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How To Place A Target Instacart Order [Step-By-Step]

Discover how to place a Target Instacart order. Learn how the process goes, how much you’ll pay, and useful tips for saving money on your order.

Key Takeaways

  • Order Target groceries via Instacart for home delivery convenience.
  • Instacart charges delivery fees; Target items may have slight markups.
  • Use Instacart promotions or Instacart+ membership for savings on deliveries.
  • Compare prices, buy in bulk, and choose store brands to save money.

How Does Shopping From Target Using Instacart Work?

When you place your order on the app or website, the system will assign it to a nearby Instacart shopper. They’ll receive a notification with your order details, plus any specific instructions you might have left, and head to your chosen Target location.

screenshot of the Target Instacart homepage

They’ll locate your items and carefully select them based on quality, freshness, size, and brand during their shopping. If an item’s out of stock, they’ll message you to ensure whether you’d like an alternative or you’d prefer to drop it off your grocery list.

Instacart handles all payments, so the shopper won’t need to pay out of their pocket. They use a special payment card that’s pre-authorized for the exact value of the order, so besides tipping, you won’t need to pay anything directly at delivery.

The shopper will also bag or box your groceries according to Instacart’s guidelines, ensuring you receive your order in the best condition possible before hitting the road.

You can track them—and see their estimated arrival time—using the app.

How to Place a Target Instacart Order

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to ordering from Target using Instacart!

  1. Download the Instacart app on your phone.
  2. Ensure the app has your correct delivery address. Usually, location services will be pinpoint-accurate, but it’s best to double-check to prevent missed deliveries.
  3. Look for “Target” within the Instacart app. You can also access it online by clicking here.
  4. Add your favorite items to your cart. For your convenience, you can browse by category or by specific items on the Instacart app. At this point, it’s best to pay attention to your order total to save on delivery fees.
  5. Review your order and total fees, choose a delivery window, and proceed to checkout. Instacart accepts multiple payment methods, including credit, debit, and Apple Pay. Use whichever suits you best!
  6. Instacart will keep you updated on the status of your order through the app. You can follow your shopper’s progress in real-time and see their estimated time of arrival.

How Much Does Shopping From Target Using Instacart Cost?

Like any online service, convenience comes at an extra cost. Shopping from Target through Instacart will be slightly more expensive in terms of delivery fees and product markups.

You’ll also miss out on in-store promotions and programs such as Target Circle.

Delivery Fees

Instacart charges delivery and service fees for your order, depending on its size and delivery window.

They start at $3.99 for same-day delivery orders over $35 and vary for one-hour deliveries and deliveries under $35. How much you’ll pay will be visible during checkout. Note that all orders must be worth at least $10 to qualify for delivery!

Product Markups

Fees aside, some stores on Instacart may set slightly higher prices for items compared to their in-store prices. It’s best to compare prices across different stores if you’re budget-conscious.

However, what you’ll rack up in fees and product markups, you’ll save in gas and time, and that’s a fair tradeoff!

How Can I Shop for Less From Target Using Instacart?

If you’re budget-conscious, putting these tips into action will be best.

Maximize Delivery Promotions

Instacart is generous with its delivery promotions, so keep an eye out for them through the app or website. They include free delivery deals or reduced fees and are typically targeted at new users or exceedingly expensive orders.

Subscribe to Instacart+

Getting an Instacart+ membership is an excellent decision if you frequently order through the platform. You get to enjoy many benefits, including free deliveries on orders over $35, reduced fees on orders from select stores, and more.

Just make sure the subscription price will offset your spending. Otherwise, it’d be counterproductive.

Order Large Quantities

Don’t waste money on delivery fees by ordering $10 worth of groceries. Go big. Delivery fees are spread out over your entire order, so make sure you order at least $35 worth of groceries to reduce the per-item fee impact.

Compare Prices

To avoid product markups, compare stores in Instacart’s Target front with those on the Target app or website. If some products are significantly cheaper in-store, consider buying them there instead.

Also, consider generic products. They often offer comparable quality at a much more affordable cost. On a similar note, instruct shoppers to choose replacements only if they meet your criteria. Be rigid with your criteria, especially when it comes to product pricing.

Final Thoughts

With Instacart, you have a multitude of convenient ways to purchase your groceries from the comfort of your home.

Target is just one of the many stores from which you can buy your household essentials, but make sure you factor in the convenience-associated fees before you make your order!

Happy shopping!

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