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Grubhub Driver Not Moving: Reasons Why & How To Fix

It can be frustrating when your Grubhub driver is not moving. Here are some ways to find out where they are.

Services like Grubhub have made life much easier for many people.

The ability to order food from your favorite restaurant delivered right to your door is convenient and a time-saver.

And using the app on your phone or tablet to let you know how long it will be until your food is delivered makes it even better.

But what if you’ve placed an order on Grubhub and the app doesn’t seem to be updating?

You can see your Grubhub driver is not moving.

Your family is hungry and getting impatient.

What can you do to find out where your dinner is?

How Long Do Grubhub Orders Take?

The time it takes for your order to arrive depends on several things.

The easy thing to do is blame the driver when you don’t have your food within a few minutes.

But there are many reasons your driver could be delayed that are not their fault.

1. Busy Restaurant

If you order your food from a popular restaurant at dinner time, it is one of many orders they are filling.

When your driver arrives, they may have to wait a few minutes.

That will put them behind schedule.

2. Distance

If there is only one taco place in your town and it is ten miles away, it will take some time to get to you.

Consider the distance from the restaurant you chose to your house.

And remember, the driver probably wasn’t sitting next to it when the order came in.

3. Tip

Grubhub drivers depend on tips to make money.

If you did not add a tip to your order, or if it wasn’t very much, you may have difficulty getting a driver to accept it.

If there is a lot of distance to be driven, consider the time and expense it takes for a driver to bring your order.

If it is worth the drive, you will have no trouble getting a driver to pick it up quickly.

Does Grubhub Offer Order Tracking?

Grubhub has an app available for Android and iOS devices.

It is a one-stop app for all purchases made through Grubhub to any restaurant they cover.

You can see their menu, make selections, and pay for your food there.

Once your purchase is complete, the Grubhub app becomes a tracker.

Is Grubhub Tracking Accurate?

The tracking function on the Grubhub app uses the GPS satellites that all the major traffic apps use.

The satellites track the movement of the driver’s smartphone.

It is accurate down to a few feet of where they are.

Why is Your Grubhub Driver Not Moving?

Like any piece of technology, there are times when it does not work as it should.

If you look at the map and notice that your Grubhub driver not moving in several minutes, there could be an issue.

But it is not always the app, as other factors could delay your driver.

1. App Glitch

Smartphones are useful devices, but they are not without issues.

There are times that apps freeze or fail to work correctly.

It could be a problem with your service provider or the phone itself.

Try turning the power off and letting it restart.

2. Traffic

Everyone gets stuck in traffic.

Sometimes an accident on the highway or road construction crews could slow down your driver.

Try using a traffic app to find out if there are any issues between you and the restaurant.

3. Delay in Receiving Order

Sometimes Grubhub’s drivers turn down orders.

It could be because it is a part of town they do not want to go to, or it is at a restaurant they do not like doing business with.

If the order a couple of drivers decline to take your order, you may be waiting a bit.

Your driver may have been the third one to see the order.

4. Bad Weather

There is a reason most pizza restaurants don’t offer a 30-minute guarantee anymore.

Asking drivers to make a set time regardless of road conditions puts them in danger.

If there is a thunderstorm or inclement weather, your driver will practice safe driving even if it puts them behind schedule.

5. Working for Multiple Apps

Some drivers make food deliveries as their source of income.

Some of them will log in to multiple apps at the same time.

They try to deliver for one while having a lull in business with the other.

It usually works out for them.

But it can put them behind schedule.

What Happens When a Grubhub Driver Doesn’t Deliver?

What can you do if you have been waiting a long time on your food?

If you have been watching the app’s map for a while but have not seen much movement, there are a few things you can do to try and get more information.

1. Contact the Driver

The Grubhub app has a feature to let you text your driver.

You can send them a message and ask them what the delay is.

They will usually respond quickly as long as they are not driving.

2. Check What the App Order Status Says

There may be an issue with your phone and the GPS.

If you look at your order’s status, there should be notifications of when the order is ready and when it has been picked up.

3. Contact the Restaurant

After attempting to call the driver, you can always call the restaurant directly.

Just let them know you ordered through Grubhub.

They will be able to tell you if your food has been picked up.

4. Contact Grubhub

If you call Grubhub, they should be able to see if the driver has picked your order up and where they are.

If for some reason they can’t, they can call them directly or have your food reordered and picked up by another driver.

How Does Grubhub Assign Orders to Drivers?

Grubhub has an automated system to find drivers for orders. When the restaurant accepts your order, Grubhub will find drivers logged in and located within that area.

Drivers are given the option to accept the order and directions to pickup.

If a problem arises, Grubhub has a support team to step in and help.

Wrapping Up

Using Grubhub can be a lifesaver.

But if issues come up and your order is delayed it can be frustrating.

However, there are several valid reasons your food could be late.

Luckily, you have a lot of resources available to help you stay connected and know that your Grubhub driver is doing their best to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

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