Postmates Driver Referral Code: Claim Your Bonus

In a world where technology is modifying traditional boundaries, more and more business sectors are being challenged by new providers offering to revolutionize the service industry.

One such service is Postmates, which started operating in 2011, and has been rapidly expanding ever since. Now, with operations in over 200 cities, couriers deliver north of one million items per month.

Like Uber, Postmates uses the on-demand business model to provide delivery service via thousands of delivery drivers and couriers that are requested through the Postmates app. Whether a user is looking for a Starbucks coffee, McDonalds fries, something from the Apple Store, they can rely on Postmates to have items delivered in a timely, organized manner.

This service has clearly refined their delivery system into a well-oiled machine, but they are constantly finding new ways to keep up with this explosive growth.

As they grow, they need to recruit more and more drivers to their platform to meet customer demand. One of the core ways they do this is by offering MASSIVE sign-on bonuses to new couriers who sign up with a Postmates driver referral code.

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Postmates is Hiring

As the service is growing rapidly, Postmates is looking for new drivers who are available to deliver goods at times of day, and for hours that suit the driver. And they’re prepared for drivers to use any form of transport – their website suggests ‘… drive, scoot, bike or walk’.

Postmates Courier Requirements

Before we dive too far into the application itself, it is important to touch on the requirements for becoming a courier.

This company offers a diverse delivery service, and just about anyone can qualify. Delivery vehicles include bicycles, vans, cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles and walkers. The type of service you can provide will vary based on the choice you make.

Some basic requirements for every courier include:

  • Couriers must be at least 18 years of age at time of application
  • Must have a valid drivers license, good for at least a year before submitting application
  • Couriers must own or lease a smartphone to accept delivery requests
  • Couriers must be upbeat, lively, and friendly towards customers
  • Have some type of delivery vehicle to get to and from deliveries. This can be a scooter, car, bike, or any type of reliable transportation method

If you meet these basic requirements, move on to the next step and actually apply to become a courier.

Applying to become a Postmates courier

If you’re interested in making a healthy income, and have the extra hours available to work, then apply to become a Postmates courier.

Couriers and delivery drivers can expect to make around $25 an hour, work their own hours, and keep all of the tips they receive, making this gig a very lucrative and flexible job.

Signing up to become a Postmates courier is a pretty easy and straightforward process, and doesn’t take much time to do.

Potential couriers can expect to go through the following steps:

  1. Create a Postmates courier account by entering an email address and password.
  2. Enter some basic information including name, phone number, smartphone operating system type, city to deliver in, and type of vehicle.
  3. Enter a Postmates driver Referral code (listed below).
  4. Consent to a background check.

**Note: Our friends over at put together a very comprehensive tutorial to applying for Postmates, so if you have any questions about how to apply, check that out.

Postmates Courier Referral Code

You saw above that we mentioned a Postmates courier referral code, and are probably wondering what this is.

Well, Postmates will reward you for providing their service – they will pay you per delivery. But they will also reward new drivers for signing up with the service in the form of sign-on bonuses. The cash bonus can be worth up to $200, depending on the city you sign up to deliver in.

This is an important option to note; and a great way for you to earn a little extra income in addition to delivery fares that are already high!

To claim the bonus, you will need to enter the driver referral code [email protected] into the “Referral Code” box in the first step of the application process. This code will give new couriers and drivers a cash bonus after they complete a certain amount of rides.

It is important to note that this referral code must be applied during the initial application process, and cannot be retroactively applied after the couriers starts delivering orders.

Once you apply to be a courier, you will go through a vetting process.

These checks are simple, and intended to ensure that you’re the type of person who is appropriate to maintain the high standards offered by Postmates.

You’ll have a background check, you’ll have a face-to-face interview, and you’ll be asked to make some test deliveries. If you’re driving, Postmates will need to see your license and insurance. Once you’ve passed these tests, you will be able to work pretty much whenever you want!

Postmates FAQ

Postmates is a pretty new company, and there are still tons of couriers that aren’t quite sure of how the application process works, or what to expect once they get approved to delivery.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a few of the most commonly asked questions that we hear from users. Check them out:

What are the most common Postmates deliveries?

While Postmates can deliver anything from an iPad to groceries, the most common delivery is for take-out food.

How do I use Postmates?

Download the app. Set up your account. Find the items you want. Order them. Your order will be delivered within the time frame identified at the time you placed the order.

Where is Postmates available?

The number of cities that Postmates operates in increases regularly. There are now over 200 locations that offer a Postmates service.

How much does a Postmates delivery cost?

The base fee for delivery starts at $5, plus a 9% service fee for the value of the item you purchased. The actual fee will vary based on the distance from pick-up to drop off, and the capacity of the courier.

Does Postmates pricing change at peak times of high demand?

Be aware that Blitz pricing can also apply. Blitz pricing is put in place when delivery demands are higher than normal, such as during peak times. The increased pricing is targeted at encouraging the Postmates couriers to be available, helping ensure delivery time frames are achieved. You’ll be informed on the app when you place your order that Blitz pricing is in place, and you will have a chance to delay or cancel your order if you are uncomfortable with the premium cost.

What can I have delivered by a Postmates delivery courier?

Check the details of what’s available in your location. The range of providers using the Postmates service varies in every location. You can even have Craigslist items delivered. However, you will need to pay the seller directly, or the seller will need to accept a credit card for your payment.

Can I change my order after I’ve placed it through the Postmates app?

The Postmates app gives you the ability to contact your courier. If you have a change, make contact as soon as you can. Just note that if your change involves the courier needing to meet additional tasks, the delivery may take longer than the time stated when you ordered.

Who are Postmates couriers?

Postmates couriers are people who have passed background checks and met the guidelines for ability to maintain Postmates high standards for deliveries. Anyone can be a Postmates courier. If you would like to apply, you’re welcome to do so.

How do I contact my courier?

The Postmates process is all linked through the app. Once your delivery is assigned to a courier, you will be able to contact the courier through the app.

What customers do Postmates deliver to?

Postmates will deliver to homes and businesses. Postmates can even deliver to locations such as public places or hospital wards – they will just need clear directions. That part is up to you as the customer.


Even though Postmates is a new service, you will undoubtedly become increasingly aware of the service over the coming years. Postmates provides customers with the opportunity to have a wide range of goods delivered on request, within a short timeframe.

For people looking for employment opportunities, Postmates provides the opportunity to earn a health income with relatively low investment. If Postmates isn’t available in your city yet, be patient. With the rapid growth in the service, you’ll see the opportunity arrive, soon!

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