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  • AMEX Platinum Uber Credits: 12 Month Free Uber Eats Pass, Uber Cash, & More!
AMEX Platinum Uber Credits: 12 Month Free Uber Eats Pass, Uber Cash, & More!
  • Promotions
  • AMEX Platinum Uber Credits: 12 Month Free Uber Eats Pass, Uber Cash, & More!

AMEX Platinum Uber Credits: 12 Month Free Uber Eats Pass, Uber Cash, & More!

Consumers often seek the best value for their money, and American Express delivers with its Platinum card, offering an array of rewards – providing perks like AMEX Platinum Uber credits.

Cardholders gain a free 12-month Eats Pass and discounts on Uber services, plus travel points and monthly Uber cash. These benefits make the card’s annual fee worthwhile for economical users.

Here’s how it works for members.

The American Express Platinum Card Overview

Uber already offers a credit card to drivers, but this one is much different – it’s for customers and offers Uber benefits as an added bonus.

This credit card has some hefty benefits to it, just like the annual fees it comes with.

screenshot from email informing me of amex platinum uber credits to be claimed

Thankfully, the card has such quality options for card members that it cuts down the annual payment to a very reasonable price and is one of the best credit cards.

Traveling is a breeze when you have Platinum.

You are eligible for x5 membership points when using your card to purchase tickets or book hotels.

In addition, Amex is affiliated with Hilton and Marriott hotels, giving you access to luxury vacations that reward you back with points.

Platinum cardholders have access to over 1500 airport lounges to make traveling as comfortable as possible and avoid pesky airline fees.

This, on top of the access to over 75,000 membership points annually makes the American Express Platinum an ideal card.

This is ESPECIALLY true for someone whose life revolves around travel and staying on the go.

It offers x10 points at eligible U.S supermarkets and U.S. gas stations.

Spending money gives you something in return.

Qualifying for Amex Platinum:

What Comes with Platinum:

  • Eats Pass membership.
  • $200 Amex Platinum Uber credits annually.
  • 10x bonus points from U.S gas stations and grocery stores.
  • Foreign Travel benefits.
  • Global Lounge Collection
  • Access to handpicked luxury hotels.
  • $100 spending credit for Saks Fifth Avenue.

The $550 annual fee could be daunting, but when you add up the perks you’re getting from being a cardholder, it might as well be free.

American Express Gold Card

Let’s say enrollment in the Amex Platinum card is a bit too much and doesn’t apply to your lifestyle.

The next best option to get ahold of daily membership rewards is to have the Amex Gold Card.

Amex Uber Program Overview

What qualifies you for the perks with Uber?

First, you need to have an open and valid American Express Green, Gold, or Platinum credit card.

Once you’re a basic card member, you can unlock the Uber Cash benefits.

In 2021, anyone with a Gold, Green Card, or Platinum can receive the complimentary Uber Eats Pass with monthly credit for a full calendar year.

But only Platinum offers extensive benefits and savings with travel and the other card offers mentioned in the section above.

Food delivery services gain profit by charging high taxes and service fees that once added together, sometimes could pay for another meal.

It’s easy to order over $15 in food, and with the Eats Pass there will be no delivery fee.

Some of the restaurants may even have a 5% off discount for you to take advantage of.

The Eats Pass Includes:

  • Qualifying cards receive an annual of $200 in free Uber credit divided up over 12 months with an extra $20 given in December.
  • Uber VIP status upgrade.
  • Free delivery on orders over $10.
  • Free delivery on certain grocery orders over $30
  • Members-only discounts on Uber rides, restaurant orders, and grocery delivery.
  • Up to 5% off eligible restaurants when you order over $15.

Just because you have an active Platinum credit card, doesn’t mean it automatically adds the deals to your Uber account.

You need to manually go into the Uber app and add your card as a primary payment method before anything is applied.

How to Claim Free Uber Credit For Your Amex Platinum Card

Once your eligible card information is in the app, Uber will recognize the Amex card and give you the option to add in the Eats Pass and tell you about the reward.

If this is done during 2021, you have a free year of the Eats Pass on the house from Amex.

Each month make sure to check your email, as you’ll be receiving an email to claim your $15 Amex Platinum Uber Credit for the month.

Follow the instructions and add it to your Uber account.

You can use this free cash anywhere Uber Credit is accepted.

Eats Pass automatically makes you an Uber VIP member, which gives you access to killer benefits.

These include better drivers and exclusive discounts and offers all year round in cities all over the country.

The VIP status also offers safety measures and overall a solid Uber experience.

How to Use the Free AMEX Platinum Uber Credits

It’s fairly simple.

Once your Amex card is attached to your Uber account and you have accepted your monthly Amex Platinum Uber Credits, they will be available as a payment option during check out.

This means that when you go to order a ride and confirm it, you tap and select Uber Cash as your payment method and it automatically uses those funds for your ride.

You’ll be able to check your Uber Cash balance in the app.

The same goes for if you’re using Uber Eats.

When you are on the checkout page to review your order summary, you have the option to select the payment type you wish to apply.

Using your Platinum card is the best alternative payment since it keeps the bonuses.

If the ride is over the credit amount, it will charge the rest of the balance to your Amex Platinum card and still allow you to have the benefits and discounts applied.

Overall, if you are traveling around the country and using Uber as a constant means of travel, order food after a long day.

Having all the perks of the Platinum card and the free Uber Pass will be game-changing to your lifestyle.

Things to Keep in Mind:

At the end of every month, if you haven’t used all of your Amex Platinum Uber credits, the money will NOT roll over to the next month.

That money is only valid for that calendar month and nothing more.

Make sure to keep an eye on the dates and if you’ve taken advantage of the deal.

If you claim your free complimentary Eats Pass in 2021, note that it will renew after the 12 months is up.

You must manually halt auto-renewal within the Uber Eats app.

Normally, Eats Pass is approximately $10 a month and $120 per year.

The cost does even out once all the benefits are applied and you save on delivery and restaurant fees.

Is the Platinum the only card that works?

The Gold Card from Amex annually gives you $120 Uber Credits but has fewer overall benefits than the Platinum card does.

The Green Card also a complimentary Eats Pass during 2021.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of great options available for those who want to travel and earn rewards back from it.

The American Express Platinum Card and its partnership with Uber offer amazing benefits that cancel out the upfront costs of the card.

The Platinum gives you extensive rewards when it comes to travel and staying at hotels.

As the world opens back up, traveling is once again a normal aspect of our lives.

It’s time to make up for lost vacation time and save money while enjoying modern amenities and luxury.

If you are eligible and interested in taking advantage of these deals, have a look at all the details and financing options for the Amex Platinum card or any of its similar counterparts.

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