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Turo Cancellation Policy: Fees, Terms, and How To Cancel

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If you’re looking to rent a car through one of the largest peer-to-peer car rental companies in the world, it’s important to understand the Turo cancellation policy.

Canceling a Turo rental can incur fees, depending on the circumstances.

In this article, we’ll go over the Turo cancellation policy in detail and explain how to cancel a rental if necessary.

We’ll also touch on some of the terms and conditions associated with cancellations.

So if you’re curious about what happens when you cancel a rental using the platform, keep reading!

Can I Cancel a Rental on Turo?

If you’ve booked a car through Turo and need to cancel, you have that option.

Everything goes through the app, so you can sign in and click on your booked trips.

Turo’s Cancellation Policy

Turo has a flexible cancellation policy.

It’s all in your hands—you can cancel through the app without needing to contact customer service.

One exception is if you get to your car rental and find it’s dirty, smelly, or seems unsafe.

In that case, you don’t cancel the ride at all.

Don’t check in; instead, call Turo customer service.

1. Free Cancellation Period

You can cancel a trip without paying a trip fee as long as you give 24 hours’ notice.

When you cancel at this time, you get all of your fees refunded as well.

For trips booked less than 24 hours in advance, you have one hour to cancel for free.

2. Cancellation Window

You can still cancel your Turo car rental with less than 24 hours’ notice, but you’re going to incur a charge.

If you rented a vehicle for two or more days, your trip fee will be one day’s trip price.

The cancellation fee for a shorter trip is a half day’s rent.

3. Turo Cancellation Policy COVID

Due to Covid concerns, Turo guarantees that the cars are clean and disinfected.

If you arrive at your rental car and find it’s messy or looks like the host didn’t disinfect, don’t check in or accept it.

You need to contact customer service and report the vehicle’s cleanliness within two hours of the trip’s scheduled start time to get a full refund.

Turo Cancellation Fees

When you book a car on Turo, you pay the trip price in advance.

Therefore, any cancellation fees come from what you’ve already paid.

Turo doesn’t charge you anything extra.

a vector graphic showing the different Turo fees that customers must pay

Fees for Cancellations Outside of Cancellation Window

Cancellations that miss the free window have to pay anywhere from half a day to a full day’s trip price as a fee.

Fees for Turo No-Shows

Turo grants partial refunds if you’re a no-show.

Since you didn’t give any notice, they keep more of the fees.

They keep 75% of one day’s rent for trips shorter than two days.

For longer trips, they keep two days’ worth of rent.

Do Turo Hosts Get Paid for Cancellations?

Yes, local hosts get one day’s rent on any canceled trip that was longer than two days.

Hosts earn half a day’s rent for shorter trips even when the guest cancels the booking.

When a guest is a no-show, the host needs to report them within 72 hours, or they won’t get any money for the booking.

Will I Get Refunded for a Cancellation on Turo?

Yes, Turo refunds trips due to cancellations.

After you cancel a trip, the funds stay available on Turo for 24 hours.

They’re available in case you need to rebook a different ride.

If you don’t use the funds within 24 hours, Turo starts issuing the refund.

Some people know they will not rebook and need the money back immediately.

In this case, you can select an instant refund option from the cancellation email.

Depending on your bank, it might take anywhere from 3-10 days for the refunded money to appear in your account.

vector graphic showing a Turo commercial host in front of their Turo rental vehicles

Full Refunds

Turo grants full refunds for any trip canceled 24 hours before it begins.

If you book less than 24 hours in advance, you have one hour to cancel and get a full refund.

You can also get a full refund if the car wasn’t cleaned before pickup.

You can’t check in before contacting customer service.

Otherwise, they’ll think you accepted the vehicle as-is.

The last way to get a full refund is if the host cancels the trip or is a no-show.

They have 30 minutes to bring the car to you before Turo cancels your booked trip and will issue a refund.

Partial Refunds

The amount of money you get in a partial refund depends on the length of the booked trip.

If it was two days or less, the company would withhold half of one day’s rental rate.

They give you back the rest of the rental fee, plus extra expenses like the protection plan or young driver fee.

They also return half of the delivery fee.

For trips longer than two days, Turo keeps one day’s rent.

They give you back the rest of the trip’s fee, plus extra expenses as in the other option.

As with shorter trips, the company keeps half of the delivery fee.

No Refunds

Turo doesn’t give refunds for early returns.

You can’t give the car back before the deadline and expect any money back.

The only way to adjust your trip is to contact the host through the Turo app.

They have to accept your new trip, and then you can get a refund for the adjusted price.

Exceptions to the Refunds Above

Turo knows there are circumstances beyond your control.

Maybe you can’t get to the car in time, or perhaps you don’t even have an opportunity to access the app to cancel.

The company offers refund exceptions in the case of a flight delay, lost luggage, or other special circumstances.

If you find yourself unable to access your Turo rental or cancel it in time, contact customer service with your reason to see if they can make an exception.

Does Turo Ever Waive Cancellation Fees?

Yes, if you cancel a trip and rebook with the same host within 24 hours, you won’t pay any fees.

Turo leaves the cancellation funds in the app for this exact reason.

It’s simple to rebook if you already have the money in your account.

How to Cancel a Trip on Turo [Tutorial]

Open your Turo app. Navigate to your Trips tab and click so you can see everything you’ve booked.

Find the right trip, select the option to modify it, and then cancel.

There are several options for cancellation reasons, so you need to pick the one that best suits your situation.

The trip will still show up on your tab, but it’s now marked “Canceled.”

If you don’t see it labeled as such, try the process again and make sure it goes through.

What Happens When Turo Cancels on You?

Turo sometimes cancels trips if they cannot verify the host’s or guest’s identity.

They want to keep everyone safe and prevent fraud, so they’ll make executive decisions for some cancellations.

vector graphic for the turo cancellation policy blog post header

1. Guest Trips Canceled by Hosts

Sometimes a host needs to cancel a trip, so Turo refunds all costs in this case.

The same is true if the host is a no-show, meaning they don’t arrive within 30 minutes of the trip’s start time.

2. What to Do If a Host Cancels on You

When you face an unexpected cancellation, Turo can help you find a similar car from a trusted host.

You get a full refund if you don’t want to rebook or can’t find anyone else.

My Turo Host Asked Me to Cancel a Trip – What Do I Do?

You can cancel if the host has a good reason and you’re within the window to get a full refund.

However, this is just being nice; it’s not mandatory.

You can make the host cancel, so you’re sure to get a full refund, and they’ll have to pay a fee.

Troubleshooting: I Didn’t Cancel, and Neither Did My Host. What Happened?

Sometimes Turo cancels trips if they can’t verify the host or guest.

To keep everyone safe, they cancel the entire trip and issue a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions, learn more about getting a rental car from Turo with these answers.

Can I return my Turo rental early?

Yes, you can return your Turo rental car early, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get any money back.

If you’re giving the car back early to cut down on the cost, you must clear it with the host first.

Request a shorter trip through the app and, when they accept it, you can return the car and get some of your rental fees returned.

What if I can’t return a car because of government policies or COVID-19?

Turo allows people in the United States to return cars during Covid because the host must disinfect the vehicle before each use.

Guests aren’t responsible for cleaning the car in keeping with Covid concerns.

All you need to do is ensure you don’t leave a big mess, or else Turo charges you a cleaning fee.

Wrapping Up

Renting cars through Turo is a way to keep travel costs low while supporting individuals rather than corporations.

You’ll have a great experience choosing your car and location through Turo.

Everything goes through the app, so you can book a vehicle in no time.

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