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  • Active Postmates Referral Codes for New Drivers
Active Postmates Referral Codes for New Drivers
  • Promotions
  • Active Postmates Referral Codes for New Drivers

Active Postmates Referral Codes for New Drivers

When you’re looking for an easy side hustle to meet your financial goals, it’s easy to find food delivery services that are actively hiring.

The hard part is figuring out which one offers the highest earning potential.

With a Postmates referral code, you can get up to $1,000 guaranteed for your first month, so you can test out the courier gig without worrying about losing out on cash.

Postmates is one of the leading food delivery apps for drivers today, but the company knows that winning over drivers isn’t a popularity contest.

In order to recruit the couriers it needs, instead of letting on-demand companies like DoorDash and Lyft steal drivers away, Postmates is willing to invest extra money in you.

To learn exactly how referrals work, get our Postmates referral code before signing up for Postmates, and continue earning more after your first month, read this guide for all the information you need.

How Postmates Fleet Referrals Work

Active Postmates Driver Referral Codes

Postmates referral codes work a little differently for couriers than promo codes do for customers.

When you use an invite code to join the Postmates Fleet, you gain an earnings guarantee instead of a referral bonus.

What this means is that you won’t be earning extra cash on top of each delivery, but you can rest assured that you’ll earn a set amount of money after completing a specific amount of deliveries in your first 30 days.

For example, let’s say the earnings guarantee in your city is $1,000 — the current maximum in 2021 — if you complete 100 deliveries.

If you only earn $850 from those deliveries, Postmates will give you an additional $150 cash payout at the end of the month.

If you already earn $1,000 after 100 deliveries, Postmates won’t give you anything extra at all.

As you can see, Postmates referrals benefit some new drivers more than others.

However, the earnings guarantee is usually on the high end of average earnings for the on-demand delivery service, so there’s a good chance that you’ll at least get a small sign-up bonus out of the deal.

Active Postmates Driver Referral Codes

It’s easy to find Postmates referral codes.

They’re posted throughout Google and social media sites by current delivery drivers who want to get bonuses of their own for referring you.

If you want to support a Postmates courier you personally know, you can simply ask them for their invite code, too.

If you don’t want to waste any time searching for or asking for codes, you can use our driver referral code or links for a guarantee of up to $1,000.

This code is working as of late December 2021:

Postmates is now Uber Eats after being acquired.

If you’d like to sign up as a Postmates driver, you’ll need to sign up using the Uber Eats platform here.

It doesn’t really matter which invite code or link you sign up with.

While the quoted sign-up guarantee may be higher on some referral links, your final Postmates offer will actually be determined by which market you sign up in, not by who referred you.

For example, here are guarantee amounts for drivers who sign up in these major Postmates markets as of late January 2021:

  • Austin: Get at least $675 for completing your first 85 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Dallas / Ft. Worth: Get at least $525 for completing your first 65 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Denver: Get at least $675 for completing your first 85 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Los Angeles: Get at least $1,050 for completing your first 130 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Miami: Get at least $675 for completing your first 85 deliveries in 30 days.
  • New York City (Brooklyn): Get at least $525 for completing your first 65 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Phoenix: Get at least $675 for completing your first 85 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Pittsburgh: Get at least $850 for completing your first 105 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Portland: Get at least $800 for completing your first 100 deliveries in 30 days.
  • San Francisco (East Bay): Get at least $675 for completing your first 85 deliveries in 30 days.
  • Seattle: Get at least $1,000 for completing your first 125 deliveries in 30 days.

Any of these guarantees can change at any moment, so make sure you use a referral code or link before the value decreases in your city.

How to Apply Postmates Referral Codes

How to Apply Postmates Referral Codes

Applying your Postmates referral code can easily be done within the courier application process.

Here’s how to ensure you get your earnings guarantee when you’re ready to become a Postmates driver and start your first 30 days:

  1. Head to fleet.postmates.com.
  2. Enter your email address and preferred password, then tap the green arrow to continue.
  3. Enter your first name, last name, and phone number. Then, enter your Postmates referral code in the “Referral Code (Optional)” space before you tap “Continue.”
  4. Continue with the remainder of the Postmates application process, which will require you to provide your home address, driver’s license, and other information to ensure you meet the Postmates requirements.

Once your application is submitted, you’re approved as a Postmates driver, and you receive your welcome kit, you can get started with your first deliveries.

Just download the Postmates Fleet app on your smartphone and log in to start receiving requests.

In order to receive your guarantee, you’ll need to fully complete the minimum amount of orders in your city — with successful pick-ups and drop-offs — within 30 days.

As an alternative to manually applying a promo code, you can also just start your sign-up process at a referral link (instead of using fleet.postmates.com) to ensure your offer is successfully applied from the start.

Note: If you have any questions about how to apply, you can visit our Guide to Becoming a Postmates Driver, or contact Postmates support for assistance.

What Happens After You Fill Out the New Courier Application?

Once you apply to be a courier, you will go through a vetting process.

These checks are simple and intended to ensure that you’re the type of person who is appropriate to maintain the high standards offered by Postmates.

You’ll have to pass a background check that can last anywhere between two to four days, sometimes longer if you have a criminal or motor vehicle history that might impact your performance as a Postmates driver.

If you’re driving, Postmates will need to see your license and insurance. Once you’ve passed these tests, you will be able to work pretty much whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Postmates is a fantastic alternative to driving for other delivery and rideshare apps.

With a referral code, the gig only gets sweeter.

Read these FAQs to learn more about maximizing your earnings as a new driver:

Can I use multiple Postmates referral codes to stack bonuses?

Postmates only allows you to apply one referral code when signing up as a courier, so it’s not possible to stack bonuses.

This means you can only claim one driver guarantee, so make sure you try the referral code you most want to use first.

Can I refer Postmates customers with my referral code?

Unfortunately, the Postmates driver referral code can only be used to refer other drivers.

If you want to earn free delivery credit as a current user, you’ll need to use your Postmates app — not the Postmates Fleet app — and head to the “Invite Friends, Get $25” section of your app menu to find your customer invite code.

If you don’t have a Postmates account and want to get $100 in delivery fee credits, you also must be referred by someone with a Postmates promo code for customers, not someone with a driver referral code.

Can I share my referral code with drivers?

Even after you’ve earned your guarantee, you can still use your personal Postmates referral code to earn actual cash bonuses.

When a driver uses your invite code to sign up and completes the local requirements for their guarantee, you’ll receive free money in your account.

This invite bonus is typically around $150.

To get your unique referral link or code, simply head to the account section of your Postmates Fleet app and tap “Earn $$$, Invite Friends.”

Do Postmates referral codes work for all delivery types?


If your city accepts scooter, bike, and on-foot couriers in addition to standard delivery drivers, you can still take advantage of new driver guarantees by using a referral code or link during your application process.

Your guarantee amount will not be affected just because you choose a different mode of transportation.

Do I get rated for making deliveries?


The rating system is based on a 5-star scale, and it helps keep the couriers motivated enough to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Postmates requires you to keep your rating at 4.7 or above

Anything less than that can get your account suspended.

A few factors that can affect your ratings include:

  • How long it takes for you to deliver the items
  • If you got any customer complaints (such as missing or wrong items)
  • If they think the customer service they received was worth a high rating

Not all couriers are happy about the rating scale, and some have even complained that 4.7 is too high a bar to maintain, but every company has different requirements.

Just do your best with each delivery, and keep your attitude positive, because that will reflect on your stars.

Earn More With Driver Referrals

Food delivery can be a great part-time (and even full-time) opportunity for drivers across the United States.

The independent contractor gig comes with many perks, including the ability to work completely on your own schedule.

With a Postmates referral code, you can start off strong and maximize your profit in your first month of working with the company.

Once your guaranteed Postmates pay is in the bank, you can consider trying out another food delivery app.

Whether you want to permanently switch platforms or just take advantage of another referral bonus before returning to Postmates, learn how Uber Eats driver referrals codes work and grab ours to use.

If Postmates isn’t available in your city yet, be patient.

With the rapid growth in the service, you might see the opportunity arrive soon.

In the meantime, you can also look into driving for one of the other services below: