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Lyft Earnings Expectations for Drivers

How Much Do Lyft Drivers Make?

Lyft pays you in two main ways.

1. Wages

Lyft pays you a set amount for each ride. How much you make depends on a few factors, such as the number of rides you give and the city you drive in. However, most Lyft drivers report making around $17 to $20 per hour. This hourly rate doesn’t include tips.

Some Lyft drivers give multiple rides per hour during busy times and make closer to $30 or $40 per hour. If you drive during Lyft Peak Hours, you can make more money.

Lyft Peak Hours are when demand for rides is higher than usual. It works similarly to the Uber Surge pricing. During Peak Hours, Lyft raises its prices to encourage more drivers to get on the road.

To see a clear breakdown of your earning potential if you decide to drive for Lyft, see this Salary.com page. You’ll notice a median Lyft driver salary of approximately $37,000 annually.

As we mentioned earlier, pay depends on how busy it is for Lyft in your city’s market. Some Lyft drivers make more than $50,000 per year. Part-time Lyft drivers earn $25,000 per year or less.

2. Tips

In addition to your hourly rate, you also receive tips from passengers. Lyft doesn’t require passengers to tip. Most riders do leave a tip, however. Tips generally range from 5% to 25% of the ride’s total cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lyft pay daily?

Yes, Lyft gives drivers an Express Pay option. You can use it to cash out your rideshare earnings up to five times daily.

In what city do Lyft drivers make the most?

Lyft drivers in large cities like New York and Los Angeles generally make more money than those in smaller cities.

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