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E-Z Pass Balance: How To Check Yours and 4 Things To Know

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If you’re an E-Z Pass owner, then you know just how handy the device can be.

But did you know that you can also check your balance on it?

Here’s how to check your E-Z Pass balance and some things to keep when doing so.

How Does E-ZPass Work?

vector graphic showing ez pass on windshield of car driving down highway

E-ZPass is an automated toll collection system.

Drivers have an electronic tag inside or outside their vehicle that acts as an RFID transponder.

When they drive through an E-ZPass lane, an antenna sends a signal to the transponder.

The transponder responds with a signal that allows the E-ZPass system to identify the driver and calculate their entry and exit point on a toll authority’s network.

The relevant toll authority will then deduct the toll fare from the driver’s E-ZPass account.

It’s a prepaid account where drivers keep enough funds to cover their toll fare.

While the system is the same in all participating states, there are a few differences.

As the vehicles belong to the same class, you can switch the transponder from one vehicle to another in all states.

However, some states have additional rules.

For instance, Minnesota drivers have to indicate whether they’re driving alone or have passengers.

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Where Is E-ZPass Accepted?

The E-ZPass system is originally from New York state, but there are now 18 states that use this system, with a total of 43 million tags on the roads.

The states that use E-ZPass include Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maine, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, Minnesota, Florida, West Virginia, Minnesota, Georgia, and North Carolina.

The great thing is that your E-ZPass transponder will work across the entire network.

You can purchase an E-ZPass in one state and use it across state lines.

While some states use the name E-ZPass for their automated toll system, other states have kept the original name of their system.

These systems are fully compatible with E-ZPass.

For instance, North Carolina drivers have a system called NC Quick pass.

Florida residents can purchase a SunPass Pro or E-Pass Xtra transponder to use the E-ZPass network.

I-Pass is the name used in Illinois.

How Much Does E-ZPass Cost?

The cost varies from one state to another.

Toll agencies can also set different prices and discounts within the same state.

How Much to Get an E-ZPass?

Some states charge a yearly fee for using E-ZPass while others charge a one-time fee for opening an account.

For instance, Massachusetts drivers have to pay $20 to open an account, while Ohio residents have to pay a $9 annual fee.

There might be additional fees, such as a $0.50 fee to lease your E-ZPass transponder in New Hampshire, or a $1 monthly fee to get a paper statement in Rhode Island.

New York charges drivers a $1 monthly service fee.

Because costs vary from one state to another, some drivers purchase an e z pass transponder from out of state to save on toll fares.

How Much Is the Deposit?

Most participating states require an initial deposit.

This deposit will either stay in your account or go towards covering toll fare.

For instance, Indiana requires a $7 deposit.

If you’re buying a transponder in Illinois, you’ll have to make a $10 refundable deposit and add $20 to your account toward toll usage.

In Ohio, you’ll have to pay $3 to activate your transponder.

How Much Is the Minimum Balance?

Most states have a minimum balance requirement for your E-ZPass account.

For instance, New Jersey has a $25 minimum account balance.

States like Virginia will auto-replenish your account if it drops below a certain balance.

Does E-ZPass Save You Money?

You can save money because most toll agencies offer a lower rate for E-ZPass account holders compared to the cash fare they charge.

Some states like Maine have additional ways of saving.

In Maine, drivers can save 20 to 40% on toll fares if they complete 30 trips or more in a month.

Toll Discounts

Toll authorities can set different discounts for E-ZPass users.

You can save as much as 60% on toll fare if you use an E-ZPass transponder on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Indiana residents can save 17% with the RiverLink system compared to paying by mail, and you can save 15% on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Some states like Maryland combine discounts.

You can save up to 33% compared to cash rates and get additional discounts when driving during off-peak hours.

How Do You Check Your E-ZPass Balance?

Each state has its own official website where you can log in to your E-ZPass account.

vector graphic showing an e-z pass in one hand and a smartphone in the other that has an e-z pass balance on the screen

Here is how you can check your balance:

  • Look up ‘E-ZPass’ followed by the state where you bought your transponder. The first result should be the official E-ZPass website for your state.
  • Click on this result and look for a login option. This link should take you to the E-ZPass login portal for your state.
  • Enter your username, password, and personal information. If it’s your first time logging in, you’ll have to create an account with the account number and PIN you got when you bought your transponder.
  • Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your E-ZPass dashboard where your balance should be available.
  • Some states also have an official E-ZPass app customers can use to check their balance, and some states will send a monthly paper statement with your account balance.

If you’re still stuck on how to check an E-Z Pass balance, refer to this video walkthrough:

How Do You Pay Your E-ZPass Balance?

E-ZPass is a prepaid system.

When you set up your account, you’ll have to connect your transponder to a bank account or credit card.

There are different ways of paying for your E-ZPass balance:

  • Some states like Virginia or Delaware have an auto-replenish system. Once your account drops below a certain balance, E-ZPass will automatically charge the payment method on file to add more funds to your transponder.
  • You can also replenish your E-ZPass account manually. Look up your state’s official E-ZPass account or use an official app. Log into your E-ZPass account, and you should have an option to add more funds.
  • There are other ways of paying for your E-ZPass balance. Some states like New York have plans where the system will charge your bank account at the end of the day to cover your toll fare.
  • If you run into problems while trying to pay a toll bill, you can contact E-ZPass customer service to speak with a representative.

Wrapping Up

If you live in a state where E-ZPass is available, this system is a great way of saving money on toll fares.

Plus, you won’t have to wait in line since you’ll be able to use E-ZPass lanes.

Do you want to learn more about toll fares, discounts, and other ways to save when you’re driving?

Contact us and check out our related topics on Ridester.

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