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Uber Pickup Truck: Can You Rent Or Drive A Pickup Truck On Uber?

Are you a modern urbanite who uses Uber to get around?

We all know taxis are a way of the past, and rideshares are here to stay.

However, have you ever thought about renting or driving an Uber pickup truck?

You might find yourself in need of transporting large musical equipment or other cargo if you’re in a band, or you may need to rent an Uber pickup truck to help with furniture delivery when moving into a new home.

But is this possible?

Can you rent or drive a pickup truck via Uber?

Keep reading to find out!

Can You Request a Pickup Truck with Uber?

Neither Uber nor Lyft provides an option for you to directly request a pickup truck.

Rideshare drivers are not delivery professionals, so they may not be in favor of helping you move or transport large equipment.

However, UberXL is one way to request a larger ride.

This option provides you with an affordable ride with enough room for groups of up to six people.

You can reserve this ride up to 30 days in advance.

You can make a reservation any time you’ll need this ride and any day of the year.

If you have a lot of extra luggage you plan to bring or if you do have a group of six people, this rideshare will fit you comfortably.

The Uber luggage policy pretty much just indicates that drivers should pick up passengers and what they have with them.

This is something understood by most large Uber services drivers.

Essentially, you’ll be able to request a van or SUV with Uber through the UberXL program.

You can request this program on the Uber app in the “Where to?” section.

After picking out the destination addresses and times, you can choose UberXL at the bottom of the page and see the estimated price.

Just click “Confirm UberXL.”

Then just wait for the vehicle to get to you by viewing its voyage in real-time.

Get in when it arrives.

Once you get to your destination, you’ll be automatically billed via the payment method you stored on the Uber app.

Uber SUV also offers larger vehicles, but this service is restricted to luxury cars, so it may not be the best choice when you want to move something.

Can You Drive a Truck for Uber?

If you own a pickup truck and were wondering whether you can make some extra money by driving for Uber, the answer is yes!

If you were looking for another gig, driving for Uber may be a good choice for you.

However, there are somewhat specific pickup trucks that are allowed on the Uber platform.

According to the Uber requirements, if you want to drive passengers around in your pickup truck, it will need to be a 4-door vehicle with passenger doors that open autonomously.

These vehicles will also need enough seats to drive around at least four passengers.

As such, a two-door cab pickup truck would not be allowed on the Uber platform.

Trucks with suicide doors, which are rear-hinged doors that can only open depending on another door, are also not permitted.

Another option for career truck drivers is the Uber Freight trucking dispatch service released in 2017, according to Vox.

This program is all about matching professional truck drivers looking for a job with commercial shipping companies.

Freight rides can be booked on the same day or multiple weeks in advance.

Uber Freight also guarantees the price you will receive as a truck driver.

Once your shipment reaches its destination, your payment will begin initiating, and you will receive the full wage within seven days.

Nonetheless, it is unlikely that you are a professional truck driver.

You likely have a pickup truck that you’d like to make some money using.

While you do have the possibility of driving a pickup truck for Uber, there may be other disadvantages to consider before becoming an Uber driver.

Should You Drive a Truck with Uber?

Even if you can drive a pickup truck for Uber, the better question may be whether you even should drive a truck with Uber.

When trying your hand at being a rideshare driver, you will be competing with other drivers who have smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

With their large tanks and less gas mileage, your fuel costs for driving a large pickup truck will likely be higher.

However, your payment won’t be any larger than those operating smaller cars.

As such, it is unlikely your wage on the Uber app will be worth it.

Along with high fuel costs, your passengers may give you lower scores than when driving in a smaller vehicle.

They may not like that your truck has less leg-room and is hard to climb into compared to standard-sized cars.

As such, you may have lower scores on the Uber platform and fewer passengers over time.

Alternative: Uber for Trucks

There are three alternatives for pickup truck drivers who want to help people move their belongings or transport large items.

These three alternatives include GoShare, Dolly, and Bungii.

1. GoShare

screenshot of goshare truck rental platform

If you have a pickup truck and want to become a delivery professional, look no further than GoShare.

This company has a network of more than 7500 goshare delivery professionals and vehicles such as cargo vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, and cars.

2. Dolly

Dolly focuses on helping people move into a new home.

They are a moving and delivery service that hires strong helpers to carry your belongings and drive a truck to your new home.

3. Bungii

bunjii app screenshot

Bungii is an excellent service to quickly and efficiently deliver large appliances and items throughout cities and urban centers.

They provide delivery services to both individuals and businesses.

They offer same-day delivery and will bring your big and bulky items to the proper destination.

Additional Alternatives

There are a few other options you can take.

You can still use Uber to move into a new home and get your household appliances or furniture to their destination.

In addition, you can rent a truck from a truck rental company to move your belongings and even movers to help carry stuff.

Use Uber to Move

The community guidelines for Uber do not say that you can’t use UberXL or UberVan to use Uber to move your belongings into a new home.

You will find that a standard Uber ride only allows one standard-sized luggage and a handbag or backpack.

UberXL, however, offers a ride for up to six people.

Instead of those people, you could try requesting a ride just for you and your belongings.

Many cars today come with folding seats, which means you can fold down the rows of seats to fit in more luggage or items.

You can also choose Uber Lux, UberSelect Luggage Capacity, or Uber Premier.

These options allow for up to three large suitcases or four medium suitcases per ride.

Rent a Truck from a Rental Company

Another option to take is to rent a truck from a truck rental company.

This way, you can choose the size and type of truck you need to move your furniture and household appliances.

Many people choose U-Haul trucks since these trucks are available in plenty of locations around the country.

You can select a truck that is only 10 feet in size or one as big as 26 feet in size.

You can even get a pickup truck if you only need to move a few small items.

Wrapping Up

Requesting an Uber pickup truck or driving a pickup truck for Uber may not be the best idea because there are better alternatives out there.

Take a look at GoShare, Dolly, or Bungii if you want to become a delivery professional.

If you’re looking to move your belongings, check out these alternatives to Uber.

You won’t regret it!

2 thoughts on “Uber Pickup Truck: Can You Rent Or Drive A Pickup Truck On Uber?”

  1. Yes, pickup trucks are permitted for use by UberX drivers. Just make sure that you have four doors and enough room and seats (and seatbelt) to transport a minimum of 4 passengers.

  2. Hi I have a four-door F-150 2006 is the money worth it like will I be driving to make gas money or will I be driving to have a little bit extra than gas money


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