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Shipt Memberships Work [& Should You Subscribe?]

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Key Takeaways

  • Shipt memberships provide unlimited same-day grocery delivery through a monthly subscription.
  • Members enjoy exclusive offers, discounts, and free delivery on orders over $35.
  • Personal shopper selection and communication enhance tailored shopping experiences.
  • Offers a free trial and targets budget-conscious and convenience-seeking consumers.

What Is a Shipt Membership?

Shipt membership is a monthly subscription that allows you to order groceries and other everyday essentials from anywhere across the country.

As an established delivery service, Shipt has collaborated with countless retailers throughout the years, giving you a variety of shopping options. That means you won’t have to worry about not finding what you’re looking for.

No matter how specific your order is, Shipt’s diverse inventory has got you covered. All you have to do is open the app, choose the items you need, and wait for the shopper to drop them off at your doorstep.

Some customers won’t like the idea of other people shopping for them. Shipt understands that. That’s why it allows constant communication between you and your personal shoppers.

You can give them special instructions and tell them what to do if your order isn’t available in stores. Ultimately, the company goes above and beyond to ensure your orders meet your expectations.

Key Benefits of Shipt’s Membership

Now that you have a general idea about Shipt’s membership, let’s delve deeper into the benefits it offers.

You Can Make Unlimited Same-Day Deliveries

There isn’t a set limit on how many orders you can make a day. Whether it’s one, five, or ten orders, you just press the button and wait for your items to arrive.

Shipt prides itself on efficiency. You can make your orders and have them reach your doorstep within less than an hour, and that’s not even the most convenient part.

If your order costs $35 or more, you don’t have to pay delivery fees, which saves you a lot of money in the long run. If your order is less than $35, you’ll pay a $7 delivery fee along with other applicable service fees on your order.

You Have Access to Numerous Offers and Discounts

Shipt members get access to exclusive offers and promo codes that aren’t available anywhere else, making your shopping experience more convenient.

While scrolling through the app, you’ll find categories like “On Sale Today” or “Weekly Sale Items,” which offer hefty discounts on various products.

You Have the Option to Choose Your Shopper

Shipt’s Shoppers can work whenever they want. So, no, you can’t choose specific shoppers to pick your orders.

However, if you give a personal shopper five stars, you’ll have the option to add them to your Preferred Shopper list.

Those shoppers will be given priority to pick up your orders in the future. So, you’ll have an overall better experience with fewer issues.

You Can Avoid Impulsive Purchases

When you’re buying from a store or a supermarket, you’re surrounded by countless tempting products. So, you’re more likely to buy items you didn’t intend on buying when you entered.

That’s where Shipt comes in. The app offers a focused shopping experience. You choose the desired ingredients, checkout, and wait for your shopper to drop them off.

How Much Does a Shipt Membership Cost?

All the benefits of a Shipt membership come in at $10.99 a month or $99 a year. At first glance, the service doesn’t seem to offer much value.

After all, you’re paying for groceries, a monthly subscription, and delivery fees. That makes it more financially demanding, right?

Well, Shipt offers several perks that can make the subscription worth it.  For instance, new Shipt members get a 14-day free trial, where they can order as many times as they like without paying delivery fees.

As we’ve already established, the app offers numerous discounts and offers on everyday items, which helps you save more money than you expect.

In some cases, you can even find that the items on the app are cheaper than the stores. Yes, you’ll pay more money on Shipt than what you’d have paid if you’d done the shopping yourself.

The difference won’t be that big, though, and you won’t have to do all the exhausting footwork.

How Shipt Stacks Up Against the Competition

Shipt is a convenient service, but how does it stack up against its competitors? Instacart+ seems to offer similar services and benefits. How does Shipt stand out?

Subscription Fees

Both services offer the same annual membership fees, $99. However, Instacart’s monthly subscription comes in at $9.99, which is cheaper than Shipt’s.

On the other hand, Shipt offers a free membership for Visa cardholders. So, if you have a Visa consumer credit card, Shipt is the way to go.

Items’ Prices

Whether you’re using Shipt or Instacart+, you can expect items’ prices to be higher than store prices. However, Shipt is usually the more affordable option.

Besides, if you want to use Shipt to order from Target, you can order directly from Target. That way, you’ll buy your items with in-store pricing, which is usually cheaper. Instacart+ doesn’t offer that option.

Delivery Speed

Both services offer same-day deliveries, with orders reaching your doorstep within the hour. However, Shipt gives you the option to work with your favorite shoppers, which makes for a more convenient delivery experience.

Delivery Fees

Shipt and Instacart+ exempt customers from delivery fees on orders of $35 or more.

Range of Retailers

Shipt has grown exponentially these past few years, covering countless stores/retailers nationwide. Although Instacart+ is available in Canada, it doesn’t have the same widespread expansion in the U.S. as Shipt.

If you’re not sure if Shipt or Instacart+ are available in your area, you can enter your zip code on the app or the website and see if they produce any results.

Is Shipt Membership Worth It? A Thoughtful Analysis

Despite offering excellent value, Shipt isn’t a perfect service. If you want to subscribe, take your time to explore its benefits and drawbacks to see if it meets your needs as a consumer.


  • You get exclusive deals on various items, which makes the service more affordable.
  • You don’t pay a delivery fee on orders that cost $35 or more.
  • You can make a list of your favorite shoppers, which prioritizes them to pick up your orders in the future.
  • You get to make unlimited deliveries a day.
  • You can make last-minute changes to your order, and the shoppers will quickly adapt.
  • You can enjoy convenient same-day deliveries.
  • You get a 14-day free trial, where you don’t have to pay delivery fees.


  • The items will usually cost more than when you buy them in stores.
  • You have to pay a $7 delivery fee if your order is less than $35.
  • Personal shoppers can mess up your order.
  • Despite its impressive growth, the delivery service isn’t available everywhere in the U.S.
  • It costs $10 to order from Shipt without a subscription.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Shipt is a luxurious service, but it’s not for everyone. If you can spare extra money on the convenience of having items delivered to your door, by all means, subscribe today. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s probably not the best option for you.

Additional Considerations

We’ve covered most of our bases, but we still want to tell you a few perks subscribing to Shipt would offer.

Helping Communities in Need

Shipt isn’t just about providing a convenient service for money. The company wants to make a difference. That’s why it invests in numerous programs that provide economic opportunities and food security for communities in need.

In 2023, Shipt donated $250,000 to 18 organizations in the U.S. Subscribing to Shipt means you can help the company reach more people and save more lives.

Experiencing Professional Customer Service

No company can offer a perfect experience all the time. You’re bound to face an issue at one point, whether it’s a shopper with an attitude or a cracked egg in the bag.

That’s where Shipt’s customer service comes in. You can contact the agents through phone number, email address, or live chat, and rest assured they’ll work diligently and efficiently to solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Shipt without a membership?

Yes, you can create a Shipt account and use it to make one-time deliveries without subscribing. You’ll have to pay $10 per delivery, though.

Does Shipt charge a delivery fee?

It depends on the price of the order. If your order costs $35 or more, you won’t pay a delivery fee.

However, if your order is less than $35, you’ll pay a $7 delivery fee. If you order alcoholic beverages, you’ll pay a $7 alcohol fee.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Shipt offers a personalized shopping experience where you can get everything you need in the comfort of your home.

The app is user-friendly, the subscription offers various discounts/promo codes, and you can enjoy same-day deliveries.

That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect service, though. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford luxurious memberships, you probably shouldn’t subscribe to it.

So, calculate how much you spend on regular shopping and how much you’d spend on Shipt and determine if it’s worth it or not.

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