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Lyft Promo Codes for New Users

Lyft Promo Codes for New Users

Earn up to $12 in free Lyft credits when you sign up with a promo code

Use our Lyft promo code and get up to $12 in free ride credit as a new Lyft user in April 2024! Promotions are subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

Already claimed your new rider discount? See our list of Lyft promo codes for existing users - a separate way to earn free ride credit.

Earn $10 In Free Lyft Credits

Full List of April 2024 Lyft Promo Codes

Lyft Promo CodePromotion Amount
FILMSTREAMSUse this code to receive $12 in free Lyft credit for your first ride.
CONNELL85464Use this code to receive $12 in free Lyft credit for your first ride.
LYFTPROMO18Receive $3 off your first six rides ($18 total credit).
LYFTPROMO16Receive $4 off your first four rides ($16 total credit).
Receive $5 off your first three rides ($15 total credit).
NEWUSER10Receive $5 off your first two rides ($10 total credit).
RIDESTERLYFTReceive up to $5 off your first two rides ($10 total credit).

Active as of early 2023, these Lyft promo codes are ranked by value and vary by city; it’s advised to use them quickly and choose based on your usage for the best discount.

What is the Best Lyft Promo Code?

Lyft is currently giving new riders who sign up and use the Lyft promo code “FILMSTREAMS” for up to $12 in free ride credit so they can experience the platform for themselves.

How to Apply Lyft Promo Codes

To use the promo code or link you’ve chosen, simply add it to your account. It’s a quick and easy process that takes just a few minutes to complete.

vector graphic showing how to add lyft promo code to account

How to Add a Lyft Promo Code Using a Referral Link

Signing up through a Lyft promo link is an easy way to apply a Lyft coupon code directly to your account, without worrying about spelling the code incorrectly.

All you need to do is:

1. Open your desired Lyft promo link on your smartphone or computer.

2. Enter your phone number in the space provided and tap “Download & Claim.” You’ll get a “Now check your phone” message if your phone number was successfully entered.

3. Check your phone for a text from Lyft, which should include a Lyft download link. Tap on this link and follow all prompts provided, which may include downloading the Lyft app and signing up, to apply the discount.

In the rare case that a promo link has hit its maximum amount of uses, you may receive a text that says, “Sorry, this code has been used up.” You’ll still be able to try out other promo links if this occurs.

How to Add a Lyft Promo Code Manually

If you’ve already downloaded the Lyft app for iPhone or Android and signed up, it may be more convenient to apply a promo code directly on the app. To do so:

1. Open your Lyft app

2. Tap the menu icon on the upper lefthand corner of your screen.

3. Tap on the “Promos” tab.

4. Type your desired promo code in the “Enter promo code” section and tap “Apply.”

Successfully entered codes will automatically appear on this Promos page. You’ll get an error message if the application wasn’t successful, in which case you can test out other codes.

Help! My Lyft Promo Code Isn’t Working

If your Lyft gift code isn’t working, there may be a few reasons why:

  • Expired Credit: Lyft promo codes typically expire in 14 days. Using a code after its expiry means it won’t work and full fare applies.
  • Location-Specific: Codes may only be valid in certain cities, e.g., works in San Diego but not San Francisco.
  • Code Overlap: Only one promo code can be used per ride; however, you can switch codes for different rides.
  • Business Rides: Promo codes can’t be used for rides taken under a business profile.
  • Currency Issues: Make sure your promo code’s currency matches the country you’re in, e.g., US codes won’t work in Canada.

If you need help applying your code, reach out to Lyft directly and run the issue by customer support.

Is the First Lyft Ride Free for New Users?

The first Lyft ride for new users is not automatically free, but you can get it for free by using a promo code. While it may not cover the entire cost of the ride, the incentive structure is usually good enough to offset the majority of the cost.

The “SAVE20” promo code, offering $20 off, is currently the best option for new users to potentially get their first ride free, especially for rides over 10 miles, depending on location and Prime Time pricing.

Other codes like “LYFTPROMO15”, which gives $5 off three rides, may also offset the cost of shorter rides, though they might not cover the entire fare due to minimum fare requirements.

Why Does Lyft Offer Free Credit for New Users?

Lyft offers free credit to new users as a strategy to compete with Uber for market share, enticing new customers to choose their service by providing attractive promotions. They aim to outdo Uber with more generous offers, and this competition greatly benefits new riders.

Unlike Uber, Lyft’s credits persist after the first ride if not fully used. This tactic not only attracts new users but also rewards existing customers for referrals, contributing to Lyft’s rapid growth and setting new standards for referral programs in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

a vector graphic of a man holding a smartphone saving money on a lyft ride using a lyft promo code as the vehicle picks him up and a woman is riding in the car

Do Lyft promo codes have expiration dates?

Yes, Lyft promo codes typically have expiration dates. While some codes display their expiration date clearly in promotional emails or terms and conditions, others may not specify an exact date but can be terminated or modified by the company at any time. Referral codes usually expire within 15 days of being activated, so it’s best to use any promo codes as soon as possible.

How many Lyft promo codes can I use?

You can only use one Lyft promo code per ride. As a first-time user, the promo code you enter upon signing up will be applied to your first ride. While you can share your referral code with others, you cannot apply multiple promo codes to your initial ride.

When using a Lyft promo code, are there any limits to where I can request a ride?

When using a Lyft promo code, you can generally request a ride to any destination within 100 miles of a Lyft-serviced area, as long as the trip starts in a Lyft city.

Be aware that promo codes may have savings caps—for example, a 20% discount might only offer up to $10 off. Occasionally, promotions may be available for specific locations, like airports or event venues.

Can I keep using my Lyft promo code after I take my first ride?

No, a Lyft promo code is valid for just one ride. However, if you have any remaining credits from your first ride’s promo code, you can use those credits for subsequent rides. For more free rides, consider referring friends to Lyft.

What happens if my ride costs more than my credit?

If your free Lyft ride credit is not enough to cover the ride, you’ll be charged the difference via your electronic payment method on file.

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