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The 10 Best NYC Taxi Apps Of 2024 [Voted By Readers]

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Key Takeaways

  • NYC offers taxi apps like Curb, Myle, and Arro for convenient cab bookings.
  • Rideshare alternatives include Uber, Lyft, and electric options like Revel and Gravity.
  • Taxis and rideshares differ in payment methods, vehicle types, and booking processes.
  • Always have multiple apps to compare prices and avoid surges in NYC.

Can You Use an App to Get a Taxi in New York City?

Yes. There are apps available that will let you order a taxi in the heart of NYC without you needing to stick your hand in the air or having the incredible talent to whistle.

Curb is rated as the number one taxi app in major cities, according to Apple’s data. However, it is challenging to pick just one app as the best taxi app after looking at its pros and cons.

Myle seems to be the app giving a good run with Uber and Lyft as a respectful competitor but at a 10% cheaper rate.

Gravity and Revel, along with electric vehicles in general, are probably the future of ridesharing, but with a smaller fleet of vehicles available, you must rely on a secondary app so you don’t get stranded on the streets of NYC.

The Best NYC Taxi Apps (An Overview)

We did the research so you don’t have to. Based on user feedback, the best NYC taxi apps of 2024 are:

  1. Curb
  2. Arro
  3. Myle
  4. The Drivers Co-op
  5. Uber
  6. Lyft
  7. Revel
  8. Via
  9. Gravity
1. Curb
Best for reliable taxi service

1. Curb

  • Specifically designed for hailing taxis
  • Competitive and affordable rates
  • Most popular taxi app in NYC
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Curb is a rideshare app that you can download just like any other. Once you've entered your information and payment method, you're ready to request a ride.

What sets Curb apart from other rideshare apps is that it's specifically designed for hailing taxis. It connects users to yellow and green cabs throughout the city.

Curb Cost

Curb is competitive and affordable taxi fare rates. Curb does not have surge pricing for peak hours so it can be more cost-effective than rideshares during those time periods.

Curb Availability

The availability of Curb can be a bit frustrating at certain times of the day, especially in NYC. You might wait just to find out minutes later that a driver isn't available in your area.

  • Schedule pickups at a specific time.
  • Ideal for time-sensitive trips like airport rides.
  • Great for on-time events.
  • Service can be unreliable at certain times for immediate pickups.
  • Advisable to have a backup rideshare app.
  • Helps avoid being stranded without a ride.
2. Arro
Best for affordable taxi rides

2. Arro

  • Rates stay competitive with the NYC taxi market
  • Safety is top-of mind - cabbies are certified and trained
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Arro is an app to hail a cab by phone. Store everything into your app so there are no physical transactions needed at the time of your ride, and the app takes care of the cost directly to your payment method.

Arro Cost

Arro also believes in keeping things affordable, following the competitive rate of taxi fares in NYC. They don't charge surge pricing for peak hours, and Arro practices safety first, training and certifying all cabbies. 

Arro Availability

Arro app has real-time status on their drivers, so you will see if taxi options are near your area and if they are available.

  • Pay via app for taxis hailed traditionally.
  • Select 'I'm Already In A Taxi' in the app.
  • App pairs with cab's meter number.
  • Fare charged automatically to in-app payment method.
  • They also offer wheelchair accessibility options.
  • Service fees for app-initiated rides.
  • Additional $2 charge per app-requested ride.
  • Only $3 for scheduled, time-specific rides.
  • Prefer no increase in reserved ride rates.
3. Myle
Best for eco-conscious riders

3. Myle

  • A wide variety of service options and ride types
  • Dedicated to enhancing the standard taxi experience for passengers
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Myle is a unique rideshare app developed by NYC cab veteran Aleksey Medvedovskiy. It offers an array of services, including concierge, public, micro-transit, and medical transportation.

Distinguished for supporting NYC medical staff during subway shutdowns, Myle is dedicated to enhancing the passenger experience.

Myle cost

Myle ridesharing offers fares about 10% lower than standard NYC rates, with no surge charges during peak hours. Additionally, it doesn't impose cancellation fees until the driver arrives at the pickup location.

Myle availability

Depending on what service you are looking for, availability can be very good.


  • Diverse transportation options.
  • Environmentally conscious with micro-transit.
  • Helps reduce road pollution.
  • Limited to New York's five boroughs.
  • Uncertainty about spontaneous use for social events.
  • Concerns about app's ease of use for casual outings.
4. The Drivers Co-op
Best for supporting drivers

4. The Drivers Co-op

  • Driver-owned, with a focus on fairness for both parties
  • Pricing is competitive with Uber and Lyft
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The Drivers Co-op is a non-profit, driver-owned rideshare service in NYC, founded by a former Uber executive, a black car driver, and a union organizer.

It's designed to ensure drivers earn the majority of the profits from their work, shifting the financial rewards from the company to the drivers themselves.

The Drivers Co-op Cost

The Co-op is competitive with Uber and Lyft.

The Drivers Co-op Availability

With the advantage of booking online or downloading the app, the availability is good for this rideshare if you are using it within NYC.

  • Drivers receive a larger share of profits.
  • Supports drivers who are crucial to the rideshare platform.
  • Unclear background checks and certifications for drivers.
  • Lack of certainty about driver vetting process.
5. Uber
Best for convenience

5. Uber

  • Uber Taxi allows riders to call a taxi cab using their Uber app
  • Reliable rides, on-demand 24/7
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Uber, the pioneer of ridesharing since 2009, has become a global household name. Launching in NYC in 2011, it revolutionized taxi services.

Recently, Uber has further evolved by partnering with Yellow Taxi, Curb, and CMT, continuing to transform the transportation landscape.

Uber Cost

Uber's pricing, initially very competitive, increased as the company expanded. It introduced surge pricing, charging higher rates during peak hours.

While Uber initially operated as a tip-free service, claiming drivers were adequately compensated through fares, the current model now encourages tipping.

Uber Availability

Uber is highly available at most times of the day. Uber drivers will hustle during peak hours to make extra money, so even though it might be busier and a longer wait, they will eventually get to you.



  • Uber as the pioneer of ridesharing.
  • Recognizable brand attracts new drivers.
  • Contributes to growing transportation availability in NYC.
  • Prices for rides have tripled since Uber's inception.
  • Price increase not significantly linked to gas prices.
  • Drivers still earn only 40% per ride.
  • Growing corporate interests taking more profit.
  • Deviation from Garrett Camp's original vision for Uber.
6. Lyft
Best alternative to Uber

6. Lyft

  • Doesn't have a taxi option, but does offer on-demand rides
  • Oftentimes cheaper than Uber and taxi cabs during non-busy hours
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Lyft, emerging as Uber's first competitor in June 2012, operates similarly with an app-based system and payment method setup.

It distinguishes itself by offering additional benefits, such as providing transit schedules.

Lyft Cost

Lyft is comparable to trending Uber prices. Lyft, like Uber, also has surging prices during peak times.

Lyft Availability

The availability for Lyft is great. Most drivers for Uber are also working for Lyft.

  • Ability to reserve bikes or scooters via the app.
  • Easy process: click icon, enter code on dock's keypad.

Significant price increases similar to Uber's recent hikes.

7. Revel
Best for electric vehicle enthusiasts

7. Revel

  • Ride service operating a fleet of Teslas and mopeds
  • Very competitive pricing model
  • Kicker - the demand is very limited
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Revel offers an all-electric rideshare experience with a fleet of Teslas and mopeds. You can request a Tesla for a ride, or for a more adventurous option, rent an electric moped, complete with two safety helmets.

Revel Cost

Revel's rideshare Tesla offers competitive pricing compared to other services. Renting a moped costs only $1 to unlock and approximately $0.25 per minute.

While costs can accumulate over extended use, the mopeds are highly convenient for short, quick trips within a few blocks.

Revel Availability

Revel's availability is not what someone needing a ride today would want to hear. There is a waiting list to ride in Revel's revolutionary Tesla vehicles. 

  • Launched a fleet of e-bikes for monthly rentals.
  • E-bikes with a top speed of 20mph.
  • Rental cost around $99 per month.
  • Electric rideshare service seen as a novelty.
  • Limited fleet of Teslas leads to long wait times.
8. Via
Best for cost-effective carpooling

8. Via

  • A heavy focus on ridesharing - which stands out from other services
  • Very simple process to call a ride
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Via offers a unique carpooling experience, distinct from other rideshares. It employs a scientific approach to its pooling service, ensuring timely pickups and drop-offs.

Riders simply enter their location and destination, and Via efficiently coordinates the journey, prioritizing quick and convenient travel.

Via Cost

Via can be utterly affordable as it helps save the planet by reducing Co2 emissions. Some people stated that using Via can cost them as low as $5 per ride.

Via Availability

As long as Via has drivers heading your way and room in the van, they will pick you up. Availability seems to be good, but does require some wait time. 

  • Extremely customer-friendly.
  • Offers discounts for Seniors and other groups.
  • Carpooling can be unpredictable for timely arrivals.
  • Best used when time is not a critical factor.
9. Gravity
Interesting high-tech option

9. Gravity

  • A fleet of yellow taxis offering an upscale ride experience
  • Cabs are equipped with AI technology, with a unique photo booth inside
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Gravity redefines ridesharing with cutting-edge technology, offering an upscale experience through an electric fleet of yellow taxis equipped with integrated AI technology.

Gravity Cost

Gravity has Mach-E, Model Y, and Tesla yellow taxis available, but they also offer a black car service which makes the cost vary dramatically.

Gravity Availability

The availability for taxis is very good. There's even a chance to hail one off the streets of NYC.

  • Luxurious, environmentally friendly city taxi experience.
  • Unique photo booth option in the cab.

App limited to iOS, Mac, and iPhone users.

Taxi vs. Rideshare

There are a few differences and similarities between a taxi and a rideshare, but it is best to define both before diving in and comparing them.

vector graphic showing uber vs taxi


A taxi, which is a transportation service that started in the late 1800s, is a licensed car ride by a company that charges a fee or fare.

Taxis are usually a fleet of cars that look similar by style, color, and signage.


Rideshare, a much new concept, is where a company has an arrangement with private vehicles and their owners to offer transportation to passengers for a fee through an app or website.

Similarities Between Taxis and Rideshare

Besides taking a passenger from point A to point B, a taxi or rideshare have a lot of things in common.

They could almost be twins if they weren’t so different.

Here are a few things both have to offer.

  • Qualified to drive passengers.
  • Drivers are subjected to a background check.
  • Will drive you almost anywhere for a fee.
  • Take credit card payments.
  • Has at least four doors for passengers to get into the vehicle comfortably.
  • Drivers usually maintain a high level of professionalism.

Differences Between Taxis and Rideshare

The differences are significant between a taxi and rideshare if you haven’t noticed.


  • The vehicle is always different.
  • Offer luxury vehicles for a higher fee.
  • Rides don’t allow cash payments.
  • You can’t flag down a rideshare on the street without booking a ride through the app.
  • Unlike every rom-com movie in the 90s, when the lead character changes their mind and tells the cab to go somewhere else, you can’t change your destination while en route without requesting it in the app.


  • Cab drivers don’t know where they’re taking you until you get in the car.
  • The taxi might not be as comfortable as other vehicles.
  • Less accommodating. The cab driver doesn’t usually ask what you want to listen to on the radio.
  • Doesn’t usually offer a charger or charging space for your phone.
  • Doesn’t care about 5-star ratings, and sometimes it shows.

Which is Better?

Honestly, it comes down to personal preference, availability, or price for most passengers.

Most passengers feel that either ride is a source of private transportation that gets them to where they need to go without worry.

Some rideshare drivers are excellent, some are not, and the same goes for taxis.

Nevertheless, that’s where tipping your driver comes into play.

There is no guarantee, with either service, that it will be the most incredible experience of your life.

Still, both transportation services have guaranteed standards that the drivers and vehicles must follow.

Both services also have customer service, so if a ride isn’t up to snuff, it can be reported to the proper department.  

Wrapping Up

No matter which yellow and green taxi, or ridesharing app you favor, it’s best to have at least two apps on your phone to price check and avoid surges.

With all these options popping up in the heart of NYC, if we do the work, we can keep transportation services at a reasonable price.

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