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City-dwellers understand how difficult it can be to get to work.

In an already fast-paced environment, battling for a parking spot or struggling to change lanes has always been seen as a necessary and unavoidable hurdle.

There must be a better option, right?

Transportation innovations like Lime Scooters changed the game for commuters, offering low-priced options like bikes and scooters for rent, on-demand.

This idea has taken hold in dozens of cities in the United States and globally in Chile, Germany, Singapore, and New Zealand.

As this service grows in popularity, its offerings continue to evolve.

With Lime Prime, riders can enjoy even more perks for using the rideshare app frequently, including no unlock fees, discounts on rides, and longer reservation times for its fleet of bikes, scooters, and mopeds.

What is Lime Prime?

Lime Prime is a new subscription service for users of Lime, a last-mile transportation app for bikes, mopeds, and electric scooters.

Located in metro areas throughout the United States and globally, Lime offers flexible transportation for commuters, tourists, and casual users alike.

vector graphic showing an overview of the Lime Prime service

Lime riders simply approach a Lime vehicle wherever they are found, whether that’s in a charging station or locked up to a lamppost.

Using the Lime mobile app, users can unlock access to the vehicle and be riding in seconds!

Standard users of the Lime service have an experience very similar to other rideshare services, taking into account the length of your planned route and charging both a per-minute fee and a fee to unlock a Lime vehicle every time you jump on a new one.

This flexible transportation service is a great fit for commuters who need to efficiently navigate traffic and tourists who want a unique connection to a new city.

The fees for Lime rentals are much less than a rideshare service with a driver and offers maximum convenience for users.

Lime Prime is a new service tier on the app that opens up additional flexibility, efficiency, and money-saving options for heavy users of any Lime vehicle.

When users upgrade to Lime Prime, they automatically receive updated perks to benefit their next ride.

What Does Lime Prime Do?

Lime Prime unlocks premium features for a monthly fee.

These additional features will be the most attractive ones for frequent Lime riders.

This premium tier of service aims to improve convenience, flexibility, and affordability for commuters and others who often choose on-demand, small vehicle rentals through a peer-to-peer car rental service.

Lime Prime members enjoy a 30-minute reservation time for Lime electric scooters and other vehicles, instead of just 10 minutes for non-Lime Prime users.

This service also removes unlock fees, in cities that have them, or a 25% discount if there are no unlock fees.

Lime also plants a tree for every Lime Prime member to reinforce the sustainability message from the people at Lime.

Choosing a rideshare scooter, bike, or moped from Lime contributes to Lime’s mission to slow the effects of climate change and reforest threatened areas globally.

Where Does Lime Prime Work?

Lime Prime benefits can be applied to any Lime electric scooter, bike, or moped in the fleet.

Lime Prime is limited to the Lime locations in the country where you originally purchased your subscription and cannot be transferred across country borders.

That means, if you have Lime Prime in the US, you can use it seamlessly in San Jose, Baltimore, and Tulsa.

However, if you wanted to take advantage of these convenient vehicles in Helsinki or Sydney, you would need to purchase a subscription that works within that particular country.

How Much Does Lime Prime Cost?

Lime Prime is a subscription service with a monthly fee of $5.99.

In addition to a flat monthly fee, Lime Prime members are also still eligible for promotions and day passes, which allows Lime Prime subscribers to stack their savings and enjoy the most perks for being a consistent rider.

Standard Lime pricing can include an unlock fee to access the vehicle and a fee per minute for the duration of every ride.

Lime’s unlock fee is $1 and charges $.30 per mile.

How to Sign up for Lime Prime

Lime operates primarily through a mobile app, so first you must download the Lime app on your smartphone.

Next, locate the app’s dropdown menu and click on the ‘Lime Prime’ option.

Follow the app’s prompts to sign up by providing any basic profile and payment information.

As Lime Prime is a subscription, you will be automatically charged the monthly flat fee every 30 days.

Be sure to use your app each time you ride within the original country where Lime Prime was purchased to unlock the full benefits of Lime Prime.

How to Cancel Lime Prime

Lime Prime members can cancel at any time by following a similar procedure to signing up for this Lime pass.

Locate the same dropdown menu and again click on the ‘Lime Prime’ option.

Again, follow the prompts to cancel your membership.

Keep in mind your billing cycle when you decide to end your membership.

You still can access the full benefits of Lime Prime until the end of your billing cycle, so the service does not expire immediately.

If you decide to sign up again, you can do so at any time without penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing hand holding phone with a Lime Scooter price quote on the screen

What scooter service is the cheapest?

The cheapest scooter pricing currently comes from the most recognizable names in rideshares:

Uber and Lyft.

Currently, every standard user of these scooters experiences a $1 unlocking fee and a per-minute fee for the duration of the ride.

All services charge around $0.30 per minute, with Lyft scooters and bikes charging between 15 – 29 cents per minute on the lowest end.

Uber offers service for almost the same price, at 15 – 30 cents per minute, while Lime charges 15 – 29 cents and Bird between 15 – 32 cents per minute.

Read More: Bird scooter cost

Is Lime cheaper than Spin?

Spin and Lime offer almost identical pricing structures, with Spin’s per-minute rates ranging from 15 – 33 cents.

This rate is virtually the same as Lime’s at 15-29 cents per mile, but Lime is slightly cheaper.

Spin also offers a monthly service called Spin+, but this is different from Lime Prime.

For $59 a month, Spin+ users receive a scooter of their own with unlimited scooter swapping and technical assistance.

Spin+ is offered in fewer US and international cities than the Lime pass.

Does Bird offer a subscription service for their scooters?

Bird scooter also offers a subscription product that is similar to the Spin+ model.

The Bird service also offers an electric scooter to users for their personal use all month long, instead of finding a dockless scooter out in the wild.

Bird scooters can even be delivered to your door.

This Bird rideshare model is rolling out slowly in only a few cities around the world.

However, for users in its service area, this subscription service is much cheaper than Spin+ at only $25/month for unlimited rides, a lock and charging hardware, and at-home delivery and pick-up.

Wrapping Up

Rideshare services are evolving quickly to meet the demand of the modern person on the move.

Choosing a Lime vehicle to get around your city is affordable, flexible, sustainable, and efficient.

With perk-heavy subscription services like Lime Prime, now there’s no better way to ride.

1 thought on “Lime Prime: More Savings With The Best Scooter Subscription”

  1. Good article! I have been a prolific Lime scooter and bike rider. Over a thousand rides, almost 800 miles. I also benefit from Lime’s half price program for those of us with really low incomes. I can not afford a car.

    I used LimePrime last year during the riding season, which in this northern climate is approximately mid March through October or so. So I cancelled LimePrime November 2021. Started riding a few weeks ago as bikes and scooters became available and the weather is not too cold or snowy. Tried to sign up for LimePrime, but the option is not on the “people” menu. One Lime customer support person said my account was associated with fraud and lack of payment, and that is completely untrue, which I told them. No response. I’ve been riding almost every day, several trips for the past 10 days, but’s it more expensive because I don’t have access to LimePrime.

    Just wondering if you’ve ever heard of such a problem, and how I can escalate this to get resolved.

    Thanks very much in advance for any info. you might have.


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