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Grubhub Driver Not Moving [Reasons Why & How To Fix]

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Key Takeaways

  • Busy restaurants or distant locations can delay Grubhub drivers, impacting delivery times.
  • Low or no tips may deter drivers from accepting orders, causing further delays.
  • App glitches, traffic, or weather conditions can also cause your Grubhub driver to not move.
  • Multiple app usage by drivers for income can lead to scheduling conflicts, affecting delivery.

How Long Do Grubhub Orders Take?

Grubhub orders typically take varying amounts of time to arrive, depending on factors such as the restaurant’s busyness, the distance from the restaurant to your location, and the tip provided to the driver.

Busy restaurants, particularly during peak dining times, can delay order preparation, causing drivers to wait before they can start delivery.

The distance between the restaurant and your delivery address also significantly impacts delivery time, as drivers are not always nearby when an order is placed.

In addition, the tip amount can influence how quickly a driver accepts your order, especially for longer distances, which can affect overall delivery time.

Grubhub provides an order tracking feature through its app for Android and iOS devices, allowing customers to monitor their order’s progress from restaurant to delivery.

This tracking is highly accurate, utilizing GPS technology to pinpoint the driver’s location within a few feet.

Why is Your Grubhub Driver Not Moving?

If your Grubhub driver appears not to be moving, it may be due to a range of reasons beyond a simple app glitch. These can include:

  1. Technology Issues: Sometimes, the Grubhub app or the driver’s smartphone may encounter glitches or malfunctions, which can cause the appearance of the driver being stationary. A restart of the device or app often resolves this issue.
  2. Traffic Delays: Your driver could be stuck in traffic due to accidents, road construction, or heavy congestion, which can significantly slow down progress.
  3. Order Pickup Delays: Drivers might decline orders for various reasons, such as location preference or restaurant choice. If your order is passed over by multiple drivers before being accepted, this could delay the start of the delivery process.
  4. Adverse Weather Conditions: Bad weather, like thunderstorms, can impact driving conditions and safety, leading to cautious driving and potential delays.
  5. Multi-App Juggling: Some drivers work with multiple delivery apps to maximize earnings, which might lead to scheduling conflicts or delays if they’re managing multiple pickups or deliveries.

Don’t worry, though, if your Grubhub driver isn’t moving, there are still some things you can try.

Pro Tip: Grubhub pickup is an easy way to get food quickly but also save money on fees and order cost.

What Happens When a Grubhub Driver Doesn’t Deliver?

When a Grubhub driver doesn’t deliver your order, you have several options to address the situation and seek a resolution:

  1. Contact the Driver: Utilize the Grubhub app’s messaging feature to directly communicate with your driver. This can provide immediate clarity on any delays, as drivers are typically responsive when not driving.
  2. Check the App’s Order Status: Sometimes, the issue may be related to your phone’s GPS or the app’s functionality. Review the order status on the Grubhub app for updates on the order’s preparation and pickup.
  3. Contact the Restaurant: If direct communication with the driver doesn’t clarify the situation, reaching out to the restaurant where you placed your order can help. They can inform you whether the food has been picked up by the driver.
  4. Contact Grubhub Customer Support: As a last resort, getting in touch with Grubhub’s customer service can help resolve the issue. They can verify the order’s status, attempt to contact the driver, or arrange for your order to be picked up by another driver if necessary.

If all else fails, you can try to cancel the order and get a refund.

Wrapping Up

Using Grubhub can be a lifesaver. But if issues come up and your order is delayed it can be frustrating. However, there are several valid reasons your food could be late.

Luckily, you have a lot of resources available to help you stay connected and know that your Grubhub driver is doing their best to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

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