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Zipcar Promo Code For New Users

Zipcar Promo Code For New Users

Get $25 in free driving credit when you sign up for Zipcar

Apply now for instant access to cars in your neighborhood and across North America. Enjoy a car without paying for gas or the hassles of parking and maintenance. Plus, when you join, you’ll receive $25 in free driving credit – good towards you Zipcar rentals.

Does Zipcar Offer Promo Codes?Current Zipcar Promo Codes ForDoes Zipcar Have a Referral Program?Join Zipcar Today Does Zipcar Offer Promo … Read more

Does Zipcar Offer Promo Codes?

Yes, Zipcar does offer promo codes. New customers can receive $25 in free driving credit by using a referral link from a friend or a specific website, such as ours. This credit is easy to apply and can cover the application fee, subject to approval by Zipcar.

Additionally, Zipcar occasionally runs promotions that waive the application fee, particularly when they enter new markets. To stay informed about such promotions, visiting Zipcar’s website is recommended as it will show available offers based on your location

For existing members looking for discounts, there are opportunities, though they may require a bit more creativity to uncover.

Current Zipcar Promo Codes For May 23, 2024

Zipcar Promo CodePromotion Amount
fhzux$25 in free driving credit
No code requiredEnjoy a $14 discount on your Zipcar membership when you commit to a 12-month subscription.
No code requiredJoin Zipcar’s monthly membership for $7 with no code needed and get 180 daily miles, roadside assistance, free gas, and insurance.
No code requiredEnjoy a free first month and then just $9/month for Zipcar, with rates from $11/hr, including insurance, gas, maintenance, and 180 miles daily.
No code requiredConfirm your student status to receive a $75 discount on Zipcar’s annual membership, with the promo code provided post-verification for use at checkout.

Does Zipcar Have a Referral Program?

Yes, Zipcar has a referral program. When you sign up, you can continue to benefit by referring friends to Zipcar. By sharing your unique affiliate link, you and your referred friend each receive $25 in driving credit once they become a member.

To access and share your referral link, you need to visit the Zipcar referral page, sign in, and select a method to distribute your link, such as email, Facebook, or Twitter. There are also other ways to share your link if you have a preference beyond these platforms.

1. Share Your Code Via Email

Zipcar’s referral program allows you to send a pre-crafted email message to potential new members. The default message playfully nudges the recipient to join Zipcar to gain a $25 driving credit for both of you, highlighting the missed opportunity if they don’t.

However, personalizing this message can significantly increase the likelihood of your friends engaging with the service. By customizing the referral message, you can appeal to your friend’s specific interests and hobbies.

Zipcar Promo Code: How to Get Free Driving Credit

For example, you might point out how Zipcar can facilitate trips to their favorite destinations or propose a joint road trip using the service. Tailoring your message in this way can make the referral feel more genuine and compelling.

2. Share Your Code on Facebook

For Facebook referrals, Zipcar provides the flexibility to craft your own message to accompany your referral link.

Zipcar Promo Code

The key is to compose a message that feels authentic and engaging rather than formulaic or overly promotional. Share your personal Zipcar experiences, focusing on the positive changes it has brought to your life.

Whether it’s a memorable weekend getaway you enjoyed thanks to Zipcar’s convenience or the financial benefits you’ve reaped from replacing car ownership with Zipcar’s services, detailed anecdotes will resonate more with your friends and could encourage them to consider signing up.

3. Share Your Code on Twitter

Zipcar also allows you to share your referral code via Twitter and provides a basic suggested message to get you started. However, this default message may lack the personal touch that can grab attention on such a fast-paced platform.

Zipcar Promo Code: Get Free Driving Credit

A more effective approach is to post a visual narrative — a photo from a Zipcar adventure or a snapshot that captures the convenience and joy of using their service. This strategy leverages imagery to tell a more compelling story within Twitter’s character constraints.

Accompany the photo with a succinct caption that describes the experience, subtly weaving in the mention of Zipcar and the available credit. This personal glimpse into your Zipcar experience is likely to resonate more than a generic promotional tweet.

Join Zipcar Today

We hope you now understand how you can use Zipcar promo codes and referral codes to save money on the service. Whether you’re about to join Zipcar or have been using the service for years, you can save money using the right types of promo and referral codes.

Looking to save on other methods of transportation? Check out our guide to Uber Promo Codes and Lyft Promo Codes. And if you’re a new user, click here to get $25 in free Zipcar driving credit.

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