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Uber Customer Service: Get Help [7+ Best Ways To Contact Uber]

Last updated: June 16, 2021
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Whether you use Uber sparingly or every single day, there’s always the chance that you’ll run into an issue that’s out of your control.

Perhaps your rideshare driver doesn’t arrive, your food is delivered to the wrong address, or your Uber account simply isn’t working.

In these scenarios (and more), knowing how to contact Uber support can help you find a resolution as quickly as possible.

Your Uber customer support options may not be completely obvious when you’re looking through the app, but you’re not out of luck.

Uber Technologies, Inc. offers a good amount of customer service options, no matter which service you’re using — users of everything from UberX and Uber Black to Uber Eats and even Uber Copter are all covered.

This definitive guide to contacting Uber support will help you get the assistance you need through the best route possible.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at each in more detail.

1. Uber Customer Service Number

Q: Does Uber have a customer support number?

A: Yes, Uber does have a 24/7 phone number that can be used to contact support representatives.

Drivers and riders can use this number to get support for a wide range of issues.

Support is available in both English and Spanish to all Uber driver partners in the United States.

There are, however caveats that come with this number.

One of Uber’s most requested support features is an Uber customer service number that allows users to speak directly to a team member in real time.

However, because the company would be unable to keep up with demand from its massive customer base, there’s currently only one way for Uber riders to get general phone support. You must become an Uber Diamond member.

Uber Diamond is the top tier that you can unlock through the Uber Rewards program, which gives you access to more perks the more you use the company’s services.

However, access to this tier is extremely exclusive. It’s only available to users who earn 7,500 points in the course of six months — which requires you to spend between $2,500 and $7,500, depending on which services you use.

If you do reach the Uber Diamond tier, users report that you unlock premium 24/7 phone support, which is accessible when you call the phone number 1(800) 314-2308.

**As a note, it’s unlikely that non-Diamond users can successfully call this number.

Many general users have tried and haven’t been able to get through, as your account information is tied to your phone number.**

For Uber Eats customer service, users in the United States can get help by calling the phone number 1(800) 253-6882.

Otherwise, only drivers have access to an Uber phone number with no restrictions.

This driver support number is (800) 593-7069.

However, drivers can more easily make a phone call by tapping “Account” from their Uber Driver app menu and selecting “Help”:

Then, tap the phone icon on the upper right corner and select “Call Support” in the pop-up that appears.

Note that this feature is only available to Uber drivers. There is currently no general customer support number that is widely available to Uber passengers.

You may see other sites making this claim, but their information is incorrect.

2. Uber Helpline (AKA Critical Safety Response Line)

While most rideshare passengers don’t have access to 24/7 general phone support, all users have access to a 24/7 emergency hotline when safety-related help is needed.

In case of an Uber emergency, riders and drivers can call the “Uber Critical Safety Response” line to report the incident.

You can reach an Uber team member through the Critical Safety Response Line by calling 1(800) 285-6172.

When a caller dials in, they are routed to either a call center in Phoenix or one in Chicago. Support representatives deal with the issue at hand and provide the best course of action.

The representatives are trained to call the appropriate emergency services if they deem the caller is in immediate danger.

You should NOT call in just to complain about your ride or report a list item.

Please don’t abuse this number. It’s there for urgent matters, so please take that into account before making a call.

Again, this helpline is only for safety-related issues and should not be abused, as there may be riders in immediate need for assistance trying to get through.

Of course, if you are in a situation that compromises your safety — for example, if your driver may be under the influence — it’s important to call 911 first and get yourself to safety before calling the helpline.

3. Uber Live Chat

While Uber live chat was once available (at least for drivers), it has been disabled for quite a while.

Luckily, reaching out to Uber on select social media channels can get you close to real-time support.

The rideshare and food delivery company prioritizes Twitter for customer service and can be contacted at any time through its Uber Support profile (@Uber_Support).

Simply log into Twitter and send the support team a direct message, or publish a tweet that tags the account with your issue.

The team frequently replies within half an hour — often even within a couple minutes.

While Uber’s Facebook page isn’t listed as an official support channel, the team is responsive in the comments of its posts.

You can follow this page to get general information on the latest Uber features and updates. The profile also notes that the team usually responds to messages within a few hours.

However, Twitter is definitely the preferred route if you want a timely response.

There is no guarantee that a page manager will respond to your messages, or even be able to help you if they do.

Even when they do respond, it’s not the fastest way to get help compared to in-app or phone support.

4. In-App Support

For most support issues where you need to speak to an Uber representative, the in-app support options are your best bet.

The support feature available directly within the Uber app is one of easiest ways to get help and works for both riders and drivers.

The actual functionality of the in-app support varies, but the concept is mainly the same.

Uber passenger support

Uber has made it easy for passengers to contact Uber customer service representatives by incorporating a mini Help Center directly into the passenger app.

This Help Center is packed with information about all kinds of support topics like rides, Uber trip issues, lost items, driver sign-up process, how-to guides, and much more.

They’ve essentially taken the section and packed it into the app.

Passengers can navigate to Menu > Help to access the help center.

Once there, they will be presented with their most recent trip, as well as other helpful information about using Uber.

If there’s an issue with a ride, passengers can tap the “Report an issue with this trip,” then select one of the following:

Once the proper topic is selected, riders should provide as much detail as possible, and an Uber representative will reach out to help resolve the issue.

Uber Driver Support

Like the Uber passenger app, the Uber Partner app now has a Help section built right into it.

Uber drivers looking for support should navigate to Account > Help to gain access to support messages, trip and fare reviews, and other information regarding driving for the platform.

If a driver has experienced an issue, they’ll need to tap “Trips and Fare Review” and then select the trip in question.

From there, the driver will select from the following:

Our team has used this feedback system, and it’s definitely streamlined, intuitive, and comprehensive for when on the road.

If a rider or passenger’s request is outside the scope of the general topics listed within the app, then a trip to the Uber Help Portal may be necessary.

5. The Uber Help Portal (

Uber Help homepage

The Uber Help Portal is the quickest way for both riders and drivers to gain direct access to Uber customer support.

The portal offers many answers to frequently asked questions.

These include:

The information here is pretty basic, so expect to find cookie-cutter responses and general answers to common questions that many other riders and drivers have had.

One cool thing worth noting is that when a user logs in or selects a specific city, the information actually becomes personalized to that city.

This helps to get refined, helpful answers from other drivers and riders in the area who have run into similar problems.

Visit to access the Help Center.

If a rider or passenger’s request is outside the scope of the general topics listed within the app, then a trip to the Uber Help Portal may be necessary.

6. Email Uber

The first three methods are the easiest way to contact Uber customer service, but another way that some users have found luck with is by sending an email to support representatives.

In the past, you could simply open up your email program and send an email to, then it would get filtered internally through their system as your request bounced from one rep to another.

Eventually, you would get an answer to your problem, but oftentimes it would be very canned and likely just copied from the help portal.

This used to be the most effective way of contacting Uber, but as the number of customers and drivers has grown at an astonishing rate, this simply isn’t feasible as a first line of defense.

While you can still email Uber, it’s a bit more difficult and requires more than one step.

You need to sign into your account online, select the trip you had an issue with, then explain the problem in as much detail as possible.

Want to email Uber? Visit our How to Email Uber Customer Service Guide for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so.

7. Uber Greenlight Hubs

Sometimes, it can help to talk to someone face-to-face. Unfortunately, there are no in-person support options for riders.

Uber Greenlight Hubs and Greenlight Spots, which are help desk locations staffed by Uber experts, are only available to drivers (including new drivers who are interested in joining).

These Partner offices are a great way for drivers to get in-person support from Uber employees.

Whether a driver has a question about their account being deactivated, needs their vehicle inspected, has documentation questions, or wants to voice another concern, Uber staff maintains a bunch of local offices to get them back on the road.

The locations of local Greenlight Hubs vary with state and country, but they are available in more than 650 spots around the world.

To find the hub nearest you, you have a couple options.

Your first option is to go to

All you have to do is enter your address, define the search radius, and the site will quickly pull up a list of local offices around you.

This tool is only applicable to users residing in the United States.

Alternatively, you can also Google the phrase “Uber Greenlight Hub” followed by your city name to find relevant results.

You should also be able to find office hours and locations on local partner websites if your city has one.

Here are links to a few Uber Greenlight Hubs in major cities across the country:

Uber also has rolled out an In-App Appointment feature that allows you to set up an appointment before visiting a Greenlight Hub.

To set up an appointment:

  1. Log in to your Uber account app
  2. Tap on “Visit us in person”
  3. Out of the list of locations, select the one most convenient to you
  4. Select a date and time
  5. Tap “SCHEDULE” to confirm your appointment

As of the most recent information on Uber’s website, this feature is only available to drivers in NYC and Los Angeles.

The company claims the feature would “expand to the rest of the world throughout the summer,” though it’s unclear how widespread this effort has been.

To check if the scheduling feature is available in your city, follow the steps above.

8. Uber Corporate Office

While Uber’s corporate office headquarters are not accessible by riders or drivers, you may be curious about what exactly the official Uber address is.

The rideshare giant is headquartered at:

  • 1455 Market St. #400
    San Francisco, CA 94103

The company also plans to open up headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood in 2020 and has other corporate offices throughout the world.

Again, these corporate locations are private offices that are rarely open to anyone but Uber’s official employees and should not be considered Uber support locations.

10 Uber Complaints (and How to Address Them)

10 Uber Complaints (and How to Address Them)

We don’t live in a perfect world. Things go wrong sometimes. This is true in work, family, friendships, and, yes, even Uber rides.

While the vast majority of rides occur without any issue, sometimes problems occur.

If this happens, then what should you do as a passenger? How do you bring up complaints to Uber?

We want to show you how to handle all of these situations so that there’s no doubt about what to do if you ever encounter them.

Of course, we hope that none of the following things ever happen to you. Odds are, most of the serious ones never will.

Still, it’s best to be prepared, and that’s what you’ll be after reading this guide.

1. My Driver Was Late

While your Uber ride would always arrive on time in an ideal world, the reality is sometimes different. Your driver may be late for your pick up for a variety of reasons. The most likely causes are traffic or difficulty navigating to your location.

However, in some cases, it could be due to carelessness or indifference on the driver’s part. Regardless, you should feel free to alert Uber about late pickups.

To be clear, of course, we’re talking about drivers who are truly late.

A couple of minutes later than the estimated time is not worth a complaint; Uber will be the first to admit that their driver arrival times are estimates only.

A late driver is one who is 15, 20, or even 30 minutes late.

It’s also worth considering if the driver made any effort to contact you and explain why they were late.

For instance, if you’re trying to get a ride on a major holiday or outside a crowded event, the driver could be late due to road closures or traffic.

If they call you and explain that they’re on their way, then they’ve made a good faith effort to explain why they’re late.

To report a truly late driver, your best bet is to contact Uber via in-app support.

We recommend this method because a late driver is not an urgent or life-threatening matter (annoying as it may be).

2. I Was Charged a Cleaning Fee

10 Uber Complaints (and How to Address Them) - cleaning fee

Cleaning fees can be a pain, but they exist to protect Uber drivers.

If you spilled something in your driver’s car, then you deserve to pay the cleaning fee.

You messed up, and the fee helps the driver pay for the cost of cleaning their vehicle.

On the other hand, if you were charged a cleaning fee even though you didn’t make a mess, you could be in a situation where a driver is trying to commit fraud.

This is serious, and you should contact Uber customer service about it. The easiest way to do this is to go to this page.

From there, you can sign into your account, select the ride for which you were charged the fee, and explain to Uber why the charge was incorrect.

3. I Was Charged a Cancellation Fee

In some situations, Uber may charge you a fee for canceling a ride. Note that Uber will alert you to this before you do it, so there’s usually not a legitimate reason to complain about it.

If, however, you feel that the cancellation fee was unfair (perhaps the driver was already late when you canceled), then you can contact Uber support to dispute the fee.

To do this, go to this page.

From there, you can select a reason that you think the cancellation was incorrect.

You can see the choices available in the image below:

10 Uber Complaints (and How to Address Them)

They are:

  • My driver and I couldn’t connect
  • My pickup location was incorrect
  • My driver cancelled
  • The ETA was too long
  • The ETA was too short
  • My driver asked me to cancel

Note that simply choosing one of the above reasons does not guarantee a refund of the cancellation fee.

For more information, consult Uber’s cancellation policy.

4. I Lost an Item

Losing something in an Uber ride is frustrating, but it happens easily. Luckily, Uber has procedures to report a lost item.

All you have to do is go to the receipt for the ride in question and fill out the form. You can do this within the Uber app or via your Uber account on Uber’s website.

Note that Uber does not guarantee the return of lost items, and they will charge you a $15 fee for the return of them.

This is to help compensate the driver for the time they spend finding the item and returning it to you.

To learn more about the process, consult our guide to Uber lost and found.

5. I Was Overcharged for a Ride

If you think that Uber charged you too much for a ride, it is possible to get your fare reduced or refunded.

First, though, you need to be sure that there really was a possibility of an error and not just a high charge due to some other factor.

For instance, if you took a ride when surge pricing was in effect, you can’t dispute that. Uber shows you an estimate of the fare upfront, so there’s really no excuse for not knowing.

The same is true of any tolls or city taxes you have to pay as part of the ride. Neither Uber nor the driver has any control over these.

They’re just collecting them in accordance with the law.

In some cases, however, you may still think Uber has charged you too much.

Computer errors do occur, and some drivers will attempt to cheat the system by taking unnecessarily long routes.

If this happens, then your best bet is to go to Uber’s Trip Issues and Refunds page. From there, you can select an issue related to your high fare.

Issues include the following:

  • My driver took a poor route
  • My pickup or drop-off location was wrong
  • The route had heavy traffic
  • Someone else took this trip
  • I paid a toll or parking fee for my driver
  • My driver made an unrequested stop
  • I was charged a cleaning fee
  • I had a different issue with my charge
  • Dispute my cancellation fee
  • Long Pickup Premiums
  • I was charged more than once for this trip
  • My fare doesn’t reflect the upfront price I was shown

From there, you’ll find the steps necessary to get a refund or adjusted fare. Again, there is no guarantee of this.

Many times, the charges are either beyond Uber’s control or in accordance with their policies.

6. My Driver Was Rude

Now, we’re getting into the territory of more serious issues. The first one that comes to mind is a rude driver.

This is always frustrating as a passenger, and we hope it never happens to you. However, it is possible.

Maybe the driver was just having a bad day. Maybe they’re just a mean person.

Whatever the reason, you should not tolerate drivers who are rude.

The best way to deal with a rude driver is in your review. You have the opportunity to leave one after each ride.

For a rude driver, give whatever star rating you think is appropriate.

Note that if you leave 3 stars or less, you won’t get matched with the driver in the future.

You can also make note of why you left the low rating. Don’t be afraid to go into detail about what the driver did, but try to be objective.

Calling the driver curse words won’t help resolve your issue, and it just makes you look bad.

Uber takes these reviews into account when deciding if they should deactivate a driver, so your feedback does matter.

However, note that one individual review will not be enough to get a driver banned from the platform (unless they broke the law or seriously violated Uber’s code of conduct).

7. I Had a Problem With Another UberPOOL Passenger

This is a tricky situation to deal with. When you use UberPOOL, you accept the possibility of a longer ride time (and the presence of additional passengers) in exchange for a lower fare.

Most of the time, UberPOOL rides happen without incident.

In some cases, however, you might have a fellow passenger who was rude to you or even harassed you. If this happens, you can report it to Uber by visiting this page.

Of course, if the other passenger broke the law in some way, you always have the option to report it to the police.

8. My Driver Was Unsafe

10 Uber Complaints (and How to Address Them) - unsafe driver

Uber takes safety very seriously. It’s why they have specific driver and vehicle requirementsvehicle inspections, and require drivers to pass background checks.

If your driver is being reckless or does anything that makes you feel unsafe, you should report it to Uber.

Of course, the way you do this will depend on the severity of the issue.

If the driver just ran a couple stop signs, then it’s probably sufficient to leave a low rating and make note of it in your review.

On the other hand, if the driver was swerving, cutting people off, or appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you should report it to Uber using this form on their website.

If the driver appears to be an immediate danger to you or other passengers, you can also contact the police.

9. My Driver Harassed Me

Uber does not tolerate sexual harassment, verbal harassment, intimidation, or any similar behaviors. These will get a driver banned from the platform.

If you experience any of these, you can contact Uber’s critical safety response line.

It’s a special phone support line reserved for serious, urgent issues, and it allows you to speak directly to an Uber representative.

Of course, you shouldn’t call this phone number if your driver was just rude to you. That’s not acceptable behavior either, but it isn’t something that poses any danger to you. Tying up the critical safety response line with complaints about rude drivers makes it more difficult for passengers with serious issues to get help.

A good rule of thumb is that if a driver does something that would warrant calling the police, it’s probably worth calling the critical safety response line as well. As always, contacting the police should be your first priority in any situation where you feel in danger. Only once you’re safe should you contact the critical safety response line.

10. I Witnessed My Driver Commit a Crime

It’s unlikely this will ever happen, but it is possible that you’ll witness an Uber driver do something illegal. It could be something innocuous, like parking illegally. But it could be more serious, such as selling drugs or executing a hit and run. Again, it’s unlikely you’ll see this, but you should know what to do in case it happens.

If you see your driver commit a crime that you think is worth reporting, the first thing you should do is contact the police. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to give them the info they need to find the driver (the app shows you the driver’s license plate number and contact information).

Once you’ve made your report to the police, you can also contact Uber about it. Depending on the degree to which the issue threatened your immediate personal safety, you could either report it using this form or by calling the critical safety response line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’re aware of how to contact Uber support as a rider or Uber Eats user, here are our answers to four common questions to give you additional insight into the rideshare company’s customer service options:

1. Can Uber drivers use the same methods to contact Uber customer service?

Uber driver-partners are welcome to reach out to Uber support using the methods for customers listed above.

However, as we previously mentioned, drivers do have unique access to 24/7 phone support that allows you to call Uber to speak with a representative at any time.

Drivers also have access to Greenlight Hubs, where you can get in-person support and vehicle inspections complete.

2. I left an item in my driver’s car. Can I contact my driver directly?

While you can’t contact your Uber driver directly, the rideshare company can help you get in touch with your driver.

Simply select “Sign In to Get Help” at the bottom of this support page and enter your phone number and requested information.

The Uber support team will call you and connect you to speak with your driver during the same call. If they don’t pick up, you can choose to give your phone number directly to the driver in a voicemail.

This process can also be completed through in-app support.

Simply tap “Your Trips” on your Uber app menu, select the relevant trip, select “I lost an item,” and tap “Contact driver about a lost item.”

There is a $15 fee associated with item returns, as drivers are paid for helping you out.

3. How can Uber’s 911 assistance feature help me in the event of an emergency?

Because Uber’s Critical Safety Response Line is not meant for situations where you need immediate help from police, firefighters, or EMTs, Uber has rolled out a new emergency button in over 250 cities and counties in the U.S.

If this button is available to you, you have access to a 911 assistance feature that allows you to contact an emergency dispatcher through your app.

When you call through your app, your trip details are automatically sent to your dispatcher, which is helpful in case your call suddenly cuts off or you need to hang up.

The Uber support team will also be alerted and will later follow up to check in with you.

4. Does Uber have a customer support email address?

No, they do not.

Uber used to have an email address that passengers could use to contact them regarding issues, but they discontinued it in favor of in-app support.

While you’ll still find references to a customer support email in other guides to contacting Uber, such information is out of date.

5. Are Uber customer service jobs available in my area?

It’s possible. The answer to this question will vary based on your city.

Uber job openings pop up all the time, especially as Uber expands into new markets and needs to increase its customer support operations.

Need for phone support representatives is confined to the cities where Uber has its call centers (Chicago and Phoenix).

In this position, you’ll field inbound phone support requests and help customers with problem solving related to urgent issues.

As with all types of potential employment, job seekers should consult job boards for their city using sites like Indeed or Glassdoor.

You can also Google the name of your city + the Uber job title that interests you.

6. Where can I lodge complaints related to my Uber service?

If you want to complain about being charged a cleaning fee that you didn’t deserve (AKA Uber Fraud) or a cancellation fee for a ride that never arrived (these issues happen), then you should do so using the in-app support featured discussed above.

Don’t use the support phone number for complaints unless it’s a serious, emergency issue.

Social media is also not the approach we’d recommend, as it may take a long time to resolve your complaint (though making it public can be cathartic).

Get the Uber Support You Need

Reaching out to a large corporation may seem like a difficult task, but Uber actually has quite a few options for users to get help.

Whether you need help with fare adjustments or an issue during your trip, you most likely won’t be left hanging by this rideshare company.

This comprehensive guide on how to contact Uber support can help you find the most convenient route to take for your customer service needs.

As you can see, Uber clearly expanded incredibly quickly and somewhat fallen short in its effort to provide quality support and customer service to users.

However, there are still quite a few ways to contact Uber for problem resolution and get your questions answered:

  1. Call (800) 353-UBER – for emergencies ONLY
  2. Use the Uber partner or rider support features within the Uber app
  3. Visit the official Uber Help Portal
  4. You can email Uber customer service
  5. Find a local Uber office
  6. Reach out to Uber on Facebook or Twitter

Curious about the best way to contact Lyft? Check out our other guide.

Have a proven method that we missed? What do you think of the poll results? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Jennie Says:

    Its hard to get info. There really isnt any number provided to call for information. My company is interested in opening a corporate account. We need assistant on what steps are needed to get this going .

  2. Ridester Staff Says:

    You can view all your trip invoices within the app.

  3. Ridester Staff Says:

    Unfortunately, this is something we covered in a recent post. Many drivers don’t know about the things they’re doing that upset passengers, and when passengers contact Uber customer service to complain, drivers are oftentimes left clueless.

    In this case, asking the driver to roll down their windows is typically the best route to take.

  4. Ridester Staff Says:

    Hey Kambuj,

    If you left something in an Uber, you’ll have to reach out to them directly to resolve the issue. We suggest opening a request with Uber customer support for this.

  5. Ridester Staff Says:

    Sorry to hear this story. In this case, I think telling your story on social media and sharing it with Uber support would be the best route to take.

  6. Donnell Says:

    How is it that without notice a back round check is being done and you’re waitlisted,having been on the platform for nearly 2 yrs.,then a week later,this being your only income,you’re deactivated for what they already know and cleared you to drive

  7. Jennie Says:

    Its hard to get info. There really isnt any number provided to call for information. My company is interested in opening a corporate account. We need assistant on what steps are needed to get this going .

  8. Ridester Staff Says:

    You can view all your trip invoices within the app.

  9. Ridester Staff Says:

    Unfortunately, this is something we covered in a recent post. Many drivers don’t know about the things they’re doing that upset passengers, and when passengers contact Uber customer service to complain, drivers are oftentimes left clueless.

    In this case, asking the driver to roll down their windows is typically the best route to take.

  10. Ridester Staff Says:

    You shouldn’t have to pay anything unless you waited more than 5 minutes to cancel the trip

  11. Ridester Staff Says:

    Hey Kambuj,

    If you left something in an Uber, you’ll have to reach out to them directly to resolve the issue. We suggest opening a request with Uber customer support for this.

  12. Ridester Staff Says:

    Sorry to hear this story. In this case, I think telling your story on social media and sharing it with Uber support would be the best route to take.

  13. Donnell Says:

    How is it that without notice a back round check is being done and you’re waitlisted,having been on the platform for nearly 2 yrs.,then a week later,this being your only income,you’re deactivated for what they already know and cleared you to drive

  14. Ridester Says:

    If you’ve been charged for an Uber ride you’ve never taken, you’ll want to reach out to Uber directly and contact support to have the issue resolved

  15. JC Says:

    Patricia, this isn’t Uber’s website. You have to contact them about your charges. Check out the methods in the article above for the best ways to contact them.

  16. Ashley Says:

    Is there an Uber phone number for support?

  17. John Frenking Says:

    How can I schedule an Uber ahead of time before my ride?

  18. Marcy Reed Says:

    My daughter was in a situation in which she needed to go to a not so safe part of the city in order to retrieve her car which had been towed. Her Uber driver refused to just drop her off there but instead stayed to make sure she was safe. There is more to this story but I really want to have an opportunity to make sure that he is properly recognized for his gallantry. I would like to speak to a customer service representative to express my gratitude but I can’t seem to find a phone number I can call from a landline. I was hoping someone can tell me how to contact the appropriate people at Uber. It is good to know their are still some very good people in this world.

  19. To clarify, did Uber do a background check on you after two years of driving, then deactivate you during that process?

    They commonly deactivate drivers for a few simple reasons, but I didn’t think giving a second background check years after approving a driver was common.

  20. For information about opening a corporate account, you’ll need to reach out to the Uber for Business team here:

  21. It’s possible to schedule an Uber before your ride.

    1. Open the Uber app.
    2. Next to the “Where to?” bar, tap the clock icon.
    3. Select a date and time, which comes in 15-minute windows.
    4. Tap “Set Pickup Time” and enter your scheduled time.

    We put together a full post on how this process works here:

  22. Uber operates a phone number for customer and driver support. The support representatives are trained on a variety of topics, from cancelled rides to missing items. Please refer to the “Uber Phone Number” section above:

  23. Marcy,

    I’m always glad to hear that there are good people in the world still going above and beyond what is expected of them. With all the noise in the world currently, it’s great to hear a story like this. If you’d like to reward your driver, I would suggest navigating to the post-trip section of the app and submitting feedback there. Alternatively, you can also email Uber support and let them know the situation. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Jeff Adler Says:

    The mapping around our complex in Miami is wrong — drivers can never find the building. I have an email written and map drawn to explain — who at Uber can address this. PLEASE!!

  25. Hey Jeff, that would be a question for Uber directly. Apartment, condo, and other dense housing complexes are very difficult for GPS in general, not necessarily just Uber’s mapping system. I used to live in an apartment though, and can understand how frustrating that is. Just be sure to give clear, concise directions before you request a ride. In my experience, almost walking the driver through the complex step by step before they arrive will save lots of time and hassle

  26. Haley Says:

    How do I report a reoccurring bug to Uber? My app has a habit of cancelling my rides either as the driver is arriving or in the middle of the ride.

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