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How Instacart Guaranteed Earnings Work For Drivers

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Key Takeaways

  • Minimum Payment Incentive: Instacart offers a guaranteed earnings program, ensuring a minimum payment for completing a set number of batches within a timeframe.
  • Earnings Calculation: The guarantee covers Instacart’s batch payments, excluding tips. For example, if the guarantee is $250 for 15 batches and you earn $200, Instacart adds $50.
  • Promotion Specifics: Pay attention to details like batch count, time limits, and earnings calculations in the promotion.
  • App Access: Check for available guaranteed earnings promotions in the Instacart app under the “$” tab.

What Are Instacart Guaranteed Earnings & How Do They Work?

Instacart’s Guaranteed Earnings promotion is a popular incentive offered to shoppers, providing a minimum payment for completing a certain number of batches within a specified timeframe.

Consider a scenario where you’re offered a guaranteed sum of $250 for finishing 15 batches before a set date. If your total earnings, excluding tips, fall short of this guaranteed amount, Instacart compensate the difference.

For instance, if you complete 15 batches and earn $200, Instacart will contribute an additional $50 to ensure you reach the $250 mark.

Key aspects of this promotion include:

  • Batch Count: The promotion counts the total batches completed, not individual orders. A batch with multiple orders still counts as a single batch.
  • Exclusion of Tips: Tips are not included in the guaranteed earnings calculation; only Instacart’s payment for batch completion is considered.
  • Time Limit: The offer is time-sensitive, requiring completion of the specified number of batches within a set timeframe to qualify for the guaranteed earnings.

Before you take a promotional Instacart offer, make sure you understand how it works. The hidden nuances of the offers can sometimes trip shoppers up.

Pay careful attention to the specifics and how the offer works so that you don’t waste time or disqualify yourself from receiving a bonus.

Clarification: Some shoppers initially misunderstand these promotions as offering additional earnings on top of what they make from batches, but it’s actually a guarantee of minimum earnings.

How to Get Instacart Guaranteed Earnings

To access Instacart guaranteed earnings, log into the Instacart app and select the “$” tab.

screenshot showing instacart guaranteed earnings within the shopper app

Then, tap on “Take advantage of promos in your area” to see available options.

screenshot showing instacart guaranteed earnings within the shopper app

If you qualify for guaranteed earnings, they will be displayed. As you can see from my screenshot, Instacart is not currently running this promotion in my area.

screenshot showing instacart guaranteed earnings within the shopper app

The app will walk you through how to claim these promotions. Typically, you just opt-in and start shopping.

The app then monitors your progress and notifies you when you’ve completed the necessary batches.

Keep in mind: if your earnings surpass the guaranteed amount, no bonus is given. Therefore, it’s worth considering whether to keep working after achieving the minimum batch requirement.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Guaranteed Earnings on Instacart are primarily beneficial for new or part-time shoppers who value predictable income.

They serve as a safety net for those uncertain about order volumes or efficiency, ensuring a minimum income without the need for excessively long hours.

However, for seasoned or full-time shoppers, these promotions might be less appealing.

Experienced shoppers often earn more through strategies like targeting high-tipping orders, potentially surpassing the guaranteed amounts.

When the required batch count is high, the additional effort may not lead to significantly higher earnings, particularly as tips, which form a substantial part of income, are not included in the guarantee.

In short, the value of Guaranteed Earnings hinges on individual experience, preferences, and income goals.

My Suggestion:

Overall, I think drivers can agree that Guaranteed earnings can be worthwhile, but they’re not always as lucrative as they seem.

I suggest being selective with these promotions. Focusing on smaller, quicker batches can be more efficient and profitable.

Other Instacart Promotions to Be Aware Of

In addition to guaranteed earnings, Instacart offers other promotions to boost your income.

vector graphics showing people carrying boxes around that have the words "instacart referral code" on them

1. Instacart Referral Program

As a shopper, you receive a referral code to share with friends. If someone signs up using your code and meets specific criteria (like completing 30 batches in their first month), you can earn a bonus, potentially up to $300.

To participate, you need to be in good standing with Instacart and work at least 40 hours every six months. Share your referral link via text or social media to maximize reach.

2. Instacart Peak Boost

Peak Boost offers increased pay during busy times, typically between 4 pm and 9 pm on weekdays and various times on weekends.

This promotion can be combined with guaranteed earnings, but the extra pay counts towards your minimum income.

You’ll be informed about shifts and batches eligible for Peak Boosts, and you can qualify for these boosts even without guaranteed earnings.

What do you think of Instacart’s Guaranteed Earnings? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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