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How Does Shipt Pickup Work For Customers?

Shipt delivery isn't the only service offered. If you prefer to pick up your order when it's ready, keep reading to learn about Shipt pickup services.

Shipt is an online delivery service that brings various household goods, including groceries, pet supplies, office supplies, and other items, to your house for a fee.

This service works similarly to Doordash and Instacart by using a mobile app to place orders for delivery.

However, home delivery isn’t the only option for customers.

Perhaps you are on your way home, driving past CVS Pharmacy.

You need a couple of things, but you don’t want to spend the time shopping.

Luckily, Shipt pickup offers an easy solution for your convenience.

Does Shipt Have a Pickup Option?

Shipt offers a pickup option, which allows you to choose the items you want to buy and pick up your purchase from a specific store location.

When you choose the store pick up option, you can do this in just a few steps:

  • Log into the Shipt app and select items to buy.
  • Select which store you want to buy your groceries or household items.
  • Add the items from the store to your cart, then confirm the order.
  • When you process your payment during check out, you’ll have the choice of delivery or store pick up.

When you choose the pickup service, a Shipt shopper will prepare the order and have it ready for pickup at the selected store.

How Does Shipt Pickup Work?

Shipt functions like other online shopping apps – such as Instacart Express – by providing delivery and pickup services.

You can easily download the Shipt app on your mobile device and create an account to use the service.

Once you provide all the information needed to purchase, you can shop right away.

To use the Shipt app, choose the store and items you want to buy, then add them to your cart.

When you’re ready to confirm your items, you’ll have the option of choosing a delivery window or pickup when you provide your payment details.

vector graphic showing a customer putting groceries into a car trunk in a parking lot after using the grocery store's shipt pickup option

General Pickup Overview

Shipt pickup is a service that’s available in specific areas.

This option allows you to choose the items you want to buy, place the order, and choose the store to pick up your items.

When you provide your payment details, you’ll have the option of pickup service or delivery.

In most cases, many stores offer pickup services through Shipt, such as Costco, CVS Pharmacy, GNC, Meijer, Target, and more.

The store’s website provides an extensive list of participating stores based on your specific location.

When you log into Shipt, you’ll quickly find which stores offer pickup windows in your local area.

This feature will give you an idea of which items you can buy for pickup, or delivery, depending on your schedule and availability.

Do You Have to Go Inside for Shipt Pickup?

When you place an order for pickup, you’ll receive instructions on how and where to pick up your order.

Most stores have a designated pickup window where your items are ready.

While some stores may have outdoor access for pickup, many stores have a designated space for online orders scheduled for pickup.

Does Shipt Tell You When Your Order Is Ready for Pickup?

Your Shipt shopper will update you when they have finished shopping and the items are ready for pickup at your selected location.

Before you receive this notice, you’ll have an estimated time frame of when your pickup will be ready.

When to Use Shipt Pickup

Shipt pickup is an excellent option to consider if you live in a large urban area, where you’ll have lots of stores with the pickup option.

If you reside in a small town or region where there are few, if any, participating stores for Shipt pickup, you can opt for the grocery delivery service instead.

Difference Between Curbside Pickup and Shipt Pickup?

Curbside pickup and Shipt pickup are similar in offering a convenient way of picking up your items from an online purchase.

Curbside pickup is typically provided directly from the store to the customer, arranging the purchase through the grocer or store’s online store or by phone.

Shipt pickup offers a broader range of storage options based on your location, so you can select your store and participating location and choose the pickup option on your Shipt app.

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Where Is Shipt Pickup Available?

The Shipt Pickup is available in participating stores based on your location.

You’ll find all the shops that offer this convenient service when you log into the Shipt app and review these options.

How Much Does Shipt Charge for Pickup?

PIckup service is free if your order is $35 or more, making grocery prices this option a preference for many customers.

You’ll find all the costs for groceries and household items the same as in stores so that you won’t pay a premium for this service.

If you choose a delivery option instead, there’s a delivery fee of $9.99 for next-day arrival and $14.95 for same-day delivery.

vector graphic showing a shipt cost visualized on a calculator

Do Shipt Charge Customers for Pickup?

Shipt delivery and pickup services are free for orders over $35.

However, there are some variables that can add to the cost of Shipt, such as a fee of $7 for orders under $35.

Does Shipt Charge Restaurants for Pickup?

Shipt offers pickup options for general merchandise items, groceries, and alcohol.

Depending on the city or region you reside in, you may have the option of ordering from select retailers, including restaurants.

However, Shipt focuses specifically on providing grocery and household items.

When you review the available stores in your area, you’ll find out if any participating restaurants or similar food service stores offer¬†delivery and pickup through Shipt.

Shipt Pickup Promotions

vector graphic showing a bunch of shipt shoppers holding shipt shopper bonus icon packages

If you’re looking for discounts and promotions on Shipt services, you’ll find some great resources on various websites that feature online coupon codes and discounts for a limited time.

Coupons.cnet.com is a popular website for Shipt coupons, and you’ll find a variety of discounts and coupon amounts.

There are a variety of discounts such as 10% or 20% off your purchase.

You can also find dollar-amount discount amounts, such as $10 off, and coupons for reduced membership and delivery passes.

New customers can enjoy promotional discounts and deals, including Shipt coupons offered directly on the website.

First-time customers can enjoy deals such as a $10 discount on the initial order and a 20% reduction off the annual membership.

You may also find offers for a free trial period through third-party coupon sites and directly from Shipt.

How to Select Shipt Pickup

When you’ve finished choosing the items you want to buy from your selected store, you’ll have the option of “pickup” or “delivery.”

The Shipt app presents customers with these options when both services are available in your region through a specific retailer.

If you choose a store without the pickup option, you’ll only have delivery time frames to choose from, whether you’re looking for same-day or next-day delivery.

You can select the most convenient store location when the pickup is available.

Tipping on Shipt Pickup Orders

Shipt shoppers appreciate receiving tips, and while paying a tip isn’t required, it’s a great way to say “thank you.”

Many Shipt shoppers work more than one job or choose to work with Shipt as a side gig to earn extra income for living expenses.

Many people choose to work with Shipt, including individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels.

vector image of a man holding a food delivery and the customer abiding by Shipt tipping best practices and offering the delivery person a cash tip

Should You Tip on Shipt Pickup Orders?

When you pay a tip on Shipt orders, it’s a great way to provide an incentive for Shipt shoppers.

When you shop online, you can add a tip to your purchase with the amount you want, or you can give a cash tip when your shopper arrives with the delivery.

If you forget to pay a tip when you make a purchase or don’t have enough cash, you can opt to make an online tip through the Shipt app after picking up your items or receiving your delivery.

You’ll find the tip option is easy to use and works similarly to the tipping features of DoorDash, Instacart, and Uber Eats.

How Much Should You Tip?

Your base tip should be 15% at minimum.

You’ll find this option available on your Shipt app when it asks you if you would like to add a tip.

If your grocery delivery service or pickup order service was exceptional, you might want to consider a slightly higher percentage at 20%.

If you notice errors in your order or issues with the quality of the service you receive, it’s acceptable to reduce the tip to 10%.

You may want to contact Shipt if you have concerns about missing items or finding incorrect items that replace some of the groceries you chose for your order.

Who Gets the Tip?

The total amount of your tip goes to the shopper, and for this reason, the amount you tip your shopper makes a significant impact on the number of earnings they receive.

Shipt shoppers will often make a great effort to ensure your order is correct and provide excellent service to earn tips.

Many shoppers earn a significant amount of their income through tips, which is essential to consider when choosing a percentage or dollar value to tip.

Troubleshooting: Common Errors

When you use your Shipt app, you may encounter some issues with the app that can be quickly resolved.

If you have concerns about the functioning of your Shipt app or need some assistance with using your app, you can visit the company’s website for helpful questions and answers.

There’s also a customer support team you can reach by phone or email if you need help with your order or with the status of your delivery or pickup status.

One of the first methods of contact you can try if you have specific questions about your order is your Shipt shopper, who is best to communicate with for details about your order.

Your Shipt shopper can offer helpful tips on which items are available or choose specific types of groceries that you prefer, such as fresh produce.

You can also contact your shopper regarding a shortage of particular items or delays in getting your order ready for pickup.

Why Is My Shipt Pickup Taking So Long?

Your Shipt pickup may take longer than usual if there aren’t enough shoppers available.

This situation depends on the time of day, your location, how busy it is at specific times, and the number of batches ordered.

When there are many shoppers available, a sudden surge in shopping orders may cause a delay if there are more orders than individuals to get them ready.

If no one from a designated group of shoppers in your area picks up your order, the Shipt app’s algorithm will provide your order to an alternative set of shoppers to pick up.

This process may also cause your order to take longer than usual.

Why Is Shipt Only Pickup Right Now?

When there are only pickup orders available at a specific time, this means that the shoppers available and participating stores in your area are only providing this service at that time.

Some shoppers are only certified to prepare orders for pickup.

So, if only those shoppers are available, the shoppers approved for delivery may not be working at the moment.

If you live in an area with no delivery options available, you may only see the pickup service displayed on your Shipt app.

If you notice this when there should be a delivery option, and this becomes a recurring situation, you can contact the customer service team at Shipt for assistance.

Wrapping Up

Shipt is an excellent service to consider for your next grocery or general merchandise order.

When you initially download your Shipt app, you’ll find the app is easy to navigate and use for all your shopping needs.

If you don’t need your order to come to your home, try out Shipt Pickup.

First, explore your app and see which stores offer the pickup option and how many stores participate with Shipt in your area.

Shipt is an inexpensive way to order groceries and household items without the inconvenience of waiting in line and spending time in your local grocery store.

Try Shipt Pickup today!

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