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How Much Does the Spin Scooter Cost? Expected Prices and Fees for 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Spin scooter usage costs between 15 to 40 cents per minute, plus an initial unlocking fee, varying by city. These can be offset using a Spin promo code.
  • Additional charges apply for scooters not returned within 48 hours and for misuse, including potential high penalties for lost or stolen scooters.
  • Users are billed per minute from unlocking until ending the ride via the app.
  • Spin+ Rental offers a $59 monthly rental that includes an electric scooter, GPS tracker, and unlimited support.

If you’ve seen electric scooters around your city, you certainly know they’re a cost-effective way to move around.

The Spin app is an electric scooter service that provides big cities like Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, or Detroit, as well as campuses and other communities, with an effective shared mobility solution.

Here’s everything you need to know about Spin scooters and the expected Spin scooter cost in various locations.

How Much Does the Spin Scooter Cost?

The cost of the minute rate for Spin access varies depending on the city in which you’re using the service. You may have to pay around 15 to 40 cents per minute.

Like many other electric scooter companies, Spin uses different fee structures across different cities with separate unlocking fees per minute and hour.

How Does the Spin Scooter Payment Work?

After you find a nearby scooter and unlock it, you’ll be charged per minute of usage, with the built-in meter tracking the time spent. The timer will stop after you tap the “End Ride” button, which will lock the scooter again.

For instance, if the scooter costs 20 cents per minute in your city, you’ll pay $12 for a one-hour ride, plus the one-dollar cost for unlocking it.

What Other Charges Are Involved?

Aside from the unlocking fee, you’ll also have to pay a $25 charge if a Spin scooter remains in your possession within 48 hours of your last scheduled pickup time. After this period, Spin may deem the scooter stolen or lost.

Another service fee takes effect here, and Spin reserves the right to charge you up to $1,300. A police report may also be filed. You’re advised to notify Spin as soon as possible in the event of a missing or damaged scooter.

Some cities also have dedicated ride zones that define boundaries inside which you’re allowed to ride the Spin scooter. Riding a scooter inside the areas marked red, or leaving it in a no-ride zone, can lead to additional penalties.

To offset the high cost of these fees, Spin has created and sold a subscription program they call Spin+. If you are a regular Spin user, I highly suggest checking this out.

What Is Spin+?

Spin+ is a 30-day rental offering that includes access to:

  • One electric scooter
  • GPS locker and tracker
  • Unlimited maintenance and customer support

The service costs $59 and includes free delivery, unlimited scooter swaps, and a free charging cable.

Spin currently partners with several campuses and cities for this rental service. If you want to participate, you’ll have to join a waiting list.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I’ve had a pretty good experience using Spin scooters overall. However, there are a few notable things – in terms of pricing – that I noticed.

First, the holds are a bit annoying. These alone would warrant me switching to a competitor like Lime or Bird.

These holds seem to be escalating. In the past, I’ve seen them around $10, but recently they seem to be increasing to $20. Bird and Lime don’t have these holds, which is nice.

Second, Spin is getting more expensive as time goes on.

Yes, Bird is also expensive, but not quite as bad as Spin. I took a ride the other day that was $15. This is far more than I would ever expect from a scooter rental service.

Lastly, it might be cheaper to just buy your own scooter instead of renting.

For the cost of riding a Spin scooter around, you could just buy your own. Amazon sells a ton of really nice scooters for really cheap.

My conclusion: Spin is worth it if you’re traveling or just want a fun ride but if you’re relying on this for daily transportation, I’d suggest you just buy your own scooter.

Your Spin Account Ban: What You Need to Know

While registering to use a Spin scooter costs only a few dollars, there are other considerable fees for regaining a banned Spin account.

The most likely reason for an account ban is if you have violated several parking regulations. You’ll also be banned if you try to register multiple accounts per user or device.

And there’s a penalty for adding too many promotional credits to your Spin account. You can read more about Spin’s Terms of Service on their official website.

The Spin app will prompt a safety quiz if you’ve been penalized multiple times. There are two warnings, each coming with fees.

On the first warning, you’ll be charged $10 to take the quiz and regain access to your account. If you’re warned a second time, the fee is $25.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the expenses, we can safely say that the Spin e-scooter is a highly affordable transport option for campus students and other users who prefer using green micro-mobility solutions.

To start using the service, download the Spin app, launch the scooter scan, and view Spin Hubs and other service locations on the map. While using the e-scooter, you should try to stick to slow ride zones, slow down for pedestrians, and maintain a low speed for safety.

Enjoy your ride!

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