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Is Uber Safe to Ride With in 2023 and Beyond?

Is Uber Safe? That's a question many riders ask themselves before requesting a ride. In this article, we'll break down how safe it is and how to ride.

Key Information

Uber’s Safety Measures

Uber actively implements safety protocols but potential risks remain. Unfortunately, there are still noteworthy cases of safety lapses.

Safety Features

Trusted Contacts shares trip details, RideCheck monitors stops/crashes, and Emergency Assistance offers a 911 call button.

Safety Tips

Always confirm your ride’s details, trust your instincts, inform others about your trip, and immediately report any suspicious behavior.

Specific Group Precautions

Women should verify vehicles and drivers, children need adult accompaniment, and seniors should share ride details.

Is Uber Safe?

Uber makes a point to create the safest conditions for riders and drivers possible by implementing certain rules, regulations, and safety measures.

However, even with all these measures in place, there’s always a small chance that the ride can end with a problem and can potentially be dangerous.

With that in mind, it’s essential to know some critical details about safety, rules, and more.

Staying informed and aware of specific conditions and other information is the best way to make choices and help riders stay safe when commuting to and from locations using Uber.

Is Uber Safe for Riders?

Overall, Uber is considered safe for riders and is a modern, convenient way to get from one place to another quickly.

In fact, Uber provides top safety measures to help ensure that riders remain safe and continue to want to use the service for their transportation needs, such as Uber background checks.

While we would answer yes to the question, “Is Uber safe?”, you should always be aware when riding in an Uber.

Is Uber safe for females?

Generally, Uber is safe for females. However, like in many situations, females should be very aware of their surroundings, and Uber is no exception.

Although Uber is generally safe, there are still some common-sense safety precautions to know.

  • Females should always ride in the back of the Uber, and having some personal protection devices available can be a good safety measure.
  • Be sure to verify details of the vehicle, driver, and the trip before entering the Uber.
  • Be sure to let someone know that you’re riding in an Uber if possible and keep your GPS tracking device activated for an added level of security.
  • Don’t give personal information to the driver and keep conversations brief.
  • You’ll also want to avoid taking an Uber if you’re intoxicated or feeling very ill.

Is Uber safe for kids?

In short, the answer is no. Children can’t create and use an Uber account.

Only adults over the age of 18 can call and use Uber services. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.

Although there are a few ride-share apps (like HopSkipDrive) that allow children to use their service, Uber strictly forbids it.

There are too many instances where something can happen, and it’s important to remember that it’s a stranger essentially transporting a child.

There are a few different “Uber for Kids” services that provide rides to minors. These services have strict controls in place to ensure the safety of your children. You don’t want children riding alone with a stranger.

Is Uber safe for seniors?

The safety of Uber is much better than taking public transportation such as the bus. However, there is always the risk of something happening when using a ride-share application.

The best course of action is to take certain safety precautions and help seniors with using the app. Track their progress and get updates about their trip if possible.

If a senior is traveling alone, they should always call ahead to the destination about the ETA and try to inform others of the ride details.

Aside from safety concerns, there are situations in which an Uber driver might not be prepared to transport an elderly rider.

For example, I will sometimes call an Uber for my grandmother when she needs to go to the store or a doctor’s appointment. She gets around with a walker, which is quite bulky and heavy.

While a driver might not mind helping her into their vehicle, they might not have a place to store her walker while driving.

Try to think through different scenarios, especially if there are edge-case situations that a driver might not know how to react to.

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Which Uber Service is Safest?

Traditional Uber tends to be the safest choice due to the app’s built-in features and the extensive screening process of the drivers.

Although there are several competitors on the market today, they still don’t have the safety features of Uber.

For the safest riding experience, we suggest using Uber Black. This level of service provides the best drivers with the highest qualifications.

Common Uber Safety Complaints

There are many different issues that can arise during an Uber ride, but most occur within a few common categories.

Unsafe Drivers

Some of the most common safety issues with Uber include various instances regarding the accused driver’s style of driving, including the following.

  • Lack of attention to the road
  • Excessive speed
  • Taking the busiest route

I have rarely had issues with Uber drivers in the past, but when I have, they’ve mostly come down to unsafe driving. I’ve found that the drivers who are trying to make as much as possible, as quickly as possible, are usually the worst drivers.

However, these drivers are oftentimes weeded out by the rating system fairly quickly, so they don’t last long.

But that is what the rating system is intended for. If there is an issue, contact Uber and report it to the company and let the police know if you feel your life is in danger.

If you’re riding with an unsafe driver, you should ask them to stop and let you out. You can then report them to the company and request another driver. It’s best not to take chances when riding with Uber drivers who increase the chances for an accident.

The Uber Critical Response Line is a phone number that drivers can call for safety issues and get help. While not a replacement for 911, it is useful in critical, but non safety-compromising situations.

Harassment for Women During Rides

I am a 6’5″, 200 pound white male in his 30’s. It’s safe to say that I have never had any issues with harassment, but… I have plenty of female friends that have.

I’ve learned that women should always be prepared for instances where individuals may try to harass them. This can also include using a ride-share app like Uber.

The best thing to to is to try to avoid conversations with the driver. You can call someone on the phone to avoid speaking with them or pretend if necessary.

If you’re unlucky enough to have an issue arise during a ride, make sure to report all instances of harassment to the company and make sure to have the driver stop and let you out if you feel uncomfortable.

Notable Uber Safety Incidents

The most notable incidents in Uber history included over 3,000 sexual assaults in 2019, in addition to 9 murders. Additionally, there have been reports of Uber drivers being killed, among other things.

Always be vigilant when using a ride-share app like Uber and let a friend or family member know details about the ride.

The Reaction: Added Safety Features

As part of the backlash and out of concern for rider safety, the company has added safety features into a feature they are calling the Uber Safety Toolkit.

These new features positively affect users and drivers, but other safety precautions mentioned earlier also help prevent crimes.

1. Trusted Contacts

One of the first safety features the company rolled out was Trusted Contacts.

Trusted Contacts allows Uber users to share their trip details with a list of contacts that are added into the Uber app. This includes trip status details, and real-time ride tracking so those contacts know where you and your Uber vehicle are at all times.

2. RideCheck

One of the newest safety features for Uber is RideCheck. The safety features use GPS and the driver’s phone sensor to detect any potential issues.

It sends an alert to the driver for long stops or potential crashes. It’s also for any instances where the app detects something off.

3. Emergency Assistance

There’s also a new option to use an emergency button to call 911 from the Uber app, which helps riders get help if they need it. You can text 911 from within the Uber app – without the driver knowing.

It’s a subtle yet cool feature that can help riders discreetly alert authorities about an unsafe situation.

Tips for a Safer Uber Ride

It is obvious that Uber has taken steps in the right direction in terms of safety, but there are still some things that you should keep top of mind when riding with this service.

1. Confirm your Ride Before Getting In

Make sure you get the right Uber and check the details provided in the app to ensure you’re getting in the right vehicle.

Check the driver’s vehicle description and tag number each time. Then, once you enter the vehicle, ask for a driver’s first name and look for the driver’s photo and license plate number.

In some cases, people are fooled by other vehicles and even mistake one vehicle for their ride and get into a stranger’s car. This situation can prove very dangerous.

Prevention is the key to safety and staying safe with ridesharing services.

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2. Trust Your Instincts

If you feel something isn’t right, trust your instincts. Your instincts might save your life. Never enter into a vehicle if you feel uncomfortable no matter what the reason. You can always request another ride to stay safe.

3. Tell a Friend or Family Where You’re Going

As mentioned earlier, it’s a great idea to let someone know where you’re going and even give them a snapshot of your Uber details before you depart. It’s an added layer of security should something happen.

4. Don’t Ride Impaired

Reduce the risk of negative experiences and danger and avoid riding impaired if possible. If you’re impaired, it’s best to let someone you trust to take you home and not an Uber.

5. Report Unsafe Driving

If there’s an instance of unsafe driving, be sure to report the incident and get out. You can also use the built-in 911 features within the app to reach local authorities if you feel uncomfortable calling or the driver refuses to stop.

6. Report Strange Behavior

It has been widely reported that some riders get into a car only to find a friend or family member riding along with their driver. Yes, this can help the safety of the driver, but leaves the riders questioning if Uber drivers can have a passenger.

No, they can’t, and that should be reported to customer service immediately. If you aren’t comfortable taking the ride, get out and then explain to Uber why you cancelled the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is safer: Uber or taxi?

Uber is statistically safer, and there’s a more extensive screening process involved with hiring individuals. In addition, there are built-in safety features and more.

However, both options can provide safe travel, while each can pose its own risk. It depends on the driver and the passenger.

Do Uber drivers prefer you to sit in the front or back?

The most preferred place to sit in an Uber is in the back seat. Though many drivers don’t mind either, you should ask first. Sitting in the back gives both parties some space and added safety.

Can you reject an Uber driver?

If you start asking yourself “is Uber safe?” during a ride, then it is time to think twice about continuing the ride.

You can cancel the ride up to a few minutes before the driver arrives. Contact the company to block certain drivers. Know that the driver can also reject a ride if it takes over 45 minutes.

Do Uber drivers know the destination before accepting?

The driver doesn’t know the destination of the rider before accepting the request. However, they can see an approximate indication of travel time.

Why did Uber ask for a selfie?

Uber asks for a selfie wearing a mask to protect the driver. If you’ve violated this rule previously, you’ll need to submit a selfie with a mask before pickup.

Wrapping Up

Uber has been around for years now, but over time, they have issues with the safety and security of both riders and drivers. Although Uber is typically safe in most locations, there are still some safety concerns for now and going forward in the future.

Over the last several years, the company has recently scrambled to add more safety features to protect everyone. The most recent additions are a built-in 911 feature and detection of unusual activity such as long stops or potential accidents.

Although these attempts help provide an extra layer of security, they can’t 100% prevent a negative experience or even an altercation or physical attack.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you let someone know where you’re going. You can also make a phone call to speak with someone you know if you feel uncomfortable.

Be sure to let the company know immediately if there’s unsafe driving or dangerous behavior from the driver. Always accompany children under 18 on the ride and monitor the safety of seniors.

Uber is still a convenient way to get around safer than public transportation or cabs, but you still need to observe safety precautions each time you ride.

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