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How To Monetize The Lyft Refer A Friend Program

Did you know that as a Lyft driver, you can make money by passengers and drivers to Lyft?

Making money by sharing a Lyft referral code as a driver is simple. As an existing Lyft driver, you’re provided with a unique referral code that you can share with potential new drivers.

When someone signs up to drive with Lyft using your referral code and meets certain criteria – like completing a specific number of rides within their first few weeks – you receive a referral bonus.

Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

  1. Obtain Your Referral Code: Access your unique code from the Lyft Driver app or driver dashboard.
  2. Share Your Code: Distribute your referral code to friends, family, or acquaintances interested in driving for Lyft.
  3. Track Progress: Monitor the sign-up and ride completion progress of your referrals through the app or dashboard.
  4. Earn Bonuses: Once your referral meets the ride requirements, you’ll receive a bonus as a thank you for bringing a new driver to the platform.

By sharing your Lyft referral code, you can earn extra income while helping to grow the Lyft community.

How to Share Your Lyft Driver Referral Code: A Quick Guide

  1. Find Your Code: Open your Lyft driver app and navigate to the promo code page on your driver dashboard to find your unique referral code.
  2. Share the Code: Tap the “Add User” button, typically located in the bottom right menu of the app. Follow the prompts to share your referral code with friends or acquaintances who are interested in driving for Lyft.
  3. Invite New Drivers: Your referred individual will receive an invitation via text or email containing your referral link, which they can use to sign up as a new driver.
  4. New Driver Sign-Up: Instruct them to sign up using the referral link, ensuring they are eligible for the new driver sign-up bonus, which can vary by city and may require completing a certain number of rides.
  5. Bonus Payment: Once your referral meets the criteria, including passing a background check and completing the required rides (like 125 rides in the first 30 days for a potential $1,000 bonus), both of you will receive your respective bonuses.

Remember, there’s a limit to the referral rewards you can earn, capped at $2,000 within any 30-day period. Sharing your Lyft referral code is a simple way to earn extra income while helping new drivers take advantage of Lyft’s sign-up bonuses.

Referral Incentives for Passengers

a vector graphic of a man holding a smartphone saving money on a lyft ride using a lyft promo code as the vehicle picks him up and a woman is riding in the car

As a Lyft user, you can earn referral rewards by inviting new passengers to the service.

When you share your personal Lyft referral code with someone and they sign up as a new passenger, they’ll receive a credit that can be used towards their first ride.

The amount of this credit varies depending on the city, typically falling between $10 to $50, which is immediately applied to their new account.

To ensure the new passenger receives their credit, they can either use your direct referral link, which automatically ties the credit to their new account, or enter your specific alphanumeric code manually if they’re signing up on the Lyft website.

Once they’ve signed up and taken their first Lyft ride within the required time, usually within 14 days before the credit expires, they’ll benefit from the savings, and you’ll receive a bonus for referring a new customer.

It’s important to note that Lyft sets a cap on referral earnings; you can’t earn more than $2,000 per week from these bonuses. So, by spreading the word about Lyft to friends and family who haven’t yet tried the service, you can enjoy additional earnings while offering them a convenient and discounted first ride.

How to Find Your Referral Code [For Passenger Referrals]

You can choose one of two ways to find your Lyft rider referral code:

  1. Referral code
  2. Refer straight from the app

Open your Lyft rider app and find the option that says, “Promo Code”.

Share that referral code with your friend or family member and tell them to enter it when they sign up for their new Lyft account.

Take these steps to refer new riders from your rider app:

  • From iOS phones, tap “Free Rides”
  • From Android phones, tap “Earn Cash”
  • Find the “Share” button and tap on it to see your referral code
  • Send the code to your friends by following the on-screen directions

Lyft then sends your friend or family member a link to use when they sign up for their Lyft customer account.

Remind them to take their ride as soon as possible so that each of you gets the financial benefits that this process promises to give you.

Places to Share Your Lyft Referral Codes

Sharing your Lyft referral code can lead to incentives for both you and the new driver once they meet the qualifying criteria. Here’s how to effectively spread the word:

  • Business Cards: Distribute business cards with your referral code in social venues like bars, which can be a hotspot for potential new drivers or riders.
  • Online Platforms: Utilize your social media accounts or personal blog to reach out to a broader audience about the benefits of driving with Lyft.
  • Direct Engagement: Engage in conversations with your passengers about the opportunities Lyft offers, which could inspire them to sign up as drivers themselves.

When someone signs up with your code and completes the requirements, you’ll typically see your referral bonus credited to your account in one to two weeks.

Remember, Lyft will provide both you and the referred new driver with confirmation and details on the earnings guarantee via email.

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