Working as a Lime Electric Scooter Charger

Lime scooters have been making a lot of noise in the news lately. The dockless electric scooters have literally shown up overnight in major cities and college campuses across the United States. They’ve even inked a deal with Uber to expand the scooter offerings.

Lime scooters, just like Bird Scooters, are rented through a mobile app. When a person wants a ride, they access the app, find out where the nearest scooter is, and when they reach it, they “unlock” the scooter and take off. The scooters have a charge distance of about 20 miles, depending on the ride.

Commuters are excited. But some cities aren’t so thrilled. The details are being sorted out and when they are, the dockless scooter sharing trend is going to become a transportation staple.

But who charges all of those things?

Lime Juicers. That’s the name the company is using for the people who are paid to help get the scooters charged and ready for the next day’s fleet of commuters. Juicing is another interesting approach, using the rise of the gig economy to attract people looking to take on a side hustle.

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Juicers are paid per scooter to charge these scooters. Every evening, Lime Juicers login and find out where the scooters are located and they go pick them up. They’re paid to use the electricity in their own homes to charge the scooters and release them the next morning.

The big question is, how much does it pay? How does it work? We’ll cover those questions and more in this article.


How Lime Scooter Charging Works

The process behind Lime scooter charging is pretty straightforward. Lime Juicers are independent contractors. The two many requirements are a vehicle large enough to pick up scooters and enough electrical outlets at home to charge them. Almost anyone can be a juicer.

Every Lime scooter has a system that monitors its battery life and reports it to the app. At the end of the day, Juicers use the app to locate scooters in need of charging. Juicers pick up scooters and take them home in a truck, van, SUV, or large sedan.

When the Lime chargers are plugged in, the charging time varies. A low battery can take 5-7 hours to charge, but some scooters will be picked up when they still have as much as an 80% charge.

Lime contacts Juicers in the morning so they know exactly where to drop off the scooters. Most of the time the locations are in high traffic areas – but before the traffic starts. It’s a great gig if you’re up early and don’t mind getting the scooters in place before 7 a.m.

There is going to be competition for scooter collection. Building a strategy is key. You want your charging side job to make the most profit for you so you need to be on the ball and efficient, as well as smart about your route.

Harvesting a scooter from an out of the way pickup spot sometimes have a higher pay rate. And the app lets you know ahead of time which scooters are worth more. But only do that if it makes sense for you in some other way. Remember that you’re using your own gas. If you pick a cluster of Limes in one area, you maximize profit and minimize effort.

When you’re building your strategy it’s also key to think about how people are using the scooters. A writer for the San Diego Register tells stories of collecting bikes from canyons and behind locked fences that end up being more hassle than they’re worth. Pick places that have a better chance of having intact, working scooters if you’re not up to the challenge or don’t see a profit in it.

How much you make also depends on what you invest. Beyond the initial chargers that you get, you have to buy the chargers for the Limes. They come in packs of four for $20 but you can get promo codes that make them free. You do get a hiring bonus if you can charge 30 scooters in 15 days, so you can get back what you invest in chargers if you charge at least two scooters a day.

Lime Juicer Requirements

Lime isn’t as hard to get into as Uber or Lyft. They only have a few requirements and they all make sense.

You must:

  •      Be 18
  •      Have a vehicle (preferably SUV, truck, van, large sedan, etc.)
  •      Have a valid driver’s license
  •      Have a helmet for scooter driving
  •      Have a smartphone (it’s an app)

Being a juicer also has benefits over other side jobs. A lot of people are interested in side-gigs that allow them to make money without having constant supervision. Juicing beats out a lot of the downsides of jobs like Uber or driving delivery for a restaurant.

For one, it’s a great option if your car doesn’t meet the requirements for car share programs like Uber. Two, you don’t have to deal with people or put yourself in the dangerous position of being alone with people you don’t know. You don’t have to go to anyone’s home or deal with any products or the exchange of money. You just pick up scooters, take them home, drop them back off, and get money deposited straight into your bank account.

How to Become a Lime Scooter Charger

It’s easy to sign up to be a Lime Juicer.

Download the app as a rider and follow through to the Become a Juicer icon, or just go to their website and enter your information. They ask for basic info like what kind of vehicle you drive and your age. They’ll also ask for your banking numbers so they can pay you. If you apply via the website, have your phone handy because they’ll text you.

Once you’ve signed up, Lime will contact you to discuss the processes outlined above. They’ll also tell you what they expect and how you’ll benefit from being a Juicer. You’ll take a few Lime-S Scooter lessons and then take a knowledge review quiz.

Getting approved to be a Juicer takes a few days. You might have to wait, though, to actually start juicing. The program is still getting off the ground and its popularity has put the chargers in high demand. When you’re approved they prompt you to sign up for the chargers and give you a promo code to waive the $20 price tag for them. Even though Lime prompts you to order them, some juicers wait as long as a week to get the chargers.

Here’s one Redditor’s experience:

“I applied and got approved same day about 5 days ago and I began waiting for chargers to be available. Little did I know that they had run out and it was going to be a while to get them so I email their support email and I was given a link and a code to buy the chargers (the code was $20 off so I got them for free). They come in packs of 4 or 10. I got a text earlier today saying that I can begin charging the scooters because the “juicer” mode was now enabled in the app for me. Now I am just waiting on the chargers to arrive. If they arrive by Friday it will have taken me 1 week exactly to start.”

A week might sound like a long time, but not many jobs or new ventures start in less time nor get paid as quickly. One week and one day to getting paid isn’t very long.

How Much do Lime Juicers Make?

A Dallas reporter asked Jeff Roberts, the Operations Manager of Limebike, how much Lime Juicers make and he responded, “They get paid between five and 12 dollars per night, per scooter. They could go and pick up 10 if they can charge that number of scooters every night.” Roberts continues, “So they could make anywhere from $50 to $100 a night just for picking up and charging scooters.”

The standard pay seems to be $5 a charge, but it differs by city or by location and weekend charges pay more like Uber SURGE pricing. In some cities or in unique situations, you can make as much $20 a charge. It all depends on how you frame your pick up plan. Ten $5 charges that are easy to pick up might hold less risk than three $20 charges that are hard to get to.

Ways to Make More Money as a Lime Juicer

Photo via Reddit

Don’t forget the sign-up bonus, for starters. If you charge 30 scooters within two weeks, you get that $150 bonus that you can parlay into more chargers and more money.

Besides making a strategy for harvesting, have one for juicing too. One user on Reddit has this advice: “Best advice is to charge the higher batteries first, then the low batteries. Usually, if they are in the 80s, they will charge over 95% in a couple of hours and the lower batteries around 5-7 hours so you can leave those charging until they are ready to be deployed in the morning.”

This allows you to quickly charge and deploy scooters in a couple hours. You can pick them up and drop them off in a short time frame and then go home and plug in the lower batteries to charge while you’re sleeping.

When you sign up, Lime typically gives you the chargers to charge 3 scooters at a time.

Once you have worked as a Juicer for a while, they will provide a total of 10 chargers. With that many chargers, you can more 3x your earnings.

Contact your customer service rep and request more chargers – it might not work but it’s worth a shot.

You might also make more money if instead of thinking of the harvesting as a hassle, you think of it as a game. People that are into Pokemon Go or scavenger hunts, in general, can really make a lot. Even as much as $100 a night.

The hard to find scooters show up in gold with high dollar amounts on the app. When you click on them, they give you clues of a sort left by other people who gave up. Clues like “It’s behind a fence” or “Didn’t ring” which means it didn’t ring to show its location.

You can also make more by learning a few maintenance hacks. Juicers can either report damaged scooters to be picked up by Lime itself or, if the scooter’s problem is fixable, they can make extra cash for harvesting a Lime they fix on their own.

Again, having a large vehicle and strategizing your pick up route to reduce the number of trips you make will give you a higher profit margin.

You determine how much you make. Harvest Limes with the most rewards from the most reliable pickup spots that don’t take more gas to get to than the profit you’ll make.

The good news is that you get paid every day that you have scooters charged and dropped off. There’s no waiting.

Lime Scooter Juicers are doing well in several towns and cities across the U.S. It’s a great side gig and if you’re savvy, can turn into something you could do as a main gig. If you want to be your own boss or make extra money and you don’t want to deal with the hassles of driving for Uber, Juicing is a great opportunity.

You get choose every day how much you’re going to do, which Limes are worth your time, and you get paid immediately. How much you get paid depends on how much you want to put into it.

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