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How Does the Grubhub Perks Program Work?

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Everyone loves to get a discount, especially when eating out.

That’s why GrubHub has its perks program built into the app.

But, what are GrubHub perks?

How do you use these perks to save money when you order food?

It turns out that these perks are simple and easy to use as long as you know where to find them.

What Are Grubhub Perks?

A GrubHub perk is a special offer created by a restaurant on GrubHub that acts as a promo.

Many perks are a GrubHub promo code that you redeem when you meet certain conditions, such as ordering food or being a returning customer.

Another way to view these perks is to think of them as a GrubHub coupon.

When you receive the perk, you can redeem it like a coupon at the store.

Only, you’re using the coupon for an online food delivery rather than a physical item.

For the most part, GrubHub perks won’t cover the cost of your food.

Usually, they help cut the costs a little bit for your overall bill.

So, expect to charge your credit card or another preferred payment method even when using perks.

How Do Grubhub Perks Work?

GrubHub doesn’t control when restaurants offer perks.

Instead, restaurants on GrubHub will run these promotions through the app for customers to find.

The easiest way to find these benefits is to check out the Perks tab in the app and look for restaurants that are running active programs.

There’s also a Redeem tab for extra offers and an Earn tab for local restaurant loyalty rewards programs.

When you redeem one of the perks, you get the benefits once you meet certain requirements.

Some might require you to spend a certain amount of money, while others might expect repeat visits to build up loyalty.

No matter what the promo is, the rewards will come with the perk once you redeem it.

What Type of Perks Can You Expect?

Perks are a versatile tool offered by GrubHub for their participating restaurants that build their own promotions or offers for customers on the platform.

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Common Grubhub Perks

It’s up to the individual restaurant to determine what kind of perks they offer to customers.

However, are some common perks:

  • GrubHub Guarantee: If you can find a lower price for an order, GrubHub will send you a perk for a reduced delivery fee next time you order.
  • Free food: Some perks give you a free food item when you order food from the eligible restaurant.
  • Loyalty programs and rewards: Recurring orders from a restaurant on GrubHub can give you some discounts on later orders.
  • Gift card: Some restaurants will offer a gift card perk to reduce the cost of your next order.
  • Waived delivery fee: Free delivery is a common perk for first-time customers.

Examples of Grubhub Perks Previously Offered

To give you an idea of previous perks, take a look at what some of the bigger chains have done:

  • Taco Bell has offered a free “Gordita Crunch”
  • Red Lobster gave away 12 Cheddar Bay Biscuits
  • Smoothie King offered a complimentary 20-ounce drink
  • Auntie Anne’s gave people a free cinnamon sugar or original pretzel

How to Use Grubhub Perks

Accessing perks in the GrubHub app is easy to do.

If you tap on the tab called Perks at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be brought to a page with the different offers on GrubHub in your area.

If you choose the Redeem option after exploring, you’ll see rewards that your account has earned or been offered.

Now, the Earn option gives you a way to discover and obtain perks of your own, usually by ordering a certain amount or type of food.

This tab also has summaries for different local loyalty programs.

Once you find a perk you want to use, all you need to do is select it.

The perk will either give you a promo code to use at checkout when you make an offer or be applied automatically to the order.

Either way, using a perk will score you some free food or a discount.

Grubhub Perks Cash Value

One of the things you might notice about the perks in GrubHub is that they have a cash value associated with them instead of a free drink or food item.

Let’s take a look at what that cash value means for you when redeeming a perk.

What Is Grubhub Perks Cash Value?

The cash value of a GrubHub perk is how much cash that perk would be worth if you converted it.

So, if you see a perk that has a $10 value, then that perk would reward you with $10 worth of food or delivery service when you use it.

The idea behind this info is to give you an idea of what perks are worth and which ones have more value.

Some perks require that you only use them on their own, rather than together.

In that case, most folks will want to use the perk that gives them the most bang for their buck, which they can’t know without this cash info.

How to Redeem Grubhub Perks Cash Value

Sadly, you can’t redeem your perks for cash.

The cash value only represents how much the perk is worth.

These perks are there for you to use when you order food from the participating restaurant.

To use one, you’ll have to go to the Perks tab of the GrubHub app.

Once there, the Redeem tab will show you what perks you have and where you can use them.

Tapping on the perk in question will bring you to the perk, letting you apply it to your next order.

Do Grubhub Drivers Get Perks for Driving?

Unfortunately, GrubHub drivers don’t get special perks to use inside of the GrubHub app.

Like everyone else, they have to earn or be offered perks to get discounts on food deliveries.

However, there are other benefits to being a GrubHub driver.

In addition to the pay you collect from your deliveries, GrubHub partners with other services to incentivize their drivers and reward them for driving for GrubHub.

Here are some of the services GrubHub partners with and what they offer:

  • Intuit QuickBooks: As independent contractors, GrubHub knows that some drivers need help with their taxes.
  • Stash: Investing with Stash gives GrubHub drivers a free $10 to open their account.
  • Jiffy Lube: many maintenance services are around 15% for GrubHub drivers here.
  • GasBuddy and CarAdvise: Both of these services offer gas and insurance perks for GrubHub drivers.
  • Stride: Healthcare, vision, and dental are all offered to GrubHub drivers with this partner company.
  • Tidal: Audiophile drivers will get the best quality music for their drives with this partner.

Wrapping Up

GrubHub perks are a way to get a little discount on your food delivery order.

While the perks themselves might not be a lot of money, they can add up to a lot of value, especially with repeat customers.

The best way to start using these perks is by checking out the Earn tab in the GrubHub app.

There, you’ll be able to explore and see what rewards you can earn by ordering from local restaurants.

Over time, you could save a lot of money just by checking out this tab and ordering from the eateries you love.

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