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Eaze Promo Code

Eaze Promo Code

Save up to $30 - and get free shipping - on your first Eaze order

Enjoy $30 off plus free shipping on your first Eaze order without needing a promo code—available for a limited time.

Promotions are subject to Eaze's Terms of Service.

Does Eaze Offer Promo Codes to New and Existing Users?How to Apply an Eaze Promo CodeBeyond Eaze Coupon Codes: Additional … Read more

Does Eaze Offer Promo Codes to New and Existing Users?

Eaze offers two main types of promo codes: those for new users and those for existing users.

New users can enjoy significant savings like a $30 discount on their first order just by signing up for emails, with other potential offers like a 20% new customer discount varying throughout the year. For existing users, while many codes target new customers, you can still find codes like a $5 off discount.

To snag these deals, it’s crucial to verify the code’s applicability. Additionally, Eaze often shares exclusive promotions on social media, including substantial discounts such as 42% off and information on limited-time sales events.

Current Eaze Promo Codes For New Users (June 23, 2024 Update)

Eaze Promo CodePromotion Amount
CLOUDEnjoy $30 off plus free shipping on your first Eaze order without needing a promo code—available for a limited time.
No code required – new users onlyEnjoy $30 off plus free shipping on your first Eaze order without needing a promo code—available for a limited time.

How to Apply an Eaze Promo Code

To maximize your savings with Eaze, it’s critical to use your coupon code correctly. Incorrect entry or not following the proper steps can result in losing out on potential discounts.

To help you save the most, we’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial that you can follow when applying one of your own:

  • Log into your Eaze account on the website or iOS app.
  • Enter your delivery address.
  • Select products from the marketplace (here’s your chance to assemble your pandemic survival kit!).
  • Select “View Cart.”
  • Review your cart and make any necessary changes. At the bottom of the screen, there will be two buttons: “Apply Promo” and “Checkout.”
  • Select “Apply Promo.”
  • Type or paste your Eaze discount code into the box.
  • You should see the savings reflected in your purchase total!
  • From there, select your Eaze payment method, and you should see the discount applied to your order total.

Beyond Eaze Coupon Codes: Additional Savings Strategies

Maximize your value with Eaze by leveraging various savings strategies beyond coupon codes. Here are some effective methods we’ve discovered for reducing costs on your Eaze orders:

  • Eaze’s Happy Hour Deals: Eaze occasionally runs happy hour specials for free delivery and offers “Happier Hour” deals at 35% off, while their referral program gives you credit for each friend who orders with your link.
  • Veterans Discount: Veterans receive a 25% discount on Eaze services by emailing proof of status, applicable to the first $500 of products and can be combined with other promotions.
  • Clearance Offers: For additional deals, Eaze’s clearance page features items at reduced prices, ranging from gummies and THC cartridges to batteries and cannabis oil, all available at significant discounts.

Alternative: Earning Credit Through Eaze

Eaze credit acts as an account balance you can use towards any purchase, unlike discounts which reduce the cost of items directly. The primary way to accumulate Eaze credit is by participating in the referral program, which offers a straightforward method to save on your orders.

To earn a $30 Eaze credit, refer a friend using your unique referral link. Make sure your friend uses the complete URL and completes a purchase with Eaze. Once their first delivery is successful, you’ll receive the credit.

Here’s how to refer someone on Eaze:

  1. Log into your Eaze account, either through the iOS app or the Eaze website.
  2. Once logged in, locate and click on the menu bars, which you’ll find in the top left corner of the page.
  3. In the menu, scroll down until you see the option that reads “Earn $30.”
  4. Click on “Earn $30,” and your personalized referral link will be displayed.
  5. Click on the link to automatically copy it to your clipboard.
  6. Paste the link and share it with friends, family, or coworkers whom you believe would benefit from using Eaze.
  7. Inform them that they must use your specific link to sign up and place their first Eaze order for you to receive credit.
  8. Once your referral completes their first order, a $30 credit will be credited to your Eaze account.
  9. You can then use this $30 credit on any of your future Eaze purchases, and it will be applied after any other promo codes or discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a man standing next to an eaze vehicle and a phone with an eaze promo code on the screen

Is Eaze Delivery Free?

Eaze doesn’t provide free delivery on all orders as delivery fees are calculated based on factors like mileage and wait times, to ensure safety and legality through licensed, compliant retailers. These fees also cover operational costs.

Free delivery may be available via promotional codes or on orders over a certain amount, like $35, which Eaze occasionally offers. Keep an eye on Eaze’s website and social media for such deals.

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