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Gotrax Scooter Speed Limiter Removal: Is It Possible?

Do you wish to know if there are any Gotrax scooter speed limiter removal tips? If so, then you are in luck because we have the best tips for you.

Most Gotrax scooter owners often wonder if there are any speed limiter removal tips.

The Gotrax Gxl V2 was my second electric scooter and I was also at crossroads on whether I could remove its limiter to go faster. After all, I believed that faster is always better.

Upon spending tons of minutes researching on the Internet if there are any Gotrax scooter speed limiter removal tips, I didn’t find any. 

Today, we are going to review how you can make a Gotrax scooter go faster along with if you can remove the speed limiter across the many Gotrax electric scooter models we have today.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlike some other scooter speed limiters, Gotrax scooter speed limiters can not be removed. Doing so will fry the hardware or and break your scooter.
  • DO NOT cut the speed limiter wire like some forums are claiming. This WILL break your scooter.
  • There are potential risks, anyways. Increased risk of accidents and injuries, voiding the scooter’s warranty, or breaking laws are among the biggest concerns.

Are There Any Real Gotrax Scooter Speed Removal Tips?

You cannot remove the speed limiter on a Gotrax scooter to make it faster since the limitation is engraved in the BMS.

Since Gotrax scooters aren’t meant to be ridden faster than they are manufactured, trying to remove the speed limiter means the scooter can’t handle all that power, and as such, the controller will undoubtedly get fried. 

How Can I Make My Gotrax Scooter Faster?

Since there is no sure-fire Gotrax speed limiter removal process, making such a scooter faster involves doing several modifications.

These mods could turn out more costly than actually buying a faster electric scooter, which is why we had to tell you from the get-go. 

Caution: The manufacturer is against doing a modification of any kind (unless you use accessories such as Phone mounts) as you will be voiding your warranty.

Read their comment on Reddit Here.

Also, beware of false posts claiming you can unlock a Gotrax scooter by cutting the speed limiting wire.

That’s a lie! We tested each Gotrax model and this process didn’t work.

How to Make a Gotrax Electrix Scooter Faster

vector graphic showing an illustration of how to remove speed limiter on an electric scooter

1. Upgrade the Components

First, we’ll want to buy and then upgrade the components of the electric scooter.

Step 1: Buy a Second Battery

With a single stock battery, you won’t record any faster speeds. To make your Gotrax scooter faster, be sure to buy another stock battery for the respective Gotrax model. 

Step 2: Get a Bigger Controller

Some models such as the GXL V2 come with a battery discharge rate of 10a. With two batteries in place, you will need to upgrade the controller to say a 30a one. 

Step 3: Swap the Battery Management System (BMS)

Since the BMS is responsible for functions such as preventing overcharging, undercharging, and regulating speed limitation, swapping the stock one with a bigger, unlocked one will do away with any kind of speed governance. 

When you have upgraded the above three components, you will be providing the motor with less resistance and, thus, more power. When more power gets to the motor, your Gotrax scooter ends up going faster. 

Upgrading these components makes the lower-powered Gotrax scooters run from 15mph to a record 20miles per hour, depending on the terrain. 

2. Change the Tires

Since most Gotrax models come with stock air-filled tires, changing these to the solid type makes a difference speed-wise.

In fact, when I swapped mine, I recorded a top speed of 16.5mph against the stock 15mph. 

The ride quality will absolutely be affected, though. Unlike air-filled tires that come with great shock-absorption capabilities, the solid type may feel knobby. 

Gotrax Speed Limiter Removal Risks

As you think of removing the speed limiter from your Gotrax electric scooter, note that you will be one step closer to voiding your warranty. 

The manufacturer recommends that should you face any issue, let them know to look into how best the Gotrax team can help you. As such, opening the deck to cut wires in a measure to remove the limiter will make the warranty void. 

Gotrax only recommends that the only modifications you can do are to put accessories on the scooter such as phone mounts. 

Again, since you are dealing with electric components, there is a high risk of damaging the inner components. This, in turn, may end up being harmful to you or even damaging the e-scooter. 

As such, if you can’t help yourself but try to make your ride speed limiter-free, get in touch with a professional if you aren’t one yourself. 

FAQs About Gotrax Scooter Speed Limiter Removal (All models)

How can I do a quick Gotrax GXL v2 speed limiter removal?

It’s impossible to remove the speed limiter on the Gotrax GXL V2 electric scooter via custom firmware or cutting the speed limiting wire.
The components used in the scooter such as the motor, battery, controller, and BMS are lowly-powered, which is why the scooter can’t go faster.

As such, it’s impossible to carry out a Gotrax GXL V2 scooter speed limiter removal. To hack its speed, upgrading all these components is the best choice for you. 

Are there any Gotrax XR Ultra speed limiter removal tips?

If you own the XR Ultra electric scooter and would like to remove the speed limiter, there is no straightforward way to do your Gotrax XR Ultra speed limiter removal.

Upgrading the components is the only ideal way you can go about it. There is a dedicated post on Reddit you can refer to and see if upgrading your XR Ultra is worthwhile. 

What is the best Gotrax Gxl v2 speed hack?

Since there is no rightful GXL V2 speed limiter removal, the best Gotrax GXL V2 speed hack is upgrading the stock electric components such as the motor, battery, controller, and Battery Management System with more powerful ones.

With more advanced ones, you will end up recording better top speeds and range. 

Is it possible to do Gotrax Rival Speed Limiter Removal?

The only way you can bypass the Gotrax Rival speed limiter is by upgrading the stock BMS, battery, motor, and controller. That way, the limitation put in place by the BMS is done away with and more power can freely get into the motor. 

How is Gotrax Apex speed limiter removal done?

If you own a Gotrax Apex electric scooter and would love to remove its speed limiter, then you can only succeed by swapping the BMS, battery, motor, and controller.

That way, you inject more power into the motor, which is what will make your Gotrax Apex scooter faster. 

How is Gotrax G4 speed limiter removal conducted?

gotrax g4 - 3

Since Gotrax G4 comes with low-powered components such as the motor and the battery, it’s impossible to make it faster by removing the speed limiter.

These components cannot take more power to the motor. Changing the BMS, motor, battery, and controller means more power to the battery, which is what leads to better speeds.

In Summary: Gotrax Speed Limiter Removal Tips

Gotrax scooters come with a speed limiter, which the manufacturers say helps to conserve the battery.

There is currently no surefire way to remove the speed limiter from any Gotrax electric scooter.

To enjoy faster speeds, you have to upgrade the components. 

However, we recommend that you upgrade to a faster electric scooter instead of facing the hassle of buying electric components every other time to keep your upgraded Gotrax model in stellar shape. 

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