that responsibility up to each driver.

As a Dasher, you should keep track of your own mileage to maximize your earnings and minimize tax liabilities. You can do that using the order distance method, delivery route method, or manual method.

Dashers can also rely on third-party tracking apps to improve accuracy.

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