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How Much Does Caviar Cost in 2023?

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Food delivery has been on the upswing for at least the last 15 years as businesses have become more and more adept at taking orders online.

The pandemic brought it more clearly into focus, mainly because eating in a restaurant, for months, was not permitted, or, at least frowned upon.

The two together created the perfect environment for food delivery services like Caviar.

But how much does Caviar cost to use? Find out below.

How Much Does Caviar Cost?

The Caviar (DoorDash) delivery fee varies from market to market.

In addition, there is a service fee based on the amount of your order.

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Why Is Caviar So Expensive?

Caviar uses the standard DoorDash delivery fee structure, so it is not that expensive based on a comparison with the underlying service and associated competitors.

It does charge a service fee, based on the total amount of the order.

That fee can add up quickly.  

You are also paying for a premium service with Caviar and higher-end restaurant fare.

Higher prices and better quality food lets Caviar charge a little more than orders from average restaurants. 

What Are Caviar Fees?

The following fees apply to a Caviar order:

1. Food Upcharges

Neither Caviar nor DoorDash upcharge food prices.

2. Minimum Order Cost

Caviar has no minimum order requirement although a fee may apply for orders under $10.

3. Delivery Fee

Generally, the delivery fee falls between $1.99 to over $8.00 depending on the distance a driver goes to get to you.

If you are a member of DashPass, those fees apply.

Additionally, orders over a certain amount earn free delivery (this varies based on promos and the market.)

4. Service Fee

There is also an 18% service fee based on the after-tax total of your bill.

5. Taxes

These vary based on your location.

6. Tipping

You determine this upfront and can add to that total directly with your driver.

How to Save Money on Caviar Deliveries?

The best place to get deals on Caviar delivery is from their website via delivery deals.

Joining DashPass is also a good idea if you plan on using Caviar or DoorDash frequently.

vector graphic showing woman using the PayPal delivery option to pay for her food

Where Can You Find Caviar Promo Codes?

Multiple websites offer Caviar promo codes.

If you’re looking to save on a Caviar delivery order, this is the best option to explore, regardless of whether you are a new or existing user.

Does Caviar Have a Referral Program? 


You can get a referral code by visiting your DoorDash account.

You give that code to whomever you are referring and any applicable discounts will go to your next order. 

How Does Caviar Compare To Other Delivery Companies?

DoorDash is one of the highest performing delivery services available and Caviar is part of that.

It is reasonable to conclude that Caviar has a solid reputation as a delivery service and against its competition based on how DoorDash performs.

Final Thoughts

Caviar is a great upper-end food delivery service.

The fact Caviar is part of DoorDash opens doors to new restaurants you would not have if you were only ordering your food through DoorDash.

The new delivery options include food from restaurants that may not ordinarily offer delivery service for their food.

The next time you are ordering out, check if your favorite restaurant works with DoorDash or Caviar.

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