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Do You Tip Amazon Fresh Drivers? How Much?

Do you tip Amazon fresh delivery drivers? How much? Find out how much you should tip Amazon Fresh delivery driver and how to troubleshoot.

If you’ve ever shopped for groceries online, you’ve probably used Amazon Fresh.

And if you’ve used Amazon Fresh, you’ve probably wondered whether or not you’re supposed to tip the drivers.

Turns out, there’s no definitive answer – it all depends on how good of a job the driver does and how much you appreciate it.

However, there are certain things that we’d recommend when you tip Amazon Fresh drivers, so read on to learn everything you need to know.

Do You Tip Amazon Fresh Delivery Drivers?

Most people who think it is worth paying for an Amazon Prime membership also think it is worth it to tip Amazon Fresh delivery drivers.

Just like a waiter in a restaurant, they expect you to leave a tip for their hard work.

One delivers food to your table—the other delivers food to your home, right from the local foods market.

Many people think that TIPS stands for To Insure Proper Service.

It is technically a myth, but it makes sense.

The short answer is if you are considerate, you do tip Amazon Fresh delivery drivers.

Can Amazon Fresh Drivers Accept Tips?

Most delivery apps, like Amazon Fresh, offer a tip option.

Many, such as DoorDash and Favor, automatically add a tip to check out based on the total you paid for the items.

These tipping modules in the apps offer a sliding scale, allowing you to choose if you want to pay usually a dollar more or less than they suggest.

DoorDash, in particular, notates what percent of your total order you are tipping, whether it is 10, 15, or 20 percent.

Amazon Fresh has a similar feature, automatically applying a 5 dollar tip to your cart.

You can change the tip amount for 24 hours once your order is complete.

So, the short answer is yes; Amazon Fresh delivery drivers can accept tips.

How Much Should You Tip Amazon Fresh Delivery Drivers?

vector graphic showing an amazon fresh customer in the process of tip amazon fresh

Amazon automatically applies a 5 dollar tip to your cart, and if you want to keep it simple, you can opt to leave it that way.

Typically, I leave the tip amount at 5 dollars until I know how the service went with the driver.

Did they deliver all my food between my desired window, in good condition, and follow my delivery instructions?

If they did all of the above, they deserve a 20 percent tip, just like a waiter in a restaurant.

There is no automatic calculator like on other food market delivery apps, so you must calculate it yourself.

Here’s an easy way to do the math in your head:

If your Amazon Fresh delivery order total is 32.98 dollars, find 10 percent by moving the decimal one spot to the left.

10 percent of 32.98 is 3.298.

If you feel that your Amazon fresh driver only deserves a 10 percent tip, you can tip them 3.30.

I rounded up to 30 cents because 8 is higher than 5.

When rounding, 5 and over means you bring the number up a digit, while 4 and below means you bring the digit down.

If you want to calculate 20 percent, double the 10 percent that you just calculated.

In this example, that would be 6.60.

This simple trick works with totals of any number of digits, be it 1 dollar or 1000 dollars.

Just remember to move the decimal over once to the left.

10 percent of 1.00 dollar is $0.10, and 10 percent of 1000.00 dollars is 100.00 dollars.

The short answer is you should tip your Amazon Flex delivery driver between – at least – 10 and 20 percent based on the level of their grocery delivery service.

Do Amazon Fresh Delivery Drivers See Tip Amounts?

To maintain customer privacy, Amazon has some measures in place.

One of these measures is that Amazon Flex delivery drivers cannot see who leaves them which tip or which order coincides with which tip.

Instead, these grocery delivery drivers are provided a subtotal at the end of each shift that shows them their tips so that they can access them.

The short answer is delivery drivers see a total tip amount of all of their orders completed each day, but they do not see individual tip amounts per customer.

Amazon Fresh grocery delivery drivers do not see individual tip amounts.

Where Does The Amazon Fresh Delivery Tip Go?

100 percent of each tip goes to the Amazon Fresh delivery driver.

They can access it on their system at the end of each shift.

How to Tip Amazon Fresh Delivery Drivers

Tipping Amazon Fresh delivery drivers is easy!

The option is built right into the app or desktop browser, and it is pre-filled in.

When you go to checkout, Amazon provides an automatic tip of 5 dollars that you can edit up to 24 hours after the delivery.

You can edit the Amazon Fresh delivery driver tip at any time: before checkout, after checkout but before delivery, and after delivery for up to 24 hours.

The short answer is the tip is automatically provided, so if you want to tip your Amazon Fresh delivery driver, you don’t have to do anything!

How to Change a Tip Amount on Amazon Fresh

If you want to change the amount of a tip for an Amazon Fresh delivery driver, you can do this before or after delivery.

I recommend waiting to see how the service went before tipping, but I have also been known to completely forget to edit the tip.

Remember, you can only edit the tip 24 hours after delivery.

Once this window passes, you will pay the 5 dollars automatic tip (or whatever number you entered before delivery, if you did so.)

How to edit the number, you ask?

It’s simple:

Upon checkout, you will be faced with options to select your delivery address and credit card payment information.

The next screen will ask you how much you would like to tip.

Merely click next to the 5 dollar amount, and it will bring you to a new screen where you can change the tip amount.

The short answer is to click next to the tip amount during the checkout process and change the tip amount to the number you desire.

Troubleshooting: Amazon Fresh No Tip Option

If you would like to opt for Amazon Fresh without tipping, you can, but it is not very considerate in many people’s opinions.

Amazon Fresh Delivery drivers are paid couriers from third-party companies that Amazon partners with.

This type of driver is otherwise known as an Amazon Flex driver.

They are not, in most cases, direct employees of Amazon.

They do not receive benefits, and most of them rely on their tips.

It is common knowledge that the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx pay their employees very well, especially their delivery drivers.

That is not the case for Amazon Fresh delivery drivers.

When deciding whether you are going to use the Amazon Fresh service, I think you should factor your capacity to tip into your decision.

Think of it this way: If you go get your groceries from the store yourself, you are using up gasoline in your car and time that you could use on other pursuits, whether work-related or leisure.

The tip that you pay, on top of AmazonFresh fees, should be worth that trade-off.

However, if you would like to forgo the tip, you can change the amount to 0 during the checkout process in the same way that you would change it to any other tip amount.

Just click next to the automatic 5 dollar tip and put 0 instead.

I know that not everyone can tip, and there are some extenuating circumstances that I want to account for.

I am not saying you are a bad person if that is the case for you.

However, I do think that other people who are healthy and able to get their groceries themselves should opt to tip.

The short answer is there is an option to not leave a tip for Amazon Fresh delivery drivers, but you must remember to change the automatic 5 dollar tip to 0.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Fresh is one of the Western World’s gifts, and the app makes tipping so easy.

You can leave the automatic tip for 5 dollars, change it to a higher or lower amount, and change the amount for up to 24 hours after the grocery delivery.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, try Amazon Fresh today, and be sure to tip your delivery driver!

3 thoughts on “Do You Tip Amazon Fresh Drivers? How Much?”

  1. I still need to know how to add to the tip after my delivery arrives. I can’t find out how to do this. Every mentions that I CAN and SHOULD tip. But no one addresses HOW. I can’t find the option on Amazon app.

  2. I don’t think it’s true that the driver cannot see who or how much they were tipped. Once I accidentally changed the tip to zero (I mean to INCREASE it) — and I didn’t even know until the groceries were delivered and the driver had hand-written “Please consider tipping, as we depend on tips, thank you.” ???? I was horrified and went back in and changed the tip, but this just proves they actually do, in fact, know, at least in some cases!

  3. I am an Amazon Fresh delivery sub contract and I can verify we only see the total tips for that route. Nothing individually.
    The ‘tip note’ was semi tacky. I would never. They must have been stiffed a lot. We do appreciate tips to help cover gas.


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