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Uber Mission Statement: What It Means For Riders And Drivers

Are you interested in learning about the overall goal of Uber in connecting drivers and riders? Learn all about the Uber mission statement here.

Do you have easy access to your own vehicle?

Not everyone does and Uber is an excellent platform for ensuring those in need of transportation can get everywhere they need to go.

In addition, Uber does allow customers to request help with moving their smaller belongings when they’re changing residences.

Essentially, Uber is responsible for connecting the physical and digital world while providing a more sustainable method for transportation.

All of these factors are part of the Uber mission statement.

To learn more about the Uber mission statement, read the information below.

Now, let’s get started!

Does Uber Have a Mission Statement?

Uber is similar to most other companies in terms of creating goals and a mission statement.

Uber does have a mission statement as well as a vision statement.

Further, the company provides a vision statement analysis on its website.

The Uber vision statement centers around fueling opportunities and influencing various life tasks in the transportation sector along with other key world processes.

Most importantly, Uber attempts to make reliability and satisfaction key aspects of its services.

The Uber business strategy also aims to celebrate differences among its customer and Uber driver base.

What Is Uber’s Missions Statement

The mission statement from Uber is: “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

The Uber mission statement centers around providing an incredibly reliable transportation system for everyone all over the globe.

The statement involves making transportation “as reliable as running water.”

Essentially, Uber has a mission and a business model based on improving people’s lives and solving the many obstacles communities have in terms of transportation as well as prescription and food delivery.

Uber technologies are also meant to connect riders, drivers, couriers, and the digital world with the tactile, physical world.

The company has strived to exceed expectations by providing other convenience services, such as delivering restaurant and grocery store orders.

What Does Uber’s Mission Statement Mean?

While the Uber mission statement is short, it is very innovative and has a strong message.

Essentially, the mission statement stems from providing opportunities for both drivers and riders.

It’s all about providing greater access to reliable and trustworthy transportation services.

Improving mobility and keeping things in motion goes beyond transporting people.

Instead, the company focuses on boosting Uber technologies and progressing to advance its features and serve its consumers in greater ways.

Most importantly, Uber aims to provide their services to as many people in as many places as possible.

Help People Move

Uber delivers a service that has overtaken the transportation market and crowded out standard taxi drivers by providing an affordable ride to its customers.

The company’s mission stems from helping people move from place to place or even move their belongings to a new residence.

An Uber driver may help customers move small belongings like electronics, gaming systems, and other reasonably sized boxes.

However, if a customer needs to move furniture such as a couch, a rental truck is the better option.

Make Transportation Accessible

Essentially, Uber aims to provide people with greater access to transportation.

The mission at Uber involves creating opportunities by making transportation more accessible.

Essentially, drivers gain more opportunities for jobs and gigs to help riders get to their destination.

The riders can obtain an opportunity to get to their own workplace, complete errands, or even gain greater socialization with friends and family.

Uber also promises to create safe, secure, trustworthy, and reliable transportation accessible to all.

Connect the Physical and Digital World

Uber is also responsible for joining the physical and tactile world among riders and drivers with the digital world of mobile applications and online capabilities.

The company mission and strategic management at Uber seek to utilize technology to connect consumers with couriers and drivers.

The company attempts to design a successful and user-friendly platform that consumers can easily implement to find a ride or a courier to deliver food and other key products.

Keep People Safe

Uber also aims to keep people safe by providing a ride between drivers and riders by conducting a full background check on all Uber employees.

The background checks include uncovering driving violations, impaired driving, and any crime or violence.

The company employs various technologies to keep its consumers and employees safe, such as features that can track whether a car crash has occurred.

Furthermore, Uber requires all riders and drivers to wear face masks to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Focus on Sustainability

Uber’s mission also targets sustainability since this rideshare ensures more people can get to their destination together in one vehicle with fewer cars on the road.

Uber also has a goal of becoming a company with zero emissions by 2040.

The way forward is to embrace electric vehicles and hire contract drivers with electric cars to provide ride shares.

First, Uber aims to have hundreds of thousands of drivers switch to electric vehicles via the company’s Green Future program by 2025.

By 2030, the company plans to become a zero-emission platform throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Then, in 2040, the platform aims to deliver all rides via zero-emission vehicles or public transport.

What Does Uber’s Mission Statement Mean for Drivers?

vector graphic showing an uber pick up in progress with a woman getting into a rideshare vehicle

For drivers, Uber has a strategic mission that provides greater flexibility, options, and freedom.

For instance, Uber drivers can choose to work when they want and where they want.

Further, Uber drivers can decline certain customers or rides.

For example, if a customer needs large appliances moved, a driver can reject this service.

Final Word

The Uber mission statement is generally about creating greater opportunities by connecting riders and drivers as well as connecting people with standard life services, such as through food delivery.

Along with connecting the digital and physical world, Uber aims to keep consumers and employees safe while getting closer to a zero-emissions platform.

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