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Gopuff Hours: When Does Gopuff Deliver?

During GoPuff hours of operating, Gopuff allows you to order groceries, snacks, alcohol, and essentials and then get them within minutes.

Have you ever needed to do grocery shopping or simply pick up some home essentials but did not have the time to drive out to the store?

Gopuff is an incredibly convenient app that allows you to order snacks, essential home products, groceries, and more straight to your home.

However, what exactly are the Gopuff hours of delivery?

We have the answer below!

Is Gopuff Instant Delivery?

Yes, Gopuff allows you to order convenience store products and everyday essentials on-demand, with instant delivery available.

After you place an order, Gopuff will send it to a driver.

Unlike other services like Instacart, Gopuff does not allow you to schedule orders in advance.

Instead, the independent contractors working for Gopuff will fulfill your order right away.

Just to be clear, “instant delivery” doesn’t mean your products will show up at your door seconds after you order them.

Gopuff has a unique business model in which it operates Gopuff micro-fulfillment centers.

Not only does that allow Gopuff to save money and offer products at lower prices, but it also speeds up delivery times.

The centers expedite delivery times by allowing employees to quickly find products and pack orders.

However, the driver still needs to bring those products from the Gopuff warehouse to your home.

If you live close to a fulfillment center, it can take just a few minutes for you to get your products.

That’s why there are so many happy customers.

During peak delivery times, however, it can take longer.

Typically, Gopuff aims to deliver all orders, regardless of size, within 30 minutes.

Understanding Gopuff Hours

There’s a bit of confusion regarding the Gopuff hours of delivery.

Read on to learn more about Gopuff’s delivery times.

vector graphic showing gopuff hours in visual form

Does Gopuff Deliver All Day?

Yes, Gopuff typically delivers all day in the locations it services.

In all areas, it is open late, though exact hours can vary from one city to another.

Gopuff can stay open late because it operates its own centrally located facilities with stocked products, as I explained before.

As such, it doesn’t have to coordinate its hours with the closest grocery store.

Other delivery apps must close when the nearest grocery store does, but not Gopuff.

Does Gopuff Deliver at Night?

Yes, Gopuff always delivers at night.

However, if you wait until it’s too late, it may not be open.

In many cities, Gopuff delivers throughout the night.

However, in some cities, especially smaller cities, Gopuff closes sometime during the night.

Unlike Uber hours in small towns, GoPuff is usually open late.

What Time Does Gopuff Stop Delivering?

In some cities, including many populous cities in the United States, Gopuff never stops delivering.

However, in some cities in North America, Gopuff stops delivering once it gets very late.

For example, in some cities, Gopuff closes at 3 AM.

That is when the demand gets too low to sustain the costs of paying workers for their shifts.

In other towns, Gopuff remains open until 4 AM.

When the Gopuff warehouse closes, you can no longer order anything in the delivery app.

Does Gopuff Deliver 24/7?

In many cities, Gopuff delivers 24/7.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Gopuff has shifted its hours of operation.

In some cities, they close at 3 AM or 4 AM.

In any case, you can always order Gopuff late at night.

However, during early morning hours, Gopuff may not be available.

Check your app to see if Gopuff is open.

Typical Gopuff Delivery Hours for Most Cities

Typically, Gopuff delivers either:

  • 24/7, never closing
  • From 10 AM until 3 AM
  • From 8 AM until 4 AM

However, schedules are subject to change at any time.

Gopuff operates in over 1,000 cities, so listing the Gopuff hours of delivery for each town will be too time-consuming.

Instead, you can download the app and check the delivery times in your area there.

Can You Schedule a Gopuff Order?

No, you can not schedule a Gopuff order at this time.

However, according to Gopuff, it might introduce this feature in the future.

So, stay on the lookout for it.

Gopuff Not Delivering

Sometimes, Gopuff might not deliver in your area or at the time of your order.

Here is what you need to know about that.

Meaning of “Delivery Zone Closed” on Gopuff

When it says “Delivery Zone Closed” on Gopuff, it means you can not order in that delivery zone at that time.

This is very similar to the “no Uber Eats couriers nearby” error that customers can receive in times of short driver supply on Uber Eats.

Gopuff divides cities into delivery zones based on their proximity to specific centrally located facilities.

Because Gopuff aims to deliver all orders within 30 minutes, it will not accept your order if the nearest Gopuff warehouse is too far out, which would make quick orders impossible.

Instead, it will tell you if you are outside the delivery zone or if the delivery zone has closed.

Gopuff may also permanently close in some markets or delivery zones.

If Gopuff Is Temporarily Closed

Gopuff may temporarily close its hours of operation, especially during early morning hours.

If your delivery zone is still active, simply wait until the Gopuff warehouse opens.

In addition, Gopuff may temporarily close its operations in a specific delivery zone or change the active delivery zones in a city.

Often, the app does this because it is working on opening another warehouse in the town that will be better equipped to deliver quick orders to you and your area.

If that is the case, simply wait until the new warehouse starts operating.

Why Is Gopuff Closed?

Gopuff may be closed if the Gopuff warehouse in your delivery zone is not operating at the moment.

It may be due to scheduled closing times, or Gopuff may halt deliveries to your area for a few months, as I explained before.

In addition, Gopuff may temporarily close due to other reasons.

For example, if there are not enough workers due to high demand, it may not be able to deliver orders.

Sometimes, Gopuff drivers may go on strike, halting operations for short periods.

Late Gopuff Orders

Gopuff’s goal is to deliver orders within half an hour, though orders may take up to 40 minutes.

Nevertheless, there are times when Gopuff orders may take even longer than that.

Here is why your Gopuff order is late.

vector graphics showing various gopuff alcohol delivery items

Why Is My Gopuff Order Taking So Long?

On rare occasions, Gopuff orders can take hours instead of minutes.

Typically, a Gopuff order might be late due to factors that Gopuff can not control.

For example, if there is a lot of traffic and the roads are blocked, Gopuff drivers might not get to you on time.

Similarly, if there is inclement weather and the streets are dangerous or covered in snow or ice, Gopuff drivers might need to drive very slowly for their safety, thus delaying your order.

There are other reasons a Gopuff order might be late.

There might not be enough workers at the warehouse to pack your orders quickly enough.

Or, the demand might be a lot higher than usual, with the standard number of warehouse workers and drivers.

In that case, you might have to wait a bit longer than usual for your order to get to you.

What Happens If My Gopuff Order Is Late?

If your Gopuff order is late, you should typically be patient and wait for it to come.

Gopuff does all it can to ensure orders get to you on time, and its drivers work hard.

Typically, you can keep track of order updates and the ETA in the app.

You can expect some orders to be late during peak hours or harsh weather.

Depending on the cause of the late delivery, you may be able to get a refund.

You will have to contact Gopuff support to see if they are willing to give you a refund.

Sometimes, if your order is delayed, it may end up getting canceled.

For example, if there are not enough drivers or if the weather is bad, Gopuff may cancel your order.

In that case, you will always get a refund.

You may also get a refund if Gopuff lets you order from outside the delivery zone by mistake.

Refunds generally take 3-5 business days to get processed.

You may also get a refund if the order contained the wrong products, was missing products, or the products were expired or damaged.

In those cases, reach out to customer support, and they will rectify the situation in one way or another.

Finally, if the order gets delivered to the wrong address, you may also be able to get a refund.

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Final Thoughts

Gopuff is a fantastic delivery app that revolutionizes the instant delivery market and changes the way people shop for groceries and everyday essentials.

Its unique business model, which uses micro-fulfillment centers, makes its quick delivery times possible.

Customers can also order alcohol and smoke shop products using GoPuff alcohol delivery services.

Gopuff has since expanded outside North America as well.

Hopefully, this article cleared up some common misconceptions about Gopuff and its delivery times.

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