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Different Lyft Application Statuses and What They Mean

Usage statistics show Lyft is one of the top ridesharing apps in the United States.

Co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green have always prioritized the safety of passengers, which is why you have to meet a few requirements and pass a background check before getting started as a driver.

Read on to learn more about what to expect and how to check your Lyft application status.

What Is a Lyft Application Status?

The purpose of the application status is to let prospective drivers keep track of the process.

Once you submit an application, Lyft will perform a background check and a DMV check.

You’ll also have to upload your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance information.

Lyft will review these documents and make sure you meet their driver requirements.

Lyft will make a decision regarding your application once the ridesharing platform gets the background check and the DMV driver check back.

You can find out about this decision by checking your application status.

Lyft won’t check your credit report and won’t require a credit card to process your driver application, and will cover the expenses.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to use your personal vehicle to drive for Lyft.

If your car doesn’t meet Lyft’s requirements, you can rent a car through Lyft for your first ride.

How Long Does a Lyft Application Take to Process?

Some drivers report getting a response in 48 hours.

However, the background check process can take longer.

You might have to wait a few weeks for Lyft to hear back from different government agencies for your background check.

How To Check Your Lyft Application Status

Checking the status of your Lyft application status is quick and easy.

How to Check Your Lyft Application Status (and What Can Delay the Process)

Checking Your Application Status

You can check the status of your background check on your PC:

  • Head to accounts.lyft.com and log in with the account you created when submitting your application.
  • On the next screen, Lyft will display the status of your application and prompt you to complete the next step if applicable.

You can also check your status on your mobile phone:

  • Visit accounts.lyft.com with a mobile browser and enter your phone number to log in.
  • You can also download the Lyft app on Android or iOS, open it, and log in.

The app and website should both display your application status on the Lyft portal screen if you have a pending background check.

Checking Your Background Check Status

You can see if you passed this step of the application process via Checkr, the company Lyft uses to process background checks:

  • Visit the Checkr applicant portal.
  • Enter your personal information. Note that everything must match what you entered on your Lyft application.
  • Click ‘Get Status,’ and you’ll see if Checkr has processed your background check yet.

Things That Can Delay Your Lyft Application

There are a few things that can delay getting a response from Lyft.

1. Background Check

The Lyft background check process is something we’ve written about before on Ridester, and it’s the most common reason that your application can be delayed.

As Lyft explains on their website, “Background checks can take several weeks to process because of the number of agencies involved.”

Getting your background check back from government agencies can take a few weeks.

Lyft can also delay your application to take the time to review your criminal record in more detail if something comes up.

Lyft protects passengers by disqualifying drivers who have committed violent crimes or have a DUI.

However, a misdemeanor won’t necessarily disqualify you from picking up Lyft customers.

Lyft will go back seven years when checking your criminal history.

2. DMV Check

Lyft needs to make sure you’ll be a safe rideshare driver.

Typically, the taxi service will approve your application to become a Lyft driver as long as you don’t have more than three moving violations over the past three years on your driving record.

However, a history of reckless driving can prompt Lyft to reject your application as an independent contractor.

Getting your driving record from the DMV can take a few weeks.

Plus, Lyft might need more time to review your driving record if you have previously committed traffic violations.

3. Vehicle Eligibility

You’ll have to register your vehicle with Lyft before picking up your first ride.

There are a few basic requirements all vehicles have to meet, such as having four doors.

The year of the vehicle can vary from one state to another.

Checking your vehicle requirements should be straightforward as long as you submit accurate information.

However, Lyft requires an in-person vehicle inspection in some regions.

If you need to schedule an inspection, do it as soon as possible to avoid delaying your application.

Consult our guide to Lyft vehicle requirements to learn more.

4. City and State Requirements

There are unique requirements for some cities and states.

For instance, Lyft will not accept an out-of-state driver’s license for applicants in Honolulu, and New York drivers need to get a license from the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Make sure to review the requirements unique to your region to avoid delaying your application.

Check out our guide to Lyft vehicle inspections to ensure that your car passes on the first try.

4. Insurance Requirements

To drive with Lyft, you need to meet the insurance requirements for your state.

This means having a valid in-state insurance policy on the vehicle you plan to drive with Lyft.

The main reason for delays here is if your insurance policy isn’t valid (which is not only a problem for Lyft but also against the law) or if you’ve recently moved from another state and haven’t updated your auto insurance policy.

Learn more about rideshare insurance requirements here.

Steps of the Lyft Application Status

There are three possible statuses for your application.

In Process

Lyft has received your application and is either sending your information to Checkr, waiting for the results of your Lyft background check or reviewing this information.



Lyft has approved your application.

The website or app will prompt you to move on to the next step of becoming a Lyft driver.

You’ll soon receive your Lyft emblem and will be one step closer to completing your first Lyft ride!


Lyft reserves the right to disqualify drivers.

Check your mailbox since you’ll get an email with more details.

You can also think about becoming an Uber driver instead or explore other ride-hailing apps.

Check out our recent post about Uber to learn more about this alternative.

If you believe Lyft’s decision isn’t fair, you can reach out and submit additional information.

For instance, a case of identity theft can result in traffic violations you didn’t commit.

Organizations like Rideshare Drivers United might be able to help you.

How To Contact Lyft About Your Application Status

If you’re having a problem with your application and want to speak to a support team member about it, follow these steps to get help:

1. Visit the “How to Become a Driver” page and hit “Contact Support”:

How to Check Your Lyft Application Status (and What Can Delay the Process) - Contact support

2. From there, fill out the form that appears:

How to Check Your Lyft Application Status (and What Can Delay the Process) - Support form

3. Be sure to choose “I’m an applicant” under the “What do you need help with?” field:

How to Check Your Lyft Application Status (and What Can Delay the Process) - Select issue

4. Then, select your specific application issue:

How to Check Your Lyft Application Status (and What Can Delay the Process) - Application status

5. When inquiring about your application, be sure to include the following information as relevant:

  • The region in which you’re applying to be a driver.
  • Screenshot of any error message you see (learn how to take screenshots of the app)
  • Any promo code or referral code you’re trying to apply to your account
  • Details of the issue you’re experiencing

Other Ways to Contact Lyft

  • App: Navigate to the Help section to send a message to Lyft support.
  • Website: You can log into your Lyft account to contact support via a form.
  • Email: There is no publicly available Lyft help email address you can use as a driver or rider.

However, if you fill out a contact form on the app or website, you’ll get a response via email and will be able to communicate with additional emails.

Wrapping Up

Waiting for Lyft to review and approve your application can be stressful.

You can speed up this process by double-checking that you meet all the requirements Lyft will look for.

Be patient and keep an eye on your application status!

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