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Does DoorDash Track Miles For Drivers?

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Should you choose to work for DoorDash you will likely account for some expenses.

For instance, while you may make good money working for the company, DoorDash will not pay for your car repair expenses and depreciation.

Furthermore, you may wonder, does DoorDash track miles? Unfortunately, the company does not provide a report depicting each driver’s miles.

Thus, you may lose some money if you do not calculate the miles you drove, and the IRS will disapprove your business mileage deductions.

The rest of the article will elaborate more on this topic.

Does DoorDash Track Miles?

DoorDash does not track its drivers’ mileage.

However, your DoorDash application may give you an estimate of the miles covered.

Even still, the IRS does not accept these figures.

However, there are other ways you can monitor your mileage and use the records to receive various tax deductions when filing your taxes.

Why Should You Track DoorDash Mileage?

You should track your DoorDash mileage for two main reasons.

First, it determines how much money you will earn from the trips because the drivers are paid based on their driving miles.

Second, it helps drivers to calculate and deduct DoorDash-related expenses in their tax returns.

You may write off these expenses when filing your taxes if you spend a lot of money on gas every year as a DoorDash Driver.

For instance, the IRS has established a business mileage rate of $0.585 per mile for employees to use when computing their deductible costs when operating a vehicle for business purposes.

Ultimately, tracking your DoorDash mileage ensures the company pays you the right amount for your services.

What Miles Can You Track as A Delivery Driver?

You are only allowed to track your business miles when working for DoorDash.

It entails adding the miles you covered when making deliveries or returning to the drop-off zone.

Additionally, you can track the miles you covered if you take offers while driving and drop off some of the items on your way to another client.

However, one cannot include the miles covered when performing personal errands, such as medical emergencies and shopping.

How To Find Your DoorDash Miles

You will find your DoorDash miles when you log into the drivers’ platform on the Dasher app.

The app follows the following steps to determine your DoorDash miles.

  • Determining your current location. DoorDash will first identify your current location after they send you the offer. This is imperative because it aids the app in selecting the most optimal routes to the restaurant.  
  • Checking the restaurant location. Using the restaurant’s location, DoorDash determines the most optimal route a driver should take from their current location to the restaurant. They then record the distance to be covered.
  • Identifying the customer’s location. Finally, DoorDash checks the customer’s location and identifies the best route from the restaurant to the customer. It then records the distance to be covered to determine the miles you will drive on your delivery.
  • Tabulation of results. DoorDash will tabulate the total miles you have covered during the day, including the distance you traveled from your drop-off point to where you received your next order. You can monitor your DoorDash miles for the day by checking your Dasher app at the end of your shift.

However, the app does not include the extra mileage incurred if the customer gives the wrong address and you have to drive further than expected.  

How To Track DoorDash Mileage

You can track your periodic DoorDash mileage in three main ways.

Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

Use a Mileage Tracking App

The most effective way to monitor your periodic mileage as a DoorDash driver is through a tracking application.

DoorDash has requested its drivers to use the Everlance tracking app.

The company has partnered with this tracking company to help drivers record accurate driving miles.

You can also use Hurdlr, Triplog, and Mile IQ applications to track your mileage.

Another advantage of using these tracking apps is tracking your mileage expenses and reimbursements.

Furthermore, some applications can even calculate your tax deductions and estimate the amount you will earn after filing your taxes.

These applications record real-time mileage while driving to track every mile you cover and compute close estimates.

Additionally, these applications are versatile, and you can use them with other delivery companies.

Create a DoorDash Mileage Log Book

You can also determine the miles you have covered by creating a logbook to manually record the distance traveled.

This is also effective, especially if you do not like using the application.

DoorDash has simplified its log book by dividing it into various sections, like the delivery date, current odometer readings, total covered mileage, and other notes.

Thus, you can record your mileage at the end of every trip, including the dates.

Moreover, the notes section allows you to provide extra information about your deliveries.

For instance, you can include that the customer provided the wrong address, and you had to deliver the food further than expected.

One pro tip when using this method is to file gas receipts to prove that your records are accurate.

Look Through Previous DoorDash Orders

Your Dasher app indicates your previous orders and how much money you made making the deliveries.

Thus, track your covered distance by checking the deliveries you made on a given day.

Next, add up the miles covered per trip.

These records are accurate and may give you a precise estimation of the miles you have covered within a specific period.

The primary shortcoming of this method is that it is strenuous compared to the other two methods.

How To Create a Log If You Forget To Record Miles

If you forget to record your mileage, you should follow these steps when creating a log.

Get Evidence That Shows When You Used Your Car

You must have evidence demonstrating the days you used your car for deliveries.

The best evidence for this is checking your Dasher application’s history.

This application depicts all the payments made for the deliveries, meaning those were the days you used your car.

Get Evidence That Shows How Much You Drove Your Car

You should also refer to your Dasher application to get this information.

You can easily determine how much you drove per trip based on the amount you received.

Ultimately, you will have an accurate figure of how many miles you covered per day.

Find Documentation To Prove Mileage

The best documentation to prove mileage is your gas receipts.

They will indicate the mileage covered and the corresponding dates.

Such information will validate your claims regarding the covered miles.

How To Claim Your Mileage on Taxes

When claiming your mileage on taxes, you must have an accurate record.

The IRS requires the drivers to have a documented record that provides precise information about the miles covered.

The record should have the following elements:

  • Date of your trips.
  • The miles covered.
  • The purpose of the trips.
  • The areas you covered.

Thus, you can easily claim your mileage on taxes using a tracking method that provides these four requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about DoorDash tracking for drivers.

What happens if I forget to track miles as a DoorDash driver?

You can access an estimate of your DoorDash mileage on your application portal if you forget to track your miles.

Does DoorDash track your speed?

No, DoorDash does not track your speed.

Wrapping Up

So, does DoorDash track miles for their drivers

DoorDash does not track each driver’s mileage, but that does not mean you shouldn’t.

Tracking allows you to earn more on DoorDash because the company’s application will not register the extra miles you make when making the deliveries.

Furthermore, it allows you the opportunity to get various tax deductions, thus saving more money.

You should use a tracking app to record your mileage because it is effective and accurate.

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