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Wingz Promo Code For New Users

Wingz Promo Code For New Users

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Full List of Wingz Promo Codes For June 23, 2024

Wingz Promo CodePromotion Amount

Wingz is a new company different from other rideshare apps that people use.

But like most rideshare apps, there are promo codes you can find to get a good deal.

If you use Wingz, check out this guide to finding the best promotional code!

Are There Wingz Promo Codes?

Yes, there you can find a Wingz coupon code.

You can usually get a pomotional code via discount websites and coupon sites, but Wingz may also send you a coupon code directly to encourage you to book another ride or to thank you for using their service.

What Wingz Promo Codes Offer

Wingz promo codes offer some great deals to its customers.

Some rideshare companies require you to order a certain number of rides before you can use them or other frustrating requirements.

But Wingz Promo codes don’t do any of that, instead, they give their customers a superb discount code on rides.

Unfortunately, they seem to have no new customer working coupons at the time.

vector graphic showing a wingz rider saving money by using a wingz promo code on a ride - money coming out of a phone and going into a wallet

Discounts on Rides

A promotional code for Wingz can be as stellar as $1 for a ride to the airport.

They also have promo codes that take $5 off your ride or offer a flat rate of about $26 to a specific airport no matter how far you live or how many people are in the vehicle.

They also sometimes offer percentages off rides as high as 50% off a ride.

How to Find Wingz Promo Codes

To find these Wingz promo codes, you should look on coupons sites that offer these kinds of promotion codes.

Below are the best websites to find Wingz promo codes for your next ride to the airport.


Don’tPayFull has some of the best coupons for Wingz rides, including the stellar $1 ride to the airport that everyone should take advantage of.

Coupon Birds

Coupon Birds is another great website, but they don’t always have too many Wingz codes.

The Wingz codes available on the site tend to rotate.

But if you pay attention, you can get a few dollars off a Wingz airport ride.

DealSpotr Offers

DealSpotr has many offers for the Wingz app.

They have between $5 and $30 off a ride.

They also have a percentage discount of up to 50% on an airport ride.

How to Apply a Wingz Promo Code

Once you acquire your perfect Wingz coupon, you need to apply it in the app to receive the discount.

Below are the step-by-step instructions for doing so.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open the Wingz app on your phone and sign in to your account.
  1. Choose your desired dropoff location and pickup location.
  1. Provide Wingz with the rest of the required information to schedule your ride. This information includes the number of passengers, number of bags/luggage, desired date, and desired time.
  1. Once you enter this, you will go to the payment screen. Tap the button that says ‘Promo Code’.
  1. In the designated field, enter your promo code and click ‘Apply’. Valid promo codes will then apply the proper discount to your final fare.

Wrapping Up

You can rack up savings on your rides to the airport when you seek out Wingz promo codes.

And flights are so expensive, so who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks on their trip to the airport?

If you love using Wingz, save money with promo codes!

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