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How To Become A Lime Charger & Get Paid To Charge Scooters

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Key Takeaways

  • Lime Chargers, or “Juicers,” collect and charge scooters for payment, a good gig economy job.
  • Requirements include being 18+, having a vehicle, smartphone, and buying chargers.
  • Earnings vary by location and demand, averaging $5 to $12 per scooter.
  • Challenges include competition and logistics, but it’s rewarding and environmentally friendly.

Introduction to Lime Charger Role

Lime is one of the largest scooter rental services out there. The company provides its services in various cities to facilitate transport. This ranges from electric scooters to electric bikes.

However, when a lot of people use the company’s electric bikes and scooters, they’ll eventually run out of battery. That’s where Lime chargers come in, also known as “Lime Juicers”.

Lime scooter chargers are simply independent contractors that would charge these scooters in exchange for money.

Charging a single scooter may not generate a large fee . However, as you collect and charge a large number of scooters per day, it starts paying off. This makes it a decent side hustle to generate extra income.

Scooter juicers play a critical role in keeping the business model of rental scooter companies operational and reliable for riders.

In fact, scooter chargers are not essential for Lime only, but the scooter rental ecosystem as a whole, as even Lime competitors like Bird also pay chargers.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Charing Lime scooters is a great way to make money in the gig economy. With side hustles like food delivery and ridesharing becoming increasingly overrun with new applicants, thinking outside the box is the key to earning more money. And a great way to do that is by checking out this gig.

Becoming a Lime Charger: The Essentials

One of the best things about being a Lime Charger is that it doesn’t have many requirements. The most critical requirement to become a Lime Juicer is to have the charger necessary for charging the scooters.

Back when Lime first launched its Juicer program, it provided the chargers and cables to charge its scooters for free.

However, you now have to buy the charger yourself, but luckily, the charger is quite affordable and would cost you less than $15 .

You need one charger per scooter, so you’ll need to buy several chargers if you’re serious about Lime charging.

In addition to the charger, you’ll need some additional items to start juicing. These requirements include:

  • Valid driver’s license, so you need to be above 18 years old as well.
  • You need to have a truck, a van, or a large vehicle to haul the Lime scooters where you charge them. You can also rent the vehicle, but that can massively impact your profitability.
  • with a data plan to get internet access outdoors.
  • Bank account and a debit card for direct deposit (to get paid)

Once you’re ready, you’ll need to sign up to become a Lime Juicerthrough the official website or the app.

You’ll need to answer a few simple questions and provide the necessary information. These include your name, phone number, country, type of phone you use, and whether you have a bank account.

After that, you’ll have to agree to Lime’s terms and conditions, sign the Juicer agreement, and complete the online course on how juicing works.

You should note that Lime doesn’t always require new juicers. In that case, you’ll be on a waiting list until the following wave opens.

Pro Tip: After applying to become a Lime charger, also apply as a Bird charger. It may seem obvious, but charging more scooters, for more companies, greatly increases your chances of making more money.

How to Become a Lime Scooter Charger [Tutorial]

Even after expenses are taken into account, the Lime Juicer role still remains an easy side hustle that pays well, and is one of the best part-time opportunities in the gig economy.

If you’re ready to become a Lime scooter charger, follow this simple step-by-step guide to sign up:

Become a Charger
Become a Charger

Make money with Lime. Set your own hours and get paid for each task you complete.

1. Head to this Lime Juicer sign-up page and fill in the form with your first name, last name, phone number, email, and location Then, tap “Sign Up Now.”

2. If there is a need for Juicers in your area, you’ll get a message that says “Welcome to Lime!” on the next screen. You can tap “Next” to proceed if this is the case.

If the company already has enough Juicers in your area to meet demand, you’ll get a message that says “We will contact you soon!” or “Thank you for your interest!” on your screen.

In this case, you cannot proceed unless supply is needed and a Lime representative reaches out to you first.

3. Read up on the types of tasks you’ll be completing, then tap “Next.”

4. Read about Hyperwallet, which is the platform you’ll get paid through, and how to activate your account after your first task. Then, tap “Next.”

5. Upload an image of your driver’s license, then tap “Next.”

6. Type in your Social Security number in the space provided, then tap “Next.”

7. Tap “Review & Sign.”

Then, in the window that opens up, read through the Independent Juicer Agreement and fill in the three requested fields (your address, initials, and signature).

Tap “Continue,” then “I Agree” once complete.

8. Wait for Lime to review your documents. This usually takes about two business days.

9. As soon as you’re approved as a Lime Juicer, you’ll receive an email.

Follow the prompts in the email you receive to get activated and start juicing with the Lime app.

You may need to take a few short online lessons and wait for your first charging kit to arrive before you can start earning from charging tasks.

Here’s one Redditor’s experience:

I applied and got approved same day about 5 days ago and I began waiting for chargers to be available. Little did I know that they had run out and it was going to be a while to get them so I email their support email and I was given a link and a code to buy the chargers (the code was $20 off so I got them for free). They come in packs of 4 or 10. I got a text earlier today saying that I can begin charging the scooters because the “juicer” mode was now enabled in the app for me. Now I am just waiting on the chargers to arrive. If they arrive by Friday it will have taken me 1 week exactly to start.

The Charging Process Explained

As a Lime Juicer, your main objective is to charge electric scooters with critically low or dead batteries.

You’ll then take these Lime scooters home to charge overnight using your own electricity, then return them to a designated drop-off spot.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the whole process to give you a better idea of how it works.

  1. As a juicer, you’ll open your Lime app and switch to the Juicer tab to check the map.
  2. Lime scooters that need charging will appear on the map, and you’ll see what each scooter will earn you. You’ll also see red icons that represent scooters that you need to send to service centers
  3. You’ll then head to where the scooter is to collect it, also known as harvesting. You do this by finding the scooter in the area, scanning its QR code, and loading it onto your truck.
  4. After collecting enough scooters, you’ll head to your house, and connect the scooters to charge them.
  5. A scooter typically takes around 5 hours to fully charge . Keep in mind that you need to deliver the scooter by a certain time, which is usually around 7 a.m.
  6. When the scooter is ready, you’ll need to deliver them to LimeHub . This is a place where scooters are ready for rent.

Once you drop off the scooter where it should be, Lime will wire the fee to your app’s balance, which you can cash out later.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Lime juicing requires considerable effort, including finding, transporting, charging, and redeploying scooters. The time and physical labor involved are significant factors to consider.

Successful Lime juicing often requires a vehicle (like a truck or van) to transport multiple scooters. Additionally, the cost of electricity, chargers, and vehicle maintenance needs to be factored into the profitability.

If charging isn’t for you, I’ve heard of some gig workers adapting to changes in Lime’s business model by focusing on tasks like moving and retrieving scooters, which still offer decent pay.

Earnings and Payment Structure

Understanding the ins and outs of the lime juicer gig is critical before you make up your mind, and that’s mainly includes your earnings.

Lime’s payment system is based on the number of scooters you collect, charge, and return to its designated LimeHub.

Ideally, you should expect to earn anywhere between $5 to $12 per scooter , with the common average hovering around the lower end of the scale.

This earning potential varies because it depends on specific factors, such as:

  • Location: Regions with more scooters will typically net you more money. This is mainly because you’ll get to collect more scooters per night.
  • Demand for scooters: When there’s a high demand for scooters in the area, Lime would bump up the charging bonus to encourage juicers to charge more scooters.
  • The scooter’s battery level, and how long it has been out of charge.

Your earning potential would also vary depending on your performance, meaning how efficiently you do the whole process. This allows you to earn more for the work you do.

While per-scooter charging is the core, Lime also throws in some occasional bonuses to keep Juicers motivated.

Working at peak operational times, especially at night, would decently boost your earnings in the long run.

While setting up your payment system as Lime Juicer, you’ll get to choose your preferred payout method. Lime can pay its chargers through debit cards or bank transfers .

Ideally, the company rolls out its payments every couple of days , except weekends. This means that if the app notifies you that you’re getting paid on Thursday or Friday, you may not receive the payout until the next Monday or Tuesday.

To prevent overspending, keep these costs in mind as you start “juicing” with Lime:

  • Electricity: One of the costs that’s not considered as often is the cost of charging a handful of scooters for hours each day. It’s estimated that one scooter costs about 23 cents to fully charge.
  • Gas: You pay for any gas you use. To get tax deductions for your gas usage, make sure to track your mileage.
  • Car maintenance: Since you’ll be using your car more frequently, you may need to spend more on car maintenance costs to prevent more expensive repair needs (which are also your responsibility) in the future.
  • Chargers: If you want to charge more Lime scooters at once, you’ll need to purchase more chargers. Lime sells charging kits directly to Juicers, though you can use third-party sites like Amazon and eBay to find more affordable versions, new or used.
  • Self-employment taxes: On top of your income taxes, you’ll be responsible for Social Security and Medicare taxes. Make sure to reserve 15.3% of your Lime Juicer income for these expenses.

Optimizing Earnings as a Lime Charger

Charging lime scooters can be a lucrative side gig if it checks out for you. Yet, there are a variety of ways to make even more money while charging. Here’s a quick look at them:

1. Collecting Scooters at Optimal Times

Hitting the streets at the right time will help you make the most out of your time. Ideally, most Lime scooters would be ready by the day and out of battery during the night.

For that reason, start your collecting run around 9 p.m. or later for the maximum number of scooters.

2. Efficient Route Planning

Have a quick look at the map to determine the fastest and most efficient way to collect scooters. This will help you avoid the back and forth, net you more scooters to charge, and reduce your spending on gas.

3. Opt for Quantity over Quality

Some scooters are harder to find, and therefore, pay a little extra to be charged. However, it’s better for you to collect several easier targets than go for one high-paying tricky scooter. This will end up making you more money in the long run.

4. Charge for Competitors Too

Almost all scooter rental platforms out there pay individuals to charge their units. Since nothing in Lime Juicing policies prevents you from being a Spin charger as well, you should consider it.

This can dramatically maximize your earning potential by giving you a wider range of scooters to collect, making your night runs even more efficient and profitable.

Balancing the Gig: Challenges and Solutions

Charging Lime scooters can be a worthy side hustle, but it’s not always smooth sailing. The biggest hurdle you’ll face as a charger is the competition.

There will always be other Juicers in your area, which affects the number of scooters you can collect and affects your earning potential.

The best solution here is to always set up a strategy for your work. This includes starting your work a little earlier than the rush hours.

This trick will give you a nice head start, allowing you to get to the easiest targets before others. It will also help you manage your logistics because you’ll have time to strategize during peak times, knowing that you’ve already collected some scooters.

Benefits of Being a Lime Charger

Being a Lime Charger comes with a wide range of advantages and perks. If these advantages align with your needs, Juicing would be a perfect gig for you.

The main advantage here is that it’s a simple side gig that earns you some extra cash without needing special skills . Additionally, while there are peak times, you can still charge scooters anytime you want.

It’s also a highly rewarding effort if you’re concerned about the environment. By keeping Lime scooters charged and ready to go, you’re contributing to a more sustainable transportation system by giving people greener, alternative options.

Lastly, if you enjoy hanging out in your city and treat Lime Juicing as a fun activity, it’ll be an enjoyable experience and won’t even feel like you’re doing work.

Safety and Compliance

Lastly, while charging Lime scooters, you should always be aware of the essential safety measures to stay safe. Here are some tips to help you with that:

  • Take your time to familiarize yourself with safe battery handling while charging Lime scooters.
  • Check local regulations and abide by traffic rules while collecting the scooters.
  • Inspect the scooters and check for any signs of damage before charging.
  • Regularly review Lime’s safety resources and training materials.
  • Wear reflective gear to stay visible at night

Conclusion: Is Charging for Lime Right for You?

Being a Lime Juicer is a unique side gig with special requirements. While it doesn’t pay much at first, the numbers can remarkably add up and provide an excellent side income.

While it’s a worthy side hustle, the gig is simply not for everyone. Juicing has specific requirements and must align with your schedule to work out for you. Additionally, it highly depends on the scooter’s availability in your area.

If you’re an active person who thrives on flexibility and enjoys the “treasure-hunt” aspect of the gig, it might be the ideal side hustle for you. But if it doesn’t align with your interests, abilities, and income goals, you’re better off with other gigs instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a Lime Juicer standing in front of Lime scooters that are charging on a wall

Can I be a full-time Lime Juicer?

Yes, you can be a full-time Lime Juicer. While Lime limits you to 25 scooters at a time and charging takes up to seven hours, some cities offer enough scooters to make it a full-time job. Additionally, consider JUMP scooters by Uber for more traditional employment in this industry.

Do Lime Juicers make more than Bird scooter chargers?

Lime Juicers and Bird scooter chargers earn similar amounts, around $5 per scooter. Bird’s earnings vary more, ranging from $3 to $20, while Lime’s earnings are steadier, typically between $5 and $12 per scooter.

Contractors often work for both companies, maximizing earnings by choosing the higher paying brand or charging for both.

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