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How to Drive for Arro: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Arro connects users with taxis, offering an alternative to traditional rideshare apps.
  • Requires only a phone and driver’s license to start earning as a driver.
  • Features include real-time e-hail requests, 24-hour driver support, and fast payouts.
  • Free to download on iOS and Android, available in major US cities.

With almost a million app downloads and thousands of active users, Arro is proving to be a reliable transport option alongside industry giants Uber and Lyft.

This means opportunities for any driver looking to earn extra bucks, with only a phone and driver’s license as the initial requirements.

The growing competition in Uber helps you explore ride-hailing alternatives like Arro, which may not be as huge but has the same potential to earn you money.

Let’s get into the basics and see how to get started with the platform from scratch.

Requirements to Become an Arro Driver

To become an Arro driver, you’ll need to have the following:

  • A valid driver’s license (a TLC license if you’re in New York)
  • A cab equipped with CMT (Creative Mobile Technologies). This is linked to the Arro app, allowing users to hail available taxis in real-time
  • An active Arro driver account
  • CMTPay Card

How to Become an Arro Driver: Step-By-Step Guide

Granted that you already have a valid driver’s license and a cab, your next action point is to download the app on your iPhone or Android device and create an Arro Driver account.

Step 1: Register Through the App

Launch the app and tap ‘Register.’ You can sign up using your email or your Arro passenger account, if you have one. If it’s the former, you’ll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Complete name
  • Email address
  • Preferred password
  • Mobile number

You’ll then receive a four-digit code through your mobile number, which you should input into the app.

Step 2: Log in to Your MDT (Mobile Data Terminal)

After entering your four-digit mobile code, log in to your cab’s MDT. You’ll see a six-digit invite code on the screen. Copy that code and type it into the Arro app.

Step 3: Set Up Your Payment Method

Arro uses a CMTPay card to send you payment. If you already have one, you just need to add your card details to the app. Otherwise, you can tap ‘Register for a New PayCard’ to get one.

If you’re getting a new card, you’ll need to provide these details:

  • Complete Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Home Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Number and Issuer

Your mobile app will present you with a digital card and will notify you once the actual card is ready for pickup or if it’s on your way.

Arro doesn’t specify how long you’ll have to wait for the new card to arrive, so checking the app regularly for updates is recommended.

How to Use the Arro App for Drivers

Once you have everything set, you’re ready to take Arro trips! Here’s a run-through of how to use the app to ensure your visibility to passengers.

Step 1: Log in to the App and Keep Your Status Available

You have two status options in the Arro app: available and unavailable. It’s always recommended to keep your status as ‘available,’ as it increases your chance of receiving e-hail requests from passengers.

Step 2: Accept Arro Trip Offer

The app notifies you of a trip offer by showing how many minutes away the pickup point is. Slide the corresponding button on the screen to accept the offer. Remember that other drivers may have also received the same offer. The first one to accept it is awarded the trip.

Step 3: View Detailed Navigation

Once the trip is confirmed, you’ll see a ‘Navigate’ button on the screen, which links to Google Maps, Waze, or any of your preferred navigation apps. Use this button to get detailed instructions on how to get to the pickup point.

If you need to call the passenger, tap their profile icon at the lower left of your screen. For security reasons, neither of your mobile numbers will be shown. You can use the same icon to ‘Cancel Ride’ in case of unforeseen incidents when you can’t make it to the location.

Step 4: Confirm Passenger Onboarding

Confirm your arrival on site by sliding the corresponding button on the app. Confirm again once the passenger’s on board the vehicle, or call them.

The app will prompt you to confirm the start of the trip. Make sure you do this to ensure the fare is calculated properly. You don’t have to start the meter. Arro automatically does this for you at the end of the trip.

Step 5: Confirm the End of the Trip Upon Arrival

The Arro app will once again prompt you to confirm the end of the trip upon arrival at the destination. Once confirmed, the app will show the fare amount on the screen, including tips. If you paid any toll during your trip, tap ‘Set Toll’ to add the figure to the total amount.

Hit ‘Submit’ and you’re good to go. Pay is often credited to your linked PayCard within 24 hours.

Why Drive a Taxi Through Arro

While there are several ridesharing options on the market, Arro has some convincing benefits, especially for seasoned taxi drivers and locals.

  • Fast Payouts: With the tap of a button, your Arro payment can be credited as fast as 24 hours, compared to some apps, which can take up to five business days to hit your account.
  • Higher Earnings: While Arro doesn’t divulge an exact figure, they’re known to charge lesser fees than major ridesharing companies. Tips are also paid in full to the driver.
  • Thousands of Passengers: There remains a significant volume of people who prefer local taxis over private vehicles, banking on the fact that local drivers know the area better.
  • Easy to Start: There are no complicated requirements or tons of documents required.
  • Easy to Use App: Arro’s intuitive app design makes it easy to navigate, even for complete beginners.
  • Driver Support Team: Driver support runs 24/7, all year round, via email.
  • Free Training: Free videos are available for driver education on the app. They offer navigation tutorials you can use when testing its features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Tip Do You Get at Arro?

The default tipping rate is 15% of the fare, excluding toll fees. However, passengers can alter this if they wish to tip you higher. Updating tip details can be done before the start of the trip or while on the road.

Can You Receive Trip Offers through Uber?

Yes, you can. However, there’s a separate eligibility requirement, which Arro hasn’t made public. Once you’re deemed eligible, though, you’ll receive an offer similar to how you receive current e-hails.

Do You Get Paid for Passenger Cancellations?

Passengers can cancel free of charge within the first 90 seconds after vehicle assignment. After that, they’ll be charged $2 per instance. The no-show fee is set at $5. CMT will notify you when you’ll be paid your cancellation fee.

Key Takeaway

You can download Arro for free on your iOS and Android devices, and the service is available in every major US city, so you won’t lose anything if you try it out. It’s user-friendly, easy to set up, and allows easy payments for passengers and drivers.

Go at it and use this guide to assess the app’s compatibility with your income goals if you’d appreciate an alternative to Uber and Lyft. Enjoy driving!

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