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Curb Promo Code For New Users

Curb Promo Code For New Users

As a new user, you can get free ride credit with Curb!

Get $5 off rides as a new Curb user. Unlock $10 in free ride credit, good toward your first ride, when you sign up with our Curb promo code in May 2024.

Promotions are subject to Curb's Terms of Service.

Full List of Curb Promo Codes ForHow to Apply Your Curb Promo CodeWhere to Find Additional Promo CodesFrequently Asked Questions … Read more

Full List of Curb Promo Codes For May 28, 2024

If you’ve never requested or paid for a ride through the Curb app before, you can make your first ride as inexpensive as possible with a promotional code.

Curb Promo CodePromotion Amount
00b72aGet $10 off your first ride as a new Curb user
W63T26Get $10 off your first ride as a new Curb user
W82U48Get $10 off your first ride as a new Curb user
970756Get $10 off your first ride as a new Curb user
25v59oGet $10 off your first ride as a new Curb user
Z19T09Get $10 off your first ride as a new Curb user

Each of the Curb promo codes and referral links listed above are active as of May 28, 2024. We recommend using one as soon as possible, as the offer value is subject to change based on Curb’s current promotions.

How to Apply Your Curb Promo Code

It’s incredibly easy to apply your Curb promo code, and doing so only takes a few steps.

1. Navigate to the Navigation Menu

step one in how to apply a curb promo code

Once you’ve completed the signup process and are logged in to the Curb app, simply head to the map screen and tap the menu icon in the top left corner.

2.Add Promo Code

Then, select the “Payments” tab and tap “Add promo code.”

3.Enter Promo Code

From here, simply enter the promo code in the available space and your ride credits will be applied to your next ride.

Where to Find Additional Promo Codes

If you want to look for more Curb promo codes beyond this list and potentially find better savings, we recommend heading to coupon sites for more options.

Be aware that the codes listed on these sites aren’t guaranteed to work. They’re usually user-submitted or automatically generated, so if you don’t find a high-value promotion you want to test out, the best route to take is to use one of our suggested referral codes or links.

While Curb itself rarely shares Curb promo codes publicly, it never hurts to give them a follow on social media to stay aware of any discounts or limited-time promotions.

Curb previously used its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to share details about contests, limited-time savings for Mastercard users, and more.

We also recommend staying subscribed to Curb’s promotional emails after signing up, as this will allow you to be the first to hear about savings for existing users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Curb promo codes for existing users?

Yes, Curb offers promo codes to existing users. Keep an eye on your emails, texts, and app notifications to catch these occasional promotions. You can also earn ride credits by sharing your referral code, which benefits you whenever someone signs up with it and takes their first ride.

Are there any Curb promo codes that can get me a free ride?

While it is possible to get a free ride when Curb is having a special promotion, there are currently no active promo codes that can get you a completely free ride. Still, the $5 credit you get from the promo codes we listed above can reduce your total price by a significant amount.

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