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Pure Electric Scooter Speed Limiter Removal: Simple Tips For 2023

Are you looking for the best Pure Electric Scooter Speed Limiter Removal tips? If so, keep reading as we delve into the topic today.

Pure electric scooters are some of the most famous e-scooters in the UK. 

As one of the leading electric scooter blogs, one of the questions we often receive revolves around Pure electric scooter speed limiter removal. 

Yes, most Pure electric scooters come pre-installed with relatively high-powered components but it seems that they won’t go above a top speed of 25km/h. 

An example of such a scooter is the Pure Air Pro LR model.

Featuring a 500W motor that produces a 700W peak power output, you expect that such a model could be faster. 

To show how faster it could be, compare it to the TurboAnt X7 Max electric scooter.

You will find that that model has a 350W motor, but is rated to hit a top speed of 20 miles per hour (32km/h). 

That said, the 25km/h speed limiter is not related to the motor and battery capacities, but the maximum scooter speed law of the UK. 

What is the Best Pure Electric Scooter Speed Hack?

Pure Electric is totally against doing any modifications to hack the speed on their electric scooters.

As such, these scooters come with internally regulated speed controllers to comply with the local electric scooter laws.

Doing modification of any sort will absolutely lead you to void your warranty. 

Again, ignore the false pieces of advice on the Internet that there are electric scooter modification APPS that can unlock a Pure scooter model.

Since these scooters use custom controllers with internal speed regulation, flashing the firmware WON’T make a pure scooter faster. 

screenshot of a pure electric scooter speed limiter removal screenshot with support

Upgrading the Components is Your Only Way Out

If you won’t mind going the risky way in an effort to do a Pure electric scooter speed limiter removal, then modification (which is prohibited by the manufacturer) is your only option. 

Upgrading the components requires you to have an electrical engineering background as incompatible or incorrect connections will make you blow up the controller, battery, or in the worst case scenario cause a fire. 

Now, since the controller of any Pure electric scooter is speed-limited via internal regulations, you can only record faster speeds by swapping out the stock controller with a custom one. (AliExpress and Alibaba have many of these). 

Again, you need to ensure that the controller is compatible with the battery and the motor, otherwise, incompatibility is a major issue.

  • Buy a new electric scooter controller that is compatible with the other electric components of the scooter and an LCD throttle (recommended)
  • Turn off your Pure scooter
  • Swap out the old controller with the new one
  • Connect the LCD throttle to all the needful connectors
  • Switch on the scooter and see how much top speed you get by placing the scooter on a top surface with the rear wheel floating in the air.

If your Pure scooter doesn’t work, then it means the controller hasn’t been properly connected, it’s faulty, or it’s incompatible with the other components such as the Battery and the Battery Management System. 

Again, this method works best for high-powered electric scooters such as the Pure Air Pro LR Second Generation model.  

Beware, There Are Risks!

While voiding the warranty is a big risk should something go wrong when you modify your scooter, it isn’t the greatest. 

Unlocking your electric scooter to hit a top-rated speed of more than the legal 25km/h may have you get a lawsuit or even make your scooter gets confiscated depending on where you are in the UK. 

If you decide to use the stock battery, rest assured that the range will be lower than it initially was with the speed limiter.

As such, you may also need to buy a new battery if range and speed are primary factors of consideration for you.

Note that an electric scooter battery is the most expensive component for your ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pure air pro speed hack?

To do a simple Pure Air Pro speed limiter removal, you have to bypass the internal speed regulation by upgrading to new electric components such as the speed controller, LCD throttle, Battery Management System, motor, and battery for that scooter. 

Upgrading the electrical components from the stock ones to more powered ones is the best Pure air pro speed hack you can ever have.

What is the best pure air electric scooter speed limiter removal tip?

Since the Pure air electric scooter has a custom controller, the only pure air electric scooter speed hack you can use to make this scooter faster is by swapping out the controller with an unlocked one. 

With a new controller, Battery Management System, and an LCD throttle, bypassing the old restriction becomes easier as you do your Pure electric scooter speed limiter removal.

Is there any Pure air go speed hack?

Pure Air Go, just like the other Pure electric scooters comes with a custom controller.

Upgrading the controller to an unlocked one and swapping out the other components such as the Battery Management System and the stock throttle is the best Pure Air Go speed hack you will have to make the scooter faster. 

In Summary

For compliance purposes, the fastest Pure electric scooters have a top speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).

To achieve this, Pure Electric uses a custom controller with an inbuilt speed regulator to keep the speed within the legal threshold

To derestrict any Pure electric scooter, you have to modify the scooter by changing the controller along with the Battery Management System and throttle.

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