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Postmates Promo Code for New Users

Postmates Promo Code for New Users

Unlock a discount on Postmates by using a promo code!

Unlock discounts on your first order by using a Postmates promo code for new customers. Credit amount varies by location.

Promotions are subject to Postmates' Terms of Service.

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Postmates Promo Codes for New Users

Postmates Promo CodePromotion Amount
GETFOODReceive $100 in delivery fee credits, good for seven days from the date of application.
KRUL3Receive $100 in delivery fee credits, good for seven days from the date of application.
FOOD4UReceive $100 in delivery fee credits, good for seven days from the date of application.
Get $5 off your first five orders. Each order total must be $15 or more before the promo code is applied.
Get $5 off your first five orders. Each order total must be $15 or more before the promo code is applied.
COUPONGet $10 off your first order.

Using a Postmates promo code is by far the easiest way to save money as a new customer, but it’s also an overall killer deal that will get you started with low risk to your wallet or bank account.

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How to Apply a Postmates Promo Code

Once you’ve created your Postmates account by following the simple sign-up prompts on the Postmates app for Android or iPhone, or on postmates.com/signup, you’re all set to apply your first promo code.

  1. Open the Postmates app.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Promos and Credits.”
  4. Tap on the “Enter Promo Code” section.
  5. Enter “GETFOOD” in the box.
  6. Put together your order and review your order details to ensure the delivery fee has been taken off your first order. The promo code saved to your profile should automatically be applied.
  7. Place the order and enjoy your discount.

Your discount or credit will automatically appear under “Promos” or “Credits” in the same section of the app if applied successfully, and your savings will be activated on any eligible order.

Otherwise, you’ll get a pop-up that informs you of what went wrong.

Make sure the discount has been applied to your order total before tapping “Review Order” and checking out.

When I entered a code into my account and went through the order process, this is what my screen looked like:

If you’ve already started your first order and don’t want to turn back, you can also apply your Postmates promo code as part of your checkout process.

Once you’ve added all desired items to your cart and tapped “View Order” at the bottom of your menu page, scroll down and tap “Enter Promo Code” to type in your code.

If you cancel your order for any reason, the credit remains active on your account and will be applied automatically to your next order.

If you run into any other issues while trying to redeem a code, contact Postmates’ customer service department for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

From your first Postmates promo code to your hundredth referral bonus, the food delivery service offers many chances for its customers to save year-round.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn about your savings options:

Can I get free delivery credits for referring drivers to Postmates?

Unfortunately, the Postmates referral program is limited to customer referrals.

Users are currently unable to earn delivery credits by referring new drivers to the platform.

Can I get free delivery by becoming a Postmates driver?

While Postmates Fleet members could once earn Postmates Plus Unlimited memberships — and therefore, deliveries on orders over $20 — by completing 25 deliveries per month, this is no longer a perk that the company offers.

However, if you’re interested in joining the Fleet, don’t let this fact discourage you.

Postmates couriers can still earn access to PerkSpot, which offers exclusive savings with third-party retailers, after 10 deliveries per month.

Fleet members can also unlock access to resources that help with health care, job placement, taxes, education, and more.

Is it possible to get free Postmates?

Once in a while, the food delivery company will partner with local retailers, such as 7-Eleven, to offer Postmates promo codes that completely cover the cost of a specific item.

However, in most cases, delivery fees, service fees, and small cart fees still apply.

It’s rare to see a high-value Postmates offer that completely covers the cost — including taxes and fees — of any order.

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