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Shipt Promo Code

Shipt Promo Code

Try Shipt for free for 14 days!

Shipt’s 14-day free trial offers unlimited deliveries on orders over $35 without any delivery fees, giving new users the opportunity to experience the convenience of personalized shopping, access exclusive deals, and connect with preferred shoppers for tailored service. After the trial, members can choose from various plans, including annual, monthly, and student options, to continue enjoying these benefits.

Promotions are subject to Terms of Service.

Grocery delivery apps like Shipt easily help busy people save hours in time and gas, but with the price tag … Read more

Grocery delivery apps like Shipt easily help busy people save hours in time and gas, but with the price tag attached, you may be wondering if you should sign up at all.

With a Shipt promo code or promo link for your next order, you can save time and money at once, so you can decide for yourself if the convenience is worth the cost.

Shipt memberships are currently running for $99 per year or $14 per month — and don’t include any grocery costs, delivery fees, or tips for Shipt drivers.

This can be a high price to pay if you’re just testing out the service for the first time.

Luckily, Shipt is pretty generous with offering free trials, discounted memberships, and more deals for new and existing users.

Keep reading to learn about your Shipt promo code and link options, and get our tips for saving on Shipt.

Does Shipt Have Promo Codes?

Yes, Shipt offers a variety of promo codes for existing users. These include free Shipt credit, free trials on SHipt memberships, and discounted deliveries.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and have aggregated the best deals in the section below.

And while there are no Shipt promo codes for existing users, there are multiple ways to save as an existing customer.

Shipt Promo Codes for New Customers

New customers have the best opportunities to save on Shipt, with plenty of coupon codes and links available for you to get huge discounts on the grocery delivery service.

Here are the best deals we found for you to try out:

  • Receive a free four-week trial and $50 off your annual membership when you use this link and tap “Get Started” to sign up.
  • Get a free two-week trial and $50 off your annual membership when you use the discount code “tmWgd” upon sign-up.
  • Receive $50 off annual memberships when you use this link and tap “Become a Member” to sign up.

All of these promo codes and links are active for 2023, but Shipt can end deals at any time.

We recommend claiming your preferred discount as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on these incredible savings.

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Shipt Referral Program

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To help both new members and existing members save, Shipt also offers a generous referral program for its services.

If you’re interested in trying out Shipt for yourself, while also helping your friends or family members save, you can simply ask a current Shipt user for their referral link.

When you sign up through their link, you’ll receive $50 off your annual membership plan and they’ll receive $50 off groceries.

Once you’re a user on the Shipt app, this referral program will allow you to continue saving.

For each friend you refer, you’ll get a $50 credit in your account.

To find your personal referral link and start earning free grocery credit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Shipt app on your smartphone.
  2. Select “Get $50” from your app menu.
  3. Copy your referral link to share or share directly from the app.

Existing users can also use this link to directly share their referral link with friends and family members who may be interested in joining Shipt.

How do I Apply a Shipt Promo Code?

While Shipt does emphasize easy-to-use promo links over promo codes, you may run into Shipt coupon codes that you need to manually apply every once in a while.

To apply a Shipt promo code when signing up, follow these steps:

1. Head to the sign-up page on Shipt.com.

2. Enter your email and zip code.

3. Tap “Click here” next to “Have a promo code?”

4. Enter your promo code in the additional box that appears.

5. Tap “Go” to continue with the sign-up process.

Shipt promo code for new users

Once you’re already a member, you shouldn’t need to apply a Shipt promo code again.

The grocery delivery service likes to keep things easy for customers, so instead of requiring promo codes to be applied at checkout, any discounts or referral credits are always applied directly to your account.

Tips for Saving on Shipt

Man selling beets at farmers market

While existing users may not have Shipt promo codes to take advantage of, you can continue saving on the platform by taking advantage of these three helpful tips:

1. Buy Groceries for the Whole Week

Shipt members receive free delivery (even for same-day deliveries) on all orders that are $35 or more.

If your order is under $35, you’ll need to pay a $7 delivery fee and even a $1.99 small cart fee for particularly small orders.

That said, it’s smart to plan ahead and order the full $35 worth of groceries whenever possible to avoid spending on expensive fees that your membership fee could actually be covering.

2. Shop Deals

Just like a normal grocery store, Shipt offers discounts on select items every single day.

When you’re shopping, take a look at your app’s “On Sale Today” and “Weekly Sale Items” categories to browse through items that you may need or items you can stock up on.

3. Opt for an Annual Membership

Even if you start off with a $14 monthly membership just to test the waters, the best way to save an enormous amount of money is to make the switch to an annual membership as soon as you’re confident the service is worth it.

The low monthly price may appear attractive, but paying by the year can save you over $80 annually.

Other delivery subscriptions include Postmates Unlimited, Instacart Express and Uber Eats Pass.

These subscriptions are highly effective and are instrumental in retaining users on the platforms.

Once you have your annual membership purchase, don’t forget to truly take advantage of the service.

Use Shipt to avoid wasting time and gas on little errands and plan out a short frame of time to order all your groceries for the week instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipt promo code: Vegetables at farmers market

Once you’ve found an active Shipt promo code or promo link that you want to use, it’s time to apply it during your sign-up process.

Here are a few additional questions that will help you understand your savings at Shipt:

How much more will I spend on groceries through Shipt than at a local grocery store?

When estimating for a $35 order, which comes with free shipping and no extra fees, Shipt estimates that members pay about $5 more on Shipt than they would at a local grocery store.

That said, grocery items tend to be slightly higher in price on Shipt, but not so much that it should drive you away from the service.

The extra $5 helps pay for shoppers, customer service representatives, and even engineers who debug and improve the app, so you get the best and most convenient purchase possible.

Does Shipt offer promo codes for drivers joining the platform?

If you’re looking for a sign-up bonus when signing up to become a Shipt Shopper, it’s rare to find any with Shipt.

Because the service doesn’t have quite as much demand as Uber, Lyft, or even its direct competitor Instacart, you likely won’t be able to take advantage of a promo code or referral code upon signing up.

However, once you’re a Shipt Shopper, you will get bonus offers for completing certain actions (for example, delivering a select amount of items in one day).

Can I use multiple Shipt promo codes at once?

Unfortunately, promo codes and links cannot be stacked.

Even if you’re signing up using a promo or referral link, we recommend not adding an additional promo code in the available box, as this may cancel out the deal you’re getting from the promo link.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn from Shipt’s referral program?

Shipt currently does not have a stated limit for the credits you can earn from referring new users.

This means you can potentially earn hundreds off your groceries just by encouraging a handful of new customers to join the platform using your referral link.

Get Groceries Delivered Fast

Shipt is one of the leading grocery delivery services in the United States, offering busy people the chance to skip the shopping process and get the items they need at their doors.

While Shipt can be more expensive than a traditional grocery shopping trip, taking advantage of Shipt promo codes, referral bonuses, and our tips for saving can keep grocery delivery well within your budget.

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