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Can You Call An Uber Pickup Truck Or Drive One As A Driver?

Key Takeaways

  • Uber doesn’t allow specific requests for pickup trucks; use moving services instead.
  • Pickup trucks can drive for Uber if they meet passenger and vehicle requirements.
  • Higher fuel costs and comfort issues may affect earnings and passenger ratings for truck drivers.
  • Consider GoShare, Dolly, or Bungii for moving and delivery services using trucks.

Can You Request a Pickup Truck with Uber?

No, you cannot specifically request a pickup truck. Uber’s service is designed primarily for transporting passengers, and there is no official option to select vehicle types specifically for moving purposes.

While it is technically possible to use Uber to move by requesting an UberXL ride type, I do not suggest using the service in any way, shape, or form for this purpose.

Instead, simply rent a U-Haul truck, try out Home Depot’s truck rental program, or look into moving-specific service like Taskrabbit or GoShare.

Can You Drive a Truck for Uber?

Yes, you can drive a truck for Uber, but it must meet specific requirements.

Your pickup truck needs to be a 4-door vehicle with independently opening passenger doors and have enough seating to accommodate at least four passengers. Two-door pickup trucks and those with suicide doors are not allowed.

Additionally, Uber Freight offers opportunities for professional truck drivers to connect with shipping companies for freight jobs, guaranteeing payment within seven days of delivery.

However, before deciding to drive a pickup truck for Uber, consider the disadvantages.

Pickup trucks typically have higher fuel costs due to their large tanks and lower gas mileage, which could impact your earnings since payment is not based on vehicle type.

In addition, the comfort and accessibility of pickup trucks might not appeal to all passengers, potentially leading to lower ratings and fewer ride requests on the Uber platform.

Alternative: Uber for Trucks

Pickup truck drivers can use GoShare, Dolly, and Bungii for moving and delivery services:

  • GoShare: A platform for delivery professionals with over 7500 members, accepting various vehicles including pickup trucks for transporting goods.
  • Dolly: Specializes in moving services, employing strong helpers to assist with moving belongings to new homes.
  • Bungii: Focuses on quick, efficient delivery of large items in cities, offering same-day service for both individuals and businesses.

2 thoughts on “Can You Call An Uber Pickup Truck Or Drive One As A Driver?”

  1. Yes, pickup trucks are permitted for use by UberX drivers. Just make sure that you have four doors and enough room and seats (and seatbelt) to transport a minimum of 4 passengers.

  2. Hi I have a four-door F-150 2006 is the money worth it like will I be driving to make gas money or will I be driving to have a little bit extra than gas money


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